Learn Where Is Your Keyless Entry Receiver Location!

Keyless Entry Receiver Location

Most vehicles nowadays come equipped with keyless entry systems, which allow the driver to unlock and lock their doors without having to fumble around for keys. However, for the keyless entry system to work, there has to be a receiver somewhere on the vehicle that will receive the signal from the key fob and activate … Read more

Drag Link VS Tie Rod; What Functions Do They Provide?

Drag Link VS Tie Rod

Curious about how your car steering connects and works with the wheels? Drag link and tie rod are the answer. They are steering linkage suspension parts in the automotive steering system. Want to remove your confusion regarding drag link VS tie rod? Drag link joints Pitman arm or Drop arm with steering arm to drag … Read more

ATC VS ATM Fuse: Are They Different Or Similar? 

If you have a car and know its mechanism, you have a clear idea about the fuse. Suppose you don’t know anything about fuses. At least when you face problems with your car or go for repairing, you have heard about your fuses being blown or burnt. There are more similarities than differences while talking … Read more

Bullet Liner VS Linex: Who Wins The Battle? 

Bullet Liner and Linex are both reputed and trustworthy brands in the liner industry. They have been serving their consumers with protective coating for many years. In the case of spraying a liner, these two brands come first in mind.  Are you confused about which liner brand to choose to protect your vehicle? Well, Bullet … Read more

RAM SLT vs. Big Horn – What Are the Differences?

When you plan to buy a new truck, it is crucial to choose the right one. Requirements vary from person to person. Some need the basic features with the power to get the job done. Others require a combo of comfort, safety, power, and reliability. RAM SLT vs. Big Horn are two standard trucks available … Read more

Bonded vs Riveted Brake Shoes- What To Buy In 2022!

If you just bought a new car, you might feel how tough it is to press on the pre-installed brakes. The wise thing to do here is to replace the pre-installed ones with a new specialized brake.  So which one exactly is worth the hype between bonded vs riveted brake shoes? Well, that actually depends … Read more