Learn What Is The Firestone Alternator Replacement Cost!

By: Saiful Islam | April 13, 2022

Taking care of your car is crucial to ensure a smooth drive. Firestone is known for complete auto care, from oil changes to Alternator replacement. They offer various auto repair and replacement services. However, when talking about the Firestone Alternator replacement cost?

Well, the cost of the Firestone Alternator varies from $500 up to $3000 depending on the model of your vehicle, the year of manufacturing, and the make of your vehicle. Also, you may find the Firestone Alternator a bit expensive, but you will get the best quality. It could be a long-term investment for your vehicle.

In this article, there is a detailed discussion about the cost of Firestone Alternator replacement. It will help you to get more relevant information about alternator replacement costs.

How Much Is The Price To Replace An Alternator Of Firestone?

The Replacement of the Firestone alternator entirely if it is damaged is a better idea. Getting the new alternator means getting a new device that has more chances to survive longer.

Although the new ones can be expensive, it is a more suitable option than reconstructed or revamped choices. However, if you can not afford the new one, it could be an option available at any auto repair parts shop.

Revamped Alternator: The replacement cost might vary from $350-$500 if you choose a revamped alternator. 

New Firestone Alternator: The replacement cost might vary from $700 to $1000 if you go for the new Firestone Alternator from Firestone complete auto care.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Alternator?

If you want, you can also repair the malfunction or the damaged Alternator of your car even by yourself. You need a few essential things, such as the Alternator repair kits, which cost from $25 to $40. 

You can buy them online from a website or even from an auto parts store near you. You can check the specification of the kit in the manual or the product description online. 

Also, check the serpentine belt whenever changing the Alternator or repairing it, as it does not last much longer and needs replacement of the serpentine belt after a few weeks.

What Is The Role Of An Alternator?

The Alternator plays a crucial role in enabling your vehicle to run. On the other hand, the battery is mandatory to start the car. 

Most of the electronic parts of your car need the power from the battery to function, such as the lights, power steering and windows, wipers, and the stereo. Also, the temperature changes are likely to impact your battery, a significant component of your car. 

Replace the dead battery for the smooth working of your electrical system. However, the battery requires the Alternator to charge it. So, the car’s battery depends on the Alternator to set it.

Working Of The Alternator

The Alternator operates by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. As the car starts and the engine starts working, it supplies power to the drive belt fibbing on a pulley connected to the Alternator.

The Alternator is one of the essential internal parts of an engine. It is responsible for charging your battery, which helps work all of the vehicle’s electrical components. The Alternator works in the following way:

  • The Stator and Rotor are the external covering that lies close to the engine and has an aluminum body.
  • The serpentine belt causes the crankshaft to turn and indirectly causes the rotor to move.
  • The poles move, resulting in the creation of the magnetic flux.
  • The poles consist of the brushes, and the bushes send the direct current through slip rings.
  • The copper coils make up the stator. Three collections of copper coils are placed at 120 degrees from each other. 
  • The rotor’s spinning creates an alternating current in the copper wire.
  • The rotating magnets induce an alternating current near the ring. The AC current goes to the Alternator’s rectifier. The rectifier plays a vital role by converting the Alternating Current Output into DC power. 

Driving With A Bad Alternator

Your vehicle will continue to operate in case of a bad Alternator, faulty alternator, or a weak alternator. Suppose your dashboard displays the term ‘CHARGE’ or a battery symbol after the battery is switched on. 

In that case, there may be a problem with the electrical system or vehicle’s engine, not necessarily your actual battery. However, it will not be long before your car or truck stops driving, as the battery will die soon. It will not work the car’s electronics because of no charging. 

You need to jump-start or charge the battery from an external source to move your vehicle. Before installing the new battery or battery light in your car, check that the Alternator is in good working condition.

The Alternator Replacement Services

When you decide to replace your vehicle alternator, it is pretty expensive. However, the alternator problem is not considered the most costly car problem.

If you think there is any problem with the electrical system, your car’s battery, tire rotation, or vehicle engine, take it to the auto repair shop near your home and check it. Also, the most important thing to consider when buying the Alternator is what you have and need. 

It is likely linked to the cost of the Alternator issue. Although the revamped alternators are cheap, there is no warranty on how long they will last. The replacement of good quality Alternators such as the Firestone Alternator will keep you stress-free for a long time. 

Also, you can choose the warranty package, which gives you a long-time warranty on your newly replaced Alternator.

Auto Care Tips For The Better Working Of The Alternator

It is essential to regularly check up on your car to avoid some severe damage. Whenever planning to travel for long distances, consider the complete car care tips is important along with the perfect working of an essential component. A few of the things to do for your auto care are as follows:

  1. You should take your car for the inspection after two to three weeks. If you notice any damage to the body of your car or the tires, you should take your vehicle to the mechanic to repair it.
  2. Examination of your air filters is critical. Sometimes your air filters are clogged due to the dust, which could impact the engine’s airflow. It is better to replace your filters regularly after 12,000 miles.
  3. Ensure that the air pressure in your tires or tire rotation is up to mark, as less air pressure in the tires can make car handling difficult. You need tire care tips that will monitor the pressure in your tire.
  4. Ensure that your car is clean from the outside, as the dust particles on the windscreen can damage your mirrors. You may opt for any car service shop near you.
  5. It is essential to ensure that both headlights are working well and check for the dashboard warning light.

Some Additional Information

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Alternator?

The replacement cost of the Firestone alternator from the Firestone workshop is a little hefty compared to the replacement of an Alternator from a local mechanic’s auto repair. 

An estimated amount of Alternator repair cost or replacement from the Firestone workshop is around $500 up to $3000, considering the other factors of your vehicle. 

Can Firestone Do Major Repairs To Your Engine?

Handle your car and your engine well. It will perform much better in the long run. Also, in case of any engine problems, repair it soon. 

Firestone is the best place if you want to fix the major repairs to your car engine. The Firestone auto technician is a well-known and trusted company for various major engine repairs.

Does Insurance Cover Alternator Replacement?

When talking about car insurance, which covers the damage repair resulting from an accident, the standard insurance policy gives you the relief of complete coverage of all repairs due to a crash.  

Still, it does not include engine oils, alternators, or engine components. Still, there is an exception of an Alternator repair. You need to fix the Alternator at the auto repair shop.

When Should You Have The Alternator Repaired?

You should go to the car repair shop for alternator repair if there is a problem with your truck or car’s engine light electrical components, car battery, or if there is some noise.

If you think you have a dead battery, get it replaced with a new battery. You can see the flashing battery warning light. All of these are specific indications that the alternator needs replacement.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of An Alternator?

As soon as the car is, various old components need proper maintenance or repairs for the appropriate functioning of the vehicle. The average life span is seven years or about 150,000 miles of a new alternator. 

Many reasons could impact the life of an alternator. The component’s quality, the vehicle’s overall state, and the electronics configuration are all responsible for alternator longevity.

Bottom Line

The Firestone offers various auto care services for your car, from engine tuneup to replacements. They have everything your vehicle needs, and you can also go to the Firestone to replace the alternator. 

The best technicians will inspect your vehicle to ensure no other problems. They will propose the best solution to your alternator problem. Also, check the other components for your car to ensure a smooth drive.

Although, the price you need to pay for alternator replacement at the Firestone is undoubtedly hefty compared to the auto repair shop near you. The local auto repair shop is also a good idea if you do not have enough money.


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