Super Duty Vs Heavy Duty: What Makes Them Different? 

Super duty and heavy-duty both the terms are widely used in referring to trucks. While there are core similarities in these terms, you will find a fine line between these two as well. Understanding the fine line is quite challenging.  So, we found the differences between super duty vs heavy duty. Ford named its heavy-duty … Read more

Switch Pro vs sPOD- The Best Wiring Lights For A Vehicle In 2022!

Have you ever considered installing lighting accessories and wires in your vehicle? If you have, your line of thought is probably stuck between choosing switch pro vs spod.  To start with, both of these are expensive despite being great products. However, since most models of the switch pro use series circuit, they are harder to … Read more

What Does Park Assist Blocked Mean? [Explained]

What Does Park Assist Blocked Mean

Many recent cars have been equipped with safety features to protect drivers, passengers, and road users and avoid collisions. And one of these safety features is the park assist.  The park assist typically helps drivers park in tight spaces. So if your car has the park assist feature, you’ve seen this message: “park assist blocked; … Read more

Learn Why Chevy Lane Departure Warning Not Working?

Chevy Lane Departure Warning Not Working

While some features prevent users from harm in case of a collision, others help prevent a collision. One of those features is the Chevy lane departure warning. Chevy Lane departure warning alerts chevy drivers when drifting from their drive lane. However, many users across different platforms have complained that this feature stopped working in their … Read more

Balance Beads VS. Weights: Which Does Your Vehicle Need? 

A balanced tire gives drivers a smooth ride. If you’re feeling vibrations and wobbles, your vehicle tires might be out of balance. If you desire a smooth ride, tire balancing is essential. Tire wheel balancing extends tire life and prevents uneven tire wear. Mechanics use two popular methods to achieve proper car wheel balancing. So … Read more