Can You Plug A Motorcycle Tire? Know The Exact Answer

Suppose you are on a road tour and all of a sudden, you notice a tire puncture. What will you do? A quick fix can be plugging the motorcycle tire. But if you are unfamiliar with this, it is normal to be confused if you should proceed with it or not. 

Today, we are going to let you know about one of the most common questions that we face- can you plug a motorcycle tire? Well, as plugging in the tire can be a quick fix, you can easily go with it for a prompt solution. But after overcoming the situation, you should immediately fix the tire with the help of professionals. 

We got everything in one place for you. To know more about tire plugging, and what to consider if you fall into such an emergency, keep on reading! 

Can You Plug A Motorcycle Tire?

If you find yourself in this situation where you have suffered a puncture on the road, you have several options to solve it. Of course, before that a recommendation: do not panic. Plugging the flat tire of the motorcycle is one of the techniques to save you from that emergency. So, for a straight answer to your question, yes, you can plug the motorcycle tire for a quick fix. 

But the days of taking out your inner tube and applying a patch kit are long gone. With a grandiose majority of mountain bikers realizing the benefits of tubeless wheel and tire combo, a new version of the patch kit was considered. 

Obviously, the tire sealant plays a role in sealing small cuts or punctures in your tire, but the sealant alone is often not enough. Tire plugs soon became the answer to quickly repair bike tires, and in recent years we have seen tremendous growth in companies tendering their own versions of this product. 

There are several different styles of tire plugs, and while each has its own benefits, the function is basically the same. The main difference is the size. Some plugs are made to be small and compact so you can keep them in a pocket while driving. 

On the other hand, there are even some tire plug kits designed to hide in your handlebars. The plugs, sometimes called bacon strips, are nearly identical; however, there may be some subtle differences. 

It is a very quick and time-saving option to repair the flat tire of the bike. But for permanent fixing or for more safety patching or changing the tire will be a great option to choose. There are different types of plugs for the tires that serve different purposes. Make sure to check tire pressure oftentimes after plugging and plug the tire properly.

Does Plugging Help The Tire In Any Way?

Plugs were used before very often because they were a fast method. That’s why it is undoubted that you will get saved by tire plugging during emergencies. But these rest in as a quick fix only, you need to repair the tire as soon as possible after the situation. 

If your tire injury was caused by a simple nail or pin, any tire can be repaired again. On the contrary, if the tire is cut, the patching should be sealed in a hole of a perfectly odd shape. Now we have plugs that repair radial tires. Needless to say, after long driving, they dissolve in the tires. 

This is the preferred scheme again because it is much faster to do. It takes a few minutes to install a plug and usually the tires can still be worked on the motorcycle. The term should be removed from the rim and checked properly before plugging and patching. Plugging the tire can be both helpful and reliable if it is installed properly. So, if you need a quick fix of your flat tire in an emergency plugging the tire can really save your bacon!

Is Plugging A Motorcycle Tire Safe?

Plugging tires can be both safe and reliable if they are installed properly. It depends on three criteria; location, shape, and size of the puncture. If the size of the puncture is limited to 2mm – 7mm then it is safe for plugging. And another thing to be careful about plugging is that the rider should not ride faster than 75 miles an hour after plugging.

In the old days, plugs were used because they were fast and reliable. If the injury is a common nail, a tire can be repaired in a short time with plugging. If the tire was cut, there was a choice of patching to completely seal the odd-sized hole. 

Then when the radial tires came out it was seen that the plugs would spread the tire and drive them separately. Patches then became the preferred strait of repairing tires. Having a tire repair kit and knowing how to use it can save you. 

Is It Illegal To Put A Plug On The Tire?

When a tubeless tire gets punctured, it becomes quite tough to fix. Also, not everyone has the tools to fix these tires. So, plugging on the tire can help in that happening and needs simple tools which a rider can carry with him too. 

But plugging on the tire is verily not the best and permanent solution. Though some repair shops or bike manufacturers do not recommend putting a plug on the tires, it is not illegal unless you do that properly for your own safety to avoid risks. 

As it is not the stable procedure of the repair, the best way is to remove the tire from the rim inwardly before repairing it so you can check into the damage and then repair the tire.

Final Thoughts 

Now you know the answer to can you plug a motorcycle tire. Plugging in the motorcycle tires can be a quick fix for emergencies. But be aware if you want to stick to the plugging for a long time because it is not safe at all. 

Apart from that, plugging the motorcycle tire can really save you in difficult times. So you should always keep the necessary pieces of equipment with you in case you need that. Also, you can stick to the more reliable substitutes that we have mentioned above. 

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