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35 VS 37 Tires F250; Which One Has Better Performance? 

35 VS 37 Tires F250; Which One Has Better Performance? 

Bigger is better. At least it looks better when you put 35 inch or 37 inch tires in your Ford F250 super duty truck. Even super duty name got its approval when you use super big tires for your truck.

Can not decide which tire size will suit your truck? The 35 VS 37 tires F250 game 37 will provide more ground clearance than 35. Though both the tires give a tough look, 37 is more suitable for off-road, and 35 is for on-road. 

Changing tires comes with a lot of additional work. So, you need to make your decision wisely. This article will help you understand the differences and similarities 35, and 37 tires have between them.

Overview Of 35 VS 37 Tires F250 

Criterion  35 inch tires on F250 37 inch tires on F250
Weight  59.4 pounds in average  73 pounds in average 
Lift  Need 4 inch lift kit  Need 6 inch lift kit 
Fuel economy  Good for on-road handling Good for off-road handling 
Installation  Possible by DIY  Proffessional recommended 
Ground clearance  Provide better ground clearance  Provide the best ground clearance
Noise  Less noise than 37 inch tires  More noise than all other tires 

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35″ Tire VS 37″ Tire On F250 In Details 

We have many brands that provide larger tires with excellent quality. Tire size, depth, function, and installation process depending on the brands and car models. We are comparing 35 and 37 tires only based on Ford F250 super duty truck. 

Height And Weight: 

There is no rocket science in size and weight. The bigger one has a more prominent size and more weight. So, 37 inch tire is more foreword than 35 inch in this case.

When you think about getting a big tire, you expect more car height. If you already have 33 inch big tire, 35 inch will not give you a significant change. But, from 33 to 37 will be a profound height change. 

35 inch tire has a 59.4-pound weight on average. On the other hand, 37 inch contains almost 73 pounds of weight on average. So, there is a considerable weight difference between them. 

Off-Road Performance

37 inch tires is the king of off-road performance. However, both 35 inch and 37inch are Tires for off-road driving. 37 provides better performance than 35. 

37 inch has the best ground clearance, fuel economy, handling, and traction. These components give a tire the ability to perform well on a rough road. 

For being large and more weighted than 35 inch tires, 37 inch has these features better than 35. 37 inch can move through rough or bumpy tracks quickly without facing any collision. 

35 inch tire is not bad for a bumpy road either. But, when it comes to comparison, 37 inch gets the priority. If you are transferring to bigger tires only to get the best off-road performance, 37 inch is the best fit. 

ON-Road Performance

35 inches will win this round for Ford’s super duty truck. 35 inches provides better performance on the road or regular driving than 37 inches. 

35 inch wheel gives the car more traction and axle shaft when it is on the road. Due to its large size and weight, 37 may have some issues while turning on the road. But, 35 inch’s rear axle and fitment avoid those issues.

The braking distance of 35 inch tires is less than 37. This is a must need for on-road driving. Also, the departure angle of 35″ is better than 37″ on regular driving.

However, super duty does not always mean riding on mountains or rocky surfaces. Truck owners use pickup trucks like F250 for heavy cargo duty and towing. 35″ serves enough in these cases. 

So having 37″ for on-road is nothing but a luxury. Gigantic Tire like 37″ can cause additional trouble on a smooth surface. 

Installation In F250

The Ford super duty truck has all the quality to match larger tiers. You have to modify them during installation. The installation process can change your mind regarding the significant change in your truck.

The lift kit is the primary key to the installation process. 35″ needs 4 inch lift kit while 37 inch needs 6 inch lift kit. The price between the two kits does not have a big difference. But the process does. 

When installing, you need to focus on suspension, backspace, stuck rims, gear ratio, diameter, radius arms, and stock tire, especially when setting 37 inch tires. 

With 35 inch, the offset process is not that tricky if you already have a big wheel in your truck. But in 37 inch position, the system gets tricky, as this is the highest change for your vehicle. 

Big Change For F250

Even though super duty trucks have a pretty big wheel, going for 35″ or 37″ is definitely a big change. You will have a change in size, appearance, functions, and driving. 

If you already have 33 inch wheel, moving to 35 inch will not be a big deal. But 37 inch is always a massive change. It will take time to bring control in your hand with 37 inch wheel. 

Nevertheless, the change in the looks will be worth it. Moving towards bigger tires from regular also brings a transpose in the attire. Both the 35 and 37 will give you an aggressive look.

The wheel will come outside the vehicle’s body. Overall the transformation will turn your regular truck into a mechanical giant ready for an off-road journey. 

Pros And Cons of 35″ & 37″ Tires In F250

Turning towards giant weel like 35 inch or 37 inch is not just about the looks. This change has other benefits too. It also comes with some drawbacks. Let’s see and compare what pros and cons 35 and 37 have. 


F250 with 35 inch wheel F250 with 37 inch wheel
Gives an aggressive look Gives a giant transformation 
Better at on-road performance Better at off-road performance
Excellent towing and gas mileage Excellent ground clearance 
Offers nice traction on slippery road  Offer nice traction on rocky road 
Low cost and maintenance  Good for heavy-duty 


F250 with 35 inch wheel F250 with 37 inch wheel
Not that good on rough surface  Not that good on smooth surface 
Not so big than typical wheel Extremely bulky than typical wheel
Do not serve a big change  Too expensive 
Tend to lose balance  Needs additional help to install
Hard to clean  Takes a lot of space 

33 Inch Tire VS 35 Inch Tire On F250

You can consider a 33 inch wheel a primary or typical size for trucks or pickups like F250. The factory design provides 33 inch tires for super duty trucks. 

There are opinions about 33″ and 35″ has not so differences. Let’s compare them to understand the scenario. 

33 inch tire on F250 35 inch tire on F250
Typical super duty truck size  Bigger than typical size 
Designed for on-road service  Designed for off-road service 
Good at on-road turning  Good for rough surface 
Gives a moderate look  Offers a bulky look
Basic ground clearance  Nice ground clearance 
Low maintenance  High maintenance 
Default costing  Extra costing 

So, 35 inch tire gives an aggressive look and better ground clearance than the default 33 inch. But, they do not have more than a 1-inch size difference overall. 

People Commonly Ask: 

Does A Ford F 150 Raptor Support 37 Inch Tires?

2021 f150 raptor comes with 37 inch tires from the factory. But putting 37 inch wheel on older models of ford raptor is not a good idea. It will hamper control arms, axle tube, and overall wheel wells. 

Does Installing 35″ Inch Need Any Trimming? 

Setting 35 inch wheel in a truck does not need extreme modification. A minor plastic trimming is required when fitting it to your truck. Also, you need to modify your suspension gears a little bit. 

What Offset Do You Need For Tires To Stick Out?

It depends on the wheel size. Your wheel will strike out around 1 inch if you set a +15 mm offset. A low offset may cause low rider with wheels hits when lifted.  

Do Nitto Ridge Grapplers Run Like Smaller Tires?

No, they do not run small. Ridge grappler is designed for off-road performance. This tire has a strong stock wheel and has excellent handling. Also, they are true in size and serve better traction.  

Is It Safe To Use Spacers On Big Wheels?

It depends on the installation. If the spacers are properly installed and fitted with the wheels, they are as safe as a regular wheel. Many questioned its legality. It is legal in the USA. 

Ready For An Epic Change?

Changing your ford F250 super duty truck’s wheel to 35 inch or 37 inch is a massive transformation. You will get an aggressive or gigantic look. Also, the process will give you extra ground clearance off-road. 

It is truly tough to decide between these two gigantic wheels, as it will bring an enormous change. If you are set for the giant look and a regular driver, go with 35 inch. But if you want a good off-road performance, you can go with 37 inch.

In our 35 VS 37 tires F250 game, we did compare and contrasted to help you decide. Both the tires have their marks and facts. It is your turn to pick one according to your preference, budget, and usage. 


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