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7 Common Duramax Ignition Switch Problems You Often Face!

Duramax Ignition Switch Problems

Most diesel truck drivers know that the Duramax engine is a powerhouse. With its turbocharged performance and Intercooled system, it’s no wonder these trucks are often considered the best in the business. However, like any other machine, Duramax is not immune to problems. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the more common … Read more

10 Potential Symptoms Of Bad Turbo Vane Sensor [ Explained & Fixed]

Symptoms Of Bad Turbo Vane Sensor

Turbo vanes sensors are important for the overall functioning of the engine. If this component is not working properly, it can lead to performance issues and even damage the engine. You should be aware of some potential bad turbo vanes sensor symptoms.  This blog post will explain in detail what a turbo vane sensor is, … Read more

Why is The Temperature Gauge Rising But Car Not Overheating? [Fixed]

Temperature Gauge Rising But Car Not Overheating

Most people know that when the temperature gauge in their car starts to rise, it’s a sign that the car is getting too hot and might overheat.  But what if your car is running perfectly fine even though the temperature gauge is rising?  The common reason why the temperature gauge rises but the car doesn’t … Read more

Learn What Exactly The Allison 1000 Fluid Capacity & Other Facts!

Allison 1000 Fluid Capacity

Like most people, you don’t know the first thing about your car’s transmission. You may not even know what a transmission is! But read on if you’re curious about car transmissions or want to learn more about your car. This blog post will discuss the fluid capacity of Allison 1000 and all other facts. So … Read more

Is It Normal For Coolant Level To Drop, Or is it A Big Issue?

Is It Normal For Coolant Level To Drop

As a responsible car owner, you should always be aware of the condition of your car. This includes regular checks of the oil level, tire pressure, and coolant level.  While it’s normal for the coolant level to drop somewhat over time as the system loses its potency, if it drops suddenly or significantly, it’s a … Read more

Learn Where Is Your Keyless Entry Receiver Location!

Keyless Entry Receiver Location

Most vehicles nowadays come equipped with keyless entry systems, which allow the driver to unlock and lock their doors without having to fumble around for keys. However, for the keyless entry system to work, there has to be a receiver somewhere on the vehicle that will receive the signal from the key fob and activate … Read more