What Does Park Assist Blocked Mean?

What Does Park Assist Blocked Mean

Many recent cars have been equipped with safety features to protect drivers, passengers, and road users and avoid collisions. And one of these safety features is the park assist.  The park assist typically helps drivers park in tight spaces. So if your car has the park assist feature, chances are you’ve seen this message: “park … Read more

Learn Why Chevy Lane Departure Warning Not Working?

Chevy Lane Departure Warning Not Working

While some features prevent users from harm in case of a collision, others help prevent a collision. One of those features is the Chevy lane departure warning. Chevy Lane departure warning alerts chevy drivers when drifting from their drive lane. However, many users across different platforms have complained that this feature stopped working in their … Read more

Balance Beads Vs. Weights: Which Does Your Vehicle Need? 

A balanced tire gives drivers a smooth ride. If you’re feeling vibrations and wobbles, your vehicle tires might be out of balance. If you desire a smooth ride, tire balancing is essential. Tire wheel balancing extends tire life and prevents uneven tire wear. Mechanics use two popular methods to achieve proper car wheel balancing. So … Read more

Top 5 Adhesive Remover For Cars Without Damaging The Paint 

As a car owner, you must deal with many unpleasant messes. Sticky residue is the worst of them.  Glue, decals, stain, duct tape, bumper sticker, attachment tape, vinyl decals, and many more can leave a sticky or oily residue on the car’s surface.  If you find any, you will be desperate to remove adhesive residue … Read more

Duramax Allison Transmission Fluid Type-Complete Guide

The Duramax engines are one of the leading engines across the world. The Duramax engine always comes with the Allison transmission which makes it more functional and high-performing. However, the most important question is what is the best Duramax Allison Transmission Fluid Type? Well, with the advancement in technology there is a wide variety of … Read more

How To Start A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key?

The advanced technology in the automotive industry has made life much easier. Most of the newly launched car’s fantastic features have surprised the buyers.  One of such features is the keyless car driving in the vehicles such as Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Jeep, Wrangler Jeeps, and others. Therefore, how to start a jeep Cherokee without … Read more

Differential Fluid Vs Transmission Fluid [Complete Guide]

The Differential Fluid and transmission fluid both are oils that play a significant part in your car’s performance.  The lubricant is meant to give smooth gear functions and prevents corrosion.  Although both of these oils play the same role, there is also a viable difference between them. The main difference between the Differential Fluid and … Read more