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Abyss Grey VS Leadfoot; Which Shade Is More Preferable 

Abyss Grey VS Leadfoot; Which Shade Is More Preferable 

Choosing the perfect shade for your car is critical. Whether you buy a car or paint a car, color always matters. It is not only for looks but also for other long-term facts. Have you decided to buy a Ford F 150? Then you must be confused between their two famous shades, Abyss grey, and Leadfoot. Which shade should you pick? 

In Abyss grey VS Leadfoot battle, both the shades have their standard and unique features to compete. Abscess grey gives more dark vibrant than Leadfoot. Also, abscess grey has more heat absorption capacity than Leadfoot. However, Leadfoot serves a better cleaning & scratch hiding capacity than Abyss grey.

This article will explore the features of these two automotive shades. It will help you to choose your perfect fit. So, Follow our comparison between these two shades of Ford truck. 

Overview Of Abyss Grey VS Leadfoot

Criteria  Abyss Grey Leadfoot
Exterior Color  Dark

(leans toward black)


(leans toward white)

Looks  Classic formal tone  Handsome dusky tone 
Heat absorption   High heat-absorbing capacity  Comparatively low heat-absorbing capacity 
Cleaning facility  Dirt can be hidden  Dirt is easily visible
Scratch hiding  Can be spotted at a glance  Almost invisible to the naked eye
Blending capability  Easy to match and blend  Touch up needs effort 
Compatibility  Suitable for cooler environment  Suitable for warmer climate 
Pricing  Economical  Expensive 

Differences Between Ford Abyss Grey & Leadfoot

Exterior Color 

Abyss grey is darker than the standard grey color. By contrast, the lead foot offers lighter vibrance. To be more specific, Abyss grey leans toward black. But, Leadfoot leans toward white. 

Color Code 

Also, they have different color codes. The color code is a unique code for a particular color. It helps to match the color during touch up.

Let’s see their different color code. 

Color name  Lead Foot Grey Abyss Gray Metallic
Color code 
  • XJ
  • M7394A. 
  • M7418A
  • ME


In this case, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Their looks depend on your taste. However, the Abyss grey provides a classic color vibe, and Leadfoot offers a handsome appearance. 

Abyss grey’s tone is for those who want a formal presentation. On the other hand, Leadfoot says that the owner has versatility in taste. 

Heat Absorption 

We have already mentioned that look is not the only thing in color choices. Hence, the shade has much to do with the Ford performance as an automotive color.

This ability is the crucial difference between these two color models. Abyss grey has a high capacity for absorbing heat. Oppositely, Leadfoot absorbs less heat than Abyss grey.

Cleaning Facility 

In the case of cleaning, Leadfoot is high maintenance than Abyss grey. As Abyss grey has a darker tone, you can not spot dirt at a glance. 

On the contrary, you can easily spot any dirt on the Leadfoot Ford due to the light tone. So, you need to clean a lead foot more times than an Abyss gray truck.

Scratch Hiding 

Bent, scratch, scuff, or marks are noticeable on Abyss grey. But, Leadfoot is quite the opposite. You can not see scratch marks and bent on the naked eye. This is a crucial advantage for Leadfoot. 

Blending Capability

Efficient blending capability is a long-term advantage. You will need to touch up your car more than once. So, quick color blending will save you money and time.

Abyss grey is the winner of this round. It has more blending capacity than Leadfoot. You have to put extra effort to match or touch up the lead foot gray color. 


As Abyss grey absorbs more heat, it is suitable for colder regions. They are perfect for Alaska, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, etc.

In reverse, Leadfoot keeps the car surface and rear seat cooler due to less heat absorption. It is suitable for hot regions like Florida and Texas.


Leadfoot has less blending capacity and high maintenance. You may need to go to professionals for Leadfoot blending. This is why it is more expensive than Abyss grey.

Pros And Cons Of Abyss Grey & Leadfoot 


Abyss Grey Leadfoot
Protection from direct sunlight heat  Prevention from direct UV rays 
Exposer & skin peel resistant  Keep the surface cool for a long time 
Dirt and dust hiding capacity  Bent and scratch hiding capability 
Quick and hassle-free touch-up  Standard and smart-looking 
Low maintenance & reasonable price Modern & new vehicle specials 


Abyss Grey Leadfoot
Less vibrance and shine  Dull tone and less vibrance 
Scratch is noticeable  Dust or dirt is noticeable 
Get hot rapidly due to dark color Color cost is expensive 
Tend to fade soon than others Critical to blend and touch up 

Similarities Between Ford Abyss Grey & Leadfoot

Abyss grey and Leadfoot are for comparatively new vehicles of Ford f150. If we notice, Ford motor company removed some colors, for instance, ingot silver, ruby red, and white platinum. 

So, we can find Abyss grey and Leadfoot in a new Ford truck. The colors are mainly available for a Ford super duty truck model like the Ford F 150 lariat and F 150 raptor.

Black and white shades are considered primary colors for regular users. But, there are a lot of customers who don’t want to go for too black or visible white. 

For them, Ford brought these shades on their new cars. Both share the same primary exterior color, gray. Also, they both are dusky and give a metallic finish look.

How To Touch Up Your Car 

You need to focus on your car’s color because it has a long-term effect. You will need to touch up your car more than once. Here, by touch-up, we meant covering any scratch or mark by applying car paint.

You can go to professionals for your car’s touch-up. But, it will cost you a fortune. So, learning the process will help you to save money and time. 

For a flawless touch-up, you need an effective touch-up paint kit. You will find Leadfoot paint kits, Abyss grey paint kits, and other color paint on Amazon.

Let’s see how you can apply the touch-up paint by yourself.

  • Firstly, you need to clean the surface. Clear the surface with a glass cleaner.
  • Secondly, identify the spots or marks with a bright light. You can use masking tape to identify them. 
  • Thirdly, and the marked area. Use the sandpaper or stick that came with the kit.
  • Fourthly, clean the sanded area with paint thinner. Use cotton to clean the place.
  • Fifthly, paint the area with a thin and sharp brush. Wait for it to dry before applying another coat. 
  • Finally, polish the paintwork. Use a car polish compound to complete the job. 

Choosing a color is essential for later touch-ups. If you choose a color that is hard to find or match, it will create trouble. The paint will not blend properly. As a result, it will be vivid to the naked eye. 

Tips Regarding Touch-Ups 

  • Complete the process in a garage or workshop. Ensure the place is not entirely open for dust. 
  • Try to choose a darker color. Darker colors are easy to blend.
  • Check for any spot or scratch regularly. After identifying a few spots, paint the car. It will save you time. 
  • Try to wash your car at least two days before painting. It will provide a smooth and clear surface to work on.
  • Do not double coat the paint immediately. Let the first coating dry. Then apply the second coating if needed.
  • Try to use the equipment that came with the kit. They are compatible with each other.
  • Try to mix the colors until the proper color comes out. You can put it on another surface to check the match. 

How To Match Automotive Paint

Matching the paint color with the car’s color is crucial. The whole point of painting can fail due to unmatched color. 

Let’s see what you can do to match the paint. 

Know About Automotive Paint 

Before painting or re-touching your car, try to know the paint color. It will help you to understand how the paint works. 

The main ingredients of automotive paint are pigment, resin, and solvent. The quality of the application depends on the resin. Also, it determines the durability of the paint.

The precise amount of viscosity comes from solvent. Finally, pigment mixes and develops the color tone for a good finish.

Find The Color Code 

Try to find out the color code of your car. You will find the code on the manufacturer’s website. To find out the correct color code, you need the car’s model and manufacturing year. 

However, you can find the color code on the service part identification. It is also known as the identification plate. 

Take The Expert’s Help 

Take your color code information to an expert. Auto body shops or repair shops have color services. You can take their help to identify the color for your paint. 

Also, you can order the paint manually at a repair shop. Mix or blend the colors until you get the exact color you need. 

People Often Ask 

What Are The Color Options For A Ford raptor?

Besides Abyss grey and Leadfoot, Ford F150 has many options like oxFord white, iconic silver, velocity blue, blue jean, rapid red, magma red, and agate black.

Does Ford Transit Come In Abyss Grey Color?

Yes, it does. There are ten other color options available other than Abyss grey. Avalanche gray and Carbonized grey are different shades of gray available. 

What Color Options Does A Ford Ecosport Have?

A Ford EcoSport has six different color options. They are Diamond White, Moondust Silver, Lightning Blue, Race Red, Absolute Black, and Canyon-Ridge.

Which Colors Are Available For A Ford Flex?

You have nine exterior color options to choose from. Burgundy Velvet, Agate Black Metallic, White Platinum, Blue, Ingot Silver, Ruby Red, Magnetic, space White, and Stone Grey.

What Is The Most Popular Color For F-150?

Velocity Blue Metallic is the most popular color of a Ford f150 super duty truck. Abyss grey and Leadfoot colors are also famous among customers. Blue is the most popular color in the automotive world. 

Is Lithium Gray Available For The Ford F150?

No, it is not. Lithium grey color is available for the Ford f250, Ford f350 Ford f450 super duty lineup. Carbonized grey is a new gray shade for Ford F 150.

Which Color Ultimately Suited You? 

These two shades have the same aura of the color grey. But, they provide different specifications and looks. Truck color has long-term effects. So, the decision is entirely upon you. You will pick the color which matches your personality and preferences. 

We presented Abyss grey VS Leadfoot for you to remove the dilemma. Abyss gray will give you more heat absorption and blending capacity than a lead foot. However, the lead foot will serve more cleaning and scratch hiding capacity than Abyss grey. 

Choosing truck color is not just about the looks. The color blending, heat absorption, and cleaning capacity also matter in this case. We hope our article will help you find the perfect fit color for your Ford truck.