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Excursion VS Suburban: Which SUV Is Better TO Have?

Excursion VS Suburban: Which SUV Is Better TO Have?

SUV cars or sport utility vehicles have particular demand in the market for their unique feature. Ford excursion and Chevrolet suburban are large SUVs that serve features of off-road vehicles and components of on-road passenger cars.

Are you having a dilemma regarding excursion VS suburban? Well, here is the primary difference. Ford excursion is a big SUV with a 2500 frame, and its main focus is towing. Chevrolet suburban has a 1500 frame with an emphasis on riding comfort. 

These vehicles are defined by combining the super duty truck model and light four-wheel drive. It depends on your use, purpose, environment, and which one is better. Our comparison will help you decide between them. 

Overview Of Excursion VS Suburban

Specification  Ford Excursion Chevrolet Suburban
Engine  8 cylinder,10 cylinder 8 cylinder 
Body  Sport Utility Vehicle Sport Utility Vehicle
Fuel type Gasoline, Diesel Gasoline 
Fuel capacity  Avarage 5.4 liter Avarage 5.3 liter
Size  2500 frame 1500 frame
Seat 9 seats  8 seats
Drivetrain  Rear Wheel Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Horsepower  Avarage 255.0 hp Avarage 295.0 hp

Ford Excursion VS Chevrolet Suburban in Detail

Engine: The first thing anyone will check before buying a car is its engine. Ford excursion and Chevy suburban both are sport utility vehicles. So, they both have powerful engine features with excellent capacity. 

The Excursion offers both gasoline and diesel with 8 cylinder and 10 cylinder. The horsepower can vary from 255.0 hp to 325.0 hp.

On the other hand, Suburban offers 8 cylinder engine with 295.0 hp horsepower. It only uses gasoline, and the standard capacity is 5.3 liter. 

Ford motor company used Ford Triton V 8, Triton V10 excursion, and PowerStrock V8 engines for their excursion vehicles. Their 5.4L Triton V8 and 6.8L V10 can be considered as standard. 

Body Style: We showed in the table that both these SUV share the same body style. It is a combination of off-road vehicles and passenger-friendly vehicles. They are passenger driving cars with power like trucks.

The engine compartment is in the front. They have cargo or passenger areas followed by the engine compartment. Also, their style has similarities with station wagons. 

Ford excursion cars are inspired by their F250 super duty pickup truck. This Excursion is one of the biggest SUV available. It has a 2500 frame size and an average height of 77.2 inches.

Chevy suburban offers a moderate size compared to other sport utility vehicles. Its frame size is 1500, and its height is 73.6 inches on average. It can fit into a medium-size garage. 

Drivetrain & Transmission: In the case of drivetrain, both cars operate through the rear axle while driving. Their rear axle helps them to achieve better mileage on the road. Suburban has rear beam axles

Ford V10 excursion has 425 lb torque output which gives an excellent tow capacity. That is why excursion cars are also known as the tow vehicle. 

When it comes to transmission, they both provide 4- speed A/T automatic. But, the upcoming 2021 Ford excursion contains 5-speed automatic transmission. 

Interior Design: Ford and General Motors have more than one model of Excursion and suburban. The companies try to update their interior in each production. So, we are comparing their interior with a standard view. 

Ford excursion offers a total of 9 seats, while Chevrolet suburban provides 8 seats in total. The Excursion offers color taupe and pewter gray while suburban uses mocha medium tan color. 

With four doors complementing & third row seat, these two SUVs offer driver seat power adjustment and passenger seat power adjustment. In North America, these sport utility cars are the most popular. 

Warranty: Ford excursion warranty covers several areas. They offer 3yeras/ 36000 miles bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage. Also, they have five years for 60000 miles coverage for the powertrain.

However, Chevrolet provides a limited warranty on 3years/36000 miles. Also, you can choose their extended limited warranty coverage for five years/60000 mile +. 

Pros & Cons Of Excursion & Suburban


Ford Excursion SUV  Chevrolet Suburban SUV
9 seats can carry many passengers  8 seats are enough for a big family 
8/10 cylinder offers excellent mileage  8 cylinder engine has better gas mileage 
Performs well off-road too Has good performance on rough road 
Has excellent towing capacity  Has steering and riding comfort 
Big size gives extra cargo space  Compact size can fit in any garage 


Ford Excursion SUV  Chevrolet Suburban SUV
Large size does not fit in medium garage Less cargo space and seat
Does not provide comfort in riding  Does not offer good towing capacity
Fuel efficiency is not rich  Only uses gasoline 

Ford Excursion VS Expedition 

As we are talking about SUVs (sport utility vehicles), we can compare another model of SUV that Ford provides with Excursion. The name of that model or series of SUV is Expedition. 

Ford launched another car with SUV features named Expedition. Ford Expedition max and Expedition EL are well known. Let’s see what difference excursion and Expedition have. 

Ford Excursion SUV Ford Expedition SUV
255.0 hp, 8/10 cylinder engine  232.0 hp, 8 cylinder engine 
Contains total 9 seats  Has 6 seats in total
750° F cold-cranking AMP  650° F cold-cranking AMP 
Maximum alternator capacity is 130 AMP 110 AMP maximum alternator capacity
4-speed A/T transmissions  4-speed automatic transmission
44 gal fuel tank capacity  28 gal fuel tank capacity 
Twin-I-Beam front and full floating rear axle type Double wishbone front and independent rear axle type 

So, the primary difference between Excursion and Expedition is in size. An expedition is for people who want a car with SUV features but comparatively in a smaller size.

Chevrolet Suburban VS Yukon XL

Another comparable sport utility vehicle is Yukon XL. Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon xl share almost similar features. Let’s compare these two large cars. 

Chevrolet Suburban SUV GMC Yukon SUV
Has 5.3L V8 engine  Has 6.2L V8 engine 
Has 1670 pounds of payload capacity  Payload capacity is 1610 pounds 
8/9 passengers can seat  Total 9 passenger seats 
Fuel capacity is 24 gallons  28 gallons fuel capacity 
25.5 cubic feet cargo volume  38.2 cubic feet cargo volume
16/20 MGP EPA-fuel economy  Estimated fuel economy is 16/20 MGP

 We can see these both vehicles have almost similar features. However, Yukon will cost you an extra charge because of its premium material than suburban. Yukon xl is a luxury. 

Drive Your SUV Smartly 

The sport utility vehicle is far larger than a standard four-wheel passenger car. You need to consider some facts while driving and maintaining your SUV. let us share some of them with you.

  • Though large SUV is a passenger car, overloading can cause a rollover. So, be aware of overloading and balancing.
  • Off-road practice will increase your on-road driving skills. Try driving on a rough surface to manage more control over your SUV.
  • SUV needs more time to break or stop. Especially in harsh weather, it takes more time to break. Keep the timing in mind and drive. 
  • Though SUVs offer great tow capacity, you need to be cautious about it. Know about your car’s stability and breaking power before the tow. 
  • Be comfortable with your mirror position and turning. The SUV mirror is a little bit higher than other cars. Give more time while turning as the car is big. 

People Commonly Ask 

Is Ford F-150 A Good Truck?

Yes, you can consider the Ford f 150 as a good truck. It has a diverse lineup with V6, diesel, and V8 engines. This full-size pickup offers a smooth ride, tow capacity, and handling.

Is Expedition Max Has The Same Size As A Suburban?

Ford expedition max is less more expansive than a Chevrolet suburban. However, they take almost the same amount of room in a garage. So, overall they can be counted as the same size. 

Is Excursion Bigger Than Suburban?

Yes, Ford excursion is bigger than Chevrolet suburban. The frame size of an excursion is typically 2500, while suburban has 1500 frame size. The Excursion has more height and cargo space than suburban. 

Why Did Ford Stop Making An Excursion SUV?

Ford fall behind in the case of market success. However, Ford made sure that they did not stop excursion production because of environmental criticism they were facing.

Suburban Or Expedition, Which Is More Reliable?

Predictable reliability by consumer report of Suburban is one out of five. On the other hand, Expedition scored three out of five in a predictable reliability score. So, suburban is below average in reliability.

Haven’t You Decided Yet? 

It is totally up to you whether you want Ford super duty excursion or Chevy suburban. You have to consider fuel economy, mileage, size, environment, and the purpose of your use before choosing and purchasing. 

They are two of the largest SUV with an eight-cylinder engine. Ford Excursion has more tow capacity and size frame than Chevrolet suburban. But, suburban offers steering and riding comfort with a standard size. 

If you want more cargo room and towing ability, Excursion is the one. You have to go for suburban if you wish to steer & riding comfort. We hope our excursion VS suburban comparison will help you to find your perfect fit.