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Bullet Liner VS Linex: Who Wins The Battle? 

Bullet Liner VS Linex: Who Wins The Battle? 

Bullet Liner and Linex are both reputed and trustworthy brands in the liner industry. They have been serving their consumers with protective coating for many years. In the case of spraying a liner, these two brands come first in mind. 

Are you confused about which liner brand to choose to protect your vehicle? Well, Bullet Liner gives you a thick & glossy finish with a gold standard formula, and Linex provides you a thin yet matte finish with an eco-friendly formula. Also, they both serve lifetime warranty. 

In this article, we will learn about the similarities and differences between these two spray-liner companies. In this Bullet Liner VS Linex game, their comparison and contrast will help you decide which one to choose for your favorite vehicle.

Bullet Liner VS Linex At A Glance 

CRITERIA  Bullet Liner  LINE-X 
Outlook Glossy Finishing Rusty Finishing 
Material  Gen II Polyurea Hybrid Urethane Polymers
Coating  Thick Layer Thin Layer 
Durability  Tensile 2600 PSI Tensile 3000 PSI
Cost  Reasonable  Expensive 
Service  Lifetime Warranty  Lifetime Warranty 
Surface Pick Up, Trucks, Military Appliances, Trailers, Fleet Duty Trucks, Landscapers, Utility Bodies

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Bullet Liner VS Linex In Detail

Outlook: Bullet look will get provide you with a glossy and glazing finish with no bubbles. On the other hand, Linex will provide you with a rusty or matte finish for more grip.

Surface: Bullet Liner is suitable for cars, tractors, motorcycles, jeeps, flood beds, skateboards, fleets & more, while Linex is suitable for utility bodies, landscapers, heavy-duty trucks, & similar vehicles.

Coating: Bullet Liner coating is quite thick with a tensile strength of 2600 psi, and the layering is flexible. On the other hand, Line x coating provides thin yet nice spraying with a tensile strength of 3000 psi.

Material: Bullet Liner company is famous for its gold standard formula with Gen II Polyurea Hybrid. On the other side, Linex is reputed for its eco-friendly formula with Urethane Polymers.

Longevity: Both Bullet & Linex liners can prevent scratches, debris, and dent. Bullet bed liners are unique in preventing scuff and puncture, while Line x bed liner is resistant to corrosion, leak, and rust. 

Maintenance: The cost and maintenance depend on your demand and preferences, like if you want UV stability added you must spend more money. But, Bullet Liner costs relatively less than Linex premium. 

Service: Both the companies have excellent customer service in terms of contact and product delivery. They both serve lifetime warranty with some limited policies. Learn about their services from their websites:

Pros & Cons of Bullet Liner & Linex

Let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages these two companies have. This will help you to take your decision.


Bullet Liner  LINE-X
Glossy finish gives an attractive look. Rusty finish gives excellent grip 
Good for household usage  Good for rough usage 
Thick coating with flexibility Thin coating with fine spray 
Does not fade in 5+/- years  Durable for 5+/- years 
Lifetime warranty  End-to-end warranty 


Bullet Liner  LINE-X
Shiny layer not good for rough use  Rusty layer seems like sandpaper 
Scraps off in try Color spray fades fast
Limited warranty Charge extra for preference
Discoloration left stain  Take much time to dry 
Peeling can be found  Plugs fall our after removing spray 

Important Facts To Consider 

Resistance: If you use your truck or pick-up for rough use, you need to look for a rusty finish with more grip. But, if you are a truck owner for simple duty, then do not spend money on the toughness of the liner.

Surface Prep: do not fall for liner companies’ flattery of their liner can be applied on any surface. Make sure your surface is suitable for the spray. If required, spend money on cleaning the surface. 

UV Protection: UV protection is superior protection for your truck bed. Make sure your liner got UV protected. It will make the fading and peeling process slower. Do not hesitate to spend extra dollars on UV protection.

Color Code: Many users want their liner to match their car color. It costs extra money. Color spray tends to fade soon and does not look good after shrinking. Black is more stylish and preferable for a long time. 

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Good Installation Is The Key 

Sound installation solves 90% of the puzzle. Installing a bed liner is not that hard if you have the right products and know the proper method. you can try it on your previous truck. But going to a dealer or installer has high recommendations.

Application: Make sure your installer follows the right and exact application process. Hot application is the one to look for. Cold application may give a tacky and rubbery finish.

Time: Give enough time to your dealer. A good installer will take two to four hours to complete the whole process. If your dealer does it in 15 minutes, then you are being scammed.

Experience: Do not forget to check the background of your dealer. More experienced installers do their job in a specific process, and they are not unorganized, messy, and random. 

Place: We suggest investigating the installation area or shop. It should be organized and clean because you can not afford dust or dirt while spraying. It will damage the spraying and liner. 

Little Bit Background  

Bullet Liner product has been serving their consumer for around 30 years now. They updated their methods, materials, and business directory with time and engineering genius. Bullet liner guys have numerous dealer stores across the United States, you need to just fill up the contact form.

They claim their materials and Carlisle Polyurethane System have made their gold standard in the bed liner industry. They also claim that their high caliber protection system makes their spray impenetrable. 

Linex is in the business before Bullet Liner. Line x think VOC-friendly material has made them unique. They not only cover spray-on bed liners but also protect from boat to trailer and fire truck. 

Line x corporation declares that it is not only a truck bed liner spray company. They provide essential truck accessories like truck gear with their exceptional product line. Their lifetime End to end warranty makes them advanced. 

With a little bit of digging, it can be heard that Claudio Burtin, chemical engineer of Line x built better product , revitalizing sprays, superior product for bed liner spray, and started the Bullet Liner franchise. But that does not make one brand less than other. 

Common Questions 

How Much Does The Bed Liner Cost?

You should expect $400 to $800 cost for the whole process. It depends on additional preferences like the color match, UV protection, and custom sprays. 

How Long Does Bullet Liner Take To Dry?

Bullet Liner does not take too much time to dry. It starts to dry in 10 seconds after applying. On the expert hand, it takes less than 10 seconds to dry after leaving the gun. 

How Much Time Does Linex Take To Finish?

Linex spray takes around 20 minutes to dry. So, the whole process will take two to four hours to finish, even with a skilled person. 

Do Bed Liners Cause Rust?

The primary purpose of the liner is to protect the vehicle from rust. But cracking and peeling on Bedliner may sweat under the layer and create rust.  

Is A Spray-In Bed Liner Worth It?

It depends on the installer. If you have it done by a skilled and experienced shop, it is obviously worth it, otherwise not. 

Is There Any Other Option Except Linex? 

There are many liner companies other than Linex and Bullet Liner. Rhino lining with rhino liner, scorpion coatings, and Factory are also famous. 

Does Liner Need UV Protection?

It is evident that your liner will fade fast when your vehicle showcase is exposed to sunlight and high pressure. UV protectors protect your truck bed.

Bullet Liner Or Linex: Which One To Choose? 

The battle between Bullet Liner and Linex is ongoing. With the same purpose, they try to serve their best to their consumer. Though Linex dealers are more expensive than the Bullet, they offer extra layers and service regarding it. But, Bullet Liner also joins the battle with their special formula and finishing.

By demonstrating the similarities, differences, and specifications, we have tried to make it easy for you to choose the one. We hope this article on Bullet Liner VS Linex will help you decide which brand you should go for.

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