[Easy Fix] Duramax Reduced Engine Power Reset

By: Saiful Islam | April 22, 2022

If you notice the Duramax Reduced Engine Power on your chevy truck, it is most likely the problem with the fuel or air flowing to the engine. 

It is better to have your vehicle inspected by an expert mechanic. 

You can reset the Duramax reduced engine power after diagnosing the engine problem and fixing or replacing the faulty device. 

However, sometimes engine tuning or cleaning the dust particles is likely to restore the reduced engine power.

This article will get a clear picture and all the necessary information that will help you reset the Duramax reduced engine power.

Let us get started without further delay.

How To Do Duramax Reduced Engine Power Reset?

If you notice that reduced engine power on your dashboard in your Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Duramax trucks. 

You may see that your vehicle will only go to a limited speed due to power reduction. 

The reduced rate and power are to protect the engine from severe damage. 

You need to check for the part of the damaged engine because when the car drives extremely fast, it may heat the engine.

Damaged Components

Any one of the many damaged components causes reduced engine power. 

If your engine is not working well, you can repair the reduced Duramax engine power by ensuring that all the cables are fine and intact. 

Also, make sure that the Throttle is functional as the Throttle plays a vital role in handling the quantity of the fuel in the combustion engine, along with the airflow sensors that estimate the amount of air inside the air filter. If the question is, how does resetting the Duramax reduce engine power?

If the problem is electrical, it is more challenging to diagnose. Once you have found the component that is damaged, get it replaced, and then start the car, your Duramax reduced power will reset. 

If the problem is the Powertrain Control Module or the PCM, you have to get your code duplicated.

Take your car to the dealer, who will duplicate the code for your engine, and your reduced engine warning light will reset to normal.

The Main Reason For Reduced Engine Power 

The engine is an essential component of the car; the Duramax with the latest 6.6L of V8 cylinders engine produces lots of power and torque

However, in case you notice, the Red Color of the reduced engine power light clearly indicates some engine problem.

There could be many reasons responsible for Duramax’s reduced engine power.

Duramax's reduced engine

The primary and sole reason for the Duramax Reduced Engine Power is mainly the Throttle not working well. 

Let’s consider some common problems of the Duramax engine power reduced:

Throttle Actuator Control

The flawed Throttle may impact the speed of your car. You may notice the reduced power warning sign on the speedometer. 

The throttle issue may likely affect your engine’s functioning and ability to lose power quickly and in significantly less time. 

Role Of The Throttle

Also, ensure that the throttle body is functional as the throttle plays a vital role in handling the quantity of fuel in the combustion engine. 

The TPS throttle position sensor estimates the amount of air inside through air filters.

However, the Throttle is the driver’s control rather than a device in manually operated vehicles. 

Resetting Duramax Reduced Engine Power ensures no problem with any engine component.

If the Throttle Actuator Control of your engine fails, it could significantly impact your car’s performance, and you may need to replace it rather than repairing it in the GMC Sierra.

Catalytic Converter

Then, ensure the Catalytic Converter like AUTOSAVER88 is working, and also do not forget to check the transmission fluid level in the Transmission Control Module.

Battery issues

Sometimes a weak battery could also be the reason for the reduced engine power light. Try to disconnect and reconnect the battery again. 

The reduced engine power light may disappear.

What Are The Other Reasons For Duramax Reduced Engine Power?

The most common reason for the reduced engine power is the throttle issues. However, there are many other reasons, hence check the engine light. Let us consider some other issues and their possible impact:

Fuel Tank

If there is less fuel in your fuel tank or the fuel line is choked, the engine power may reduce due to less fuel rail pressure. 

Sometimes the problem in the fuel pump or the fuel filter may impact engine performance. 

The fuel injector or injection pump malfunctioning may also impact your engine.

Bad Spark Plug

In case of a bad spark plug in your engine, you may notice a reduction in your car performance and speed.

The battery can also die as the result of a bad spark plug. 

You may notice that your car is consuming a lot of fuel, or the fuel pump or lift pump is not generating enough pressure for acceleration.

Bad Spark Plug

Cables and Coils

If the cables or the coils are not tightly intact and there is any loophole. 

The powertrain control module will set the reduced power mode that will reduce the performance of the overall engine.

Duplicating The Code

Sometimes you may notice that there is no issue in any of your engine’s components in such a case of taking your car to the dealer.

There is a chance of PCM issues or a computer issue in your car. Make sure that the exhaust gas recirculation is working well.

Electrical Issue

An electrical issue in the engine could be responsible for the LLY Duramax diesel’s reduced engine power. 

However, the electrical issue is very critical and difficult to diagnose. 

Also, any electrical issue is likely to damage the engine significantly.

Can Oil Change Reset The Reduced Engine Power?

The reduced engine warning light indicates a decrease in the flow of fuel to the engine, or it could also mean decreased airflow in the engine.

In such a case, the best thing for you is to take your vehicle to an expert mechanic who can look and tell you what the actual problem is by interpreting the code. 

You can also go for engine tune-ups to clean the dirt and dust particles that may have choked the air valves.  Or ensure a fuel pressure regulator generates appropriate pressure.

Ask the mechanics to check fluid levels and change any old fluids or the engine oil. After the tune-ups, you may notice your car’s improved performance, and the warning engine light may also close.

Does Low Oil Affect Engine Performance?

Low engine oil can result in less efficient performance. Your car is designed to deliver impressive fuel economy, but if it has low engine oil, you may notice it won’t perform as efficiently. 

Not having enough fluid to lubricate the engine’s parts will work harder. 

Also, engine oil is important to reduce friction and helps the engine’s components to glide easily.

How To Detect My Engine Power Reducing?

The Powertrain Control Module or the PCM indicates the warning sign. The warning sign shows that the engine power is reducing. 

You may also notice the hindrance in the performance of your vehicle. The computer or the PCM displays the system’s failure. 

The red engine light indicates a problem in the engine that is adversely impacting the performance, and you may notice reduced highway speeds. 

The reduced engine warning light is displayed on the dashboard.

Engine Power Reducing

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Does Low Oil In The Engine Reduce Performance?

Yes, the Low Oil in the engine is likely to make your car difficult to drive. You may notice the oil light that will turn red, indicating low oil pressure. 

Therefore, if you see the oil light, you should change your fluid as soon as possible. Because less oil is going to reduce your car’s performance.

Is Throttle Responsible For Reduced Engine Power?

The damage or the malfunctioned throttle could be one of the main reasons for reduced engine power or vehicle speed.  

And there could be many reasons for the electronic throttle actuator control (TAC) system failure. Therefore it is advisable to replace or repair the throttle issues for better performance.

Is It Possible For The Reduced Engine Light To Go Off By Itself?

The warning engine light warns you regarding the reduced engine power, and it can not go off on its own until the issue is resolved. 

Therefore, you should take your car to the mechanics and get it checked properly. Once the problem is fixed, the light will go off by itself.

Is Driving A Car Possible With Reduced Engine Power?

It is possible to drive the car with the warning engine light. However, you may notice that the drive would not be smooth. 

Your vehicle speed may not accelerate quickly, and you may feel the ride is very bumpy and uneasy. 

Also, you will feel the jerky or uncertain gear movement.

What Is The Cost Of Resetting Reduced Engine Power?

The reduced performance of the engine could be due to various reasons. 

Therefore, the cost of repairing or resetting the reduced engine power depends on the faulty components. 

However, on average, the cost of resetting reduced engine power is somewhere around $100 and $600. 

How To Reset Duramax Reduced Engine Power?

If you notice the engine light on the dashboard, it indicates some problem with your engine. Take your car for the diagnosis to the mechanic. 

After the diagnosis and finding out the faulty component and fixing it then, only the Duramax reduced engine power reset is possible. 

Sometimes you may need to replace the defective part, or it might malfunction in your vehicle’s PCM.  

However, there is also a possibility of no serious issues but problems with the engine light.


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