Hellwig VS Roadmaster Sway Bar: Which One Gives More Stability? 

By: Saiful Islam | July 19, 2022

Does your vehicle pitch, roll, or waddle over bumpy roads or while turning? Adding sway bars to your suspension system will solve the problem. Hellwig and Roadmaster are the two most famous sway bar providers. Are you confused between Hellwig & Roadmaster sway bar?

In the game of Hellwig Vs Roadmaster, the primary difference is Hellwig has curved end links while Roadmaster has straight end links. Also, Hellwig is less expensive than Roadmaster. However, they both work as a stabilizer, improve traction, and enhance suspension power. 

Sway bars have the same effects on sway as shocks have on the up-down motion. Most vehicles come with factory-installed sway bars for the front. But adding a rear sway bar provides a dramatic improvement. This article will explore and compare Hellwig and Roadmaster sway bars, two famous manufacturers. 

Overview Of Hellwig VS Roadmaster Sway Bar

Category Hellwig Sway Bar Roadmaster Sway Bar 
Material Heat treated 4140 Chromoly steel Powder coated 4140 Chromoly steel
Shape Curvy end links Straight end links 
Sway resistance Gives extra performanceAround 90%
Diameter Large diameter barHeavy diameter bar
Design Polyurethane bushingsPolyurethane bushings
Price Comparatively cheaper Expensive than Hellwig
Installation Simple (DIY possible)Tricky (drill needed) 
Noise Only when breaks Might when turning 
Service Lifetime warranty Limited lifetime Warranty 

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Comparison Between Hellwig & Roadmaster Sway Bars 

The sway bar is also known as an anti sway bar, trac bar, and anti roll bar. Hellwig anti sway bar and Roadmaster anti sway bar have similarities and dissimilarities. Let’s compare them to find out which one gives better performance. 


Both anti-roll bars are made of 4140 Chromoly steel. However, the Hellwig sway bar has its steel heat treated. This process makes the Hellwig bar fifty percent stronger than regular sway bars without heat treatment.


This category mainly differentiates between these two bars. The end links of the Hellwig sway bar are curvy and have different bushing ends. In contrast, the Roadmaster sway bar has straight end links with the same bushing.


Hellwig anti-sway bar delivers excellent traction against speed bumps. Even on rocky or rough roads, it provides a smooth turn. Nevertheless, the Roadmaster bar offers outstanding solidity and level handling. 


Hellwig bars will not make any noise until they are broken or lost. On the other hand, there are some noise complaints about Roadmaster bars. They tend to make popping when the vehicle makes a fast turn.  


The performance of a rear anti sway bar mostly depends on diameter size, shape, and weight. The bigger and heavier, the better.

Hellwig sway bar has a large diameter with 1 ⅛ and 1 ⅚ standard sizes. The rear bar is heavy, with an average of forty to fifty pounds. 

On the other side, Roadmaster sway bars are thicker than replacement bars and OEM bars. Roadmaster bars can have weight from eighty-five to eighty-nine pounds. 


Coating is necessary for suspension materials like the rear sway bar. Both our sway bars have Polyurethane bushings. This coating prevents the possible damage by gasoline, oil, and ozone. 

Also, Hellwig offers an attractive powder coat with dark gray and hammer tone paint. At the same time, Roadmaster uses black powder coat for premium finishing and preventing corrosion. 

Price: You can check the price difference between Hellwig sway bar and Roadmaster sway bar on Amazon. Hellwig bars are comparatively cheaper than Roadmaster bars. 

Installation: The installation process of Hellwig sway bars is more manageable than Roadmaster sway bars. You can insert the Hellwig rear axle sway bar into the suspension system by yourself. 

In opposition, the Roadmaster anti sway bar requires creating drills. So, you may need to take your motorhome to a service center or workshop. 

Service: These anti sway bar companies are famous in the field of vehicle manufacture. Their customer services are satisfactory. However, Hellwig offers a lifetime warranty, and Roadmaster serves a limited lifetime warranty. 

Let’s compare two items from Hellwig and Roadmaster

ModelHellwig 7254  Sway BarRoadmaster 1139-140 Anti Sway Bar
Position RearFront
Diameter 1 3/41 3/4
Weight 27 pounds25 pounds 
Material4140 Chromoly steel4140 Chromoly steel
Finishing Polyurethane bushingsBlack powder coating

Feature Performance Comparison 

Though both anti sway bars develop stability, prevent sway and improve traction, they have some unique features. Let’s compare their feature performances.

Hellwig Anti Sway Bar Roadmaster Anti Sway Bar 
Increases handling and cornering performance Develops turning pivot point and anti body roll
Offers custom factory engineered fit for specific modelsImproves balance with front anti sway suspension system 
Provides dramatic turning edge production with comfort Decreases driver exhaustion by effortless line management 
Outstanding towing capacity for super duty vehicles Reduces impact of heavy cargo load and passing motorists 
Distributes weight evenly on all the wheels Fit perfectly with rear axle and chassis function 
Sizeable diameter and polyurethane bushings enhance durability Large diameter and polyurethane serves durability and resists damage 
4140 Chromoly steel with heat treat makes suspension system strong Thick and black powder coat prevents corrosion and rust
Easy installation due to custom kit Supply heavy dial mounting hardware

Drawbacks Of Hellwig And Roadmaster Anti Sway Bars.

Hellwig Anti Sway Bar Roadmaster Anti Sway Bar 
Might not heavy enough to remain stableNeeds drilling while installing 
Included U bolt tend to lose Tend to lose balance with front sway bar
Cheap cost rate affects materials Less tow capacity on class c motorhome

Tips On Installing A Hellwig Anti Sway Bar 

Installing the Hellwig sway bar is simple. Our tips will help you to make it more accessible. We will talk about installing the rear anti sway bar, as most cars have a front anti sway bar. 

  • Read the manual well. The instruction is straightforward to understand and well written.
  • Remove the spare tire if possible. It will give you more space and ease to work and fit the parts.
  • Install the saddle brackets first on the axle to fit the bar properly. 
  • Start tightening with your hand and loosely. This will help you tune the overall fit after all the setups. 
  • You need to use socket wrenches with standard 3/4 inch, 7/16 inch, and deep 3/4 sockets. 
  • Try to use a 10-inch extension when you are installing at the passenger’s side clevis plate.
  • The brake line clips use a flat bladed screwdriver for the opening. Also, use a hammer to set the metal spacer tubes.
  • A torque wrench is recommended for tightening all the nuts. Let’s see the foot-pound ratings for the bolts. 
Axle U bolts Frame mounted U boltsEnd link clevis bolts
60 foot pounds50 foot pounds 35 foot pounds 

How To Identify A Broken Sway Bar

Remember, an anti sway bar is mainly designed for stabilizing the side-to-side motion of a car. So, when you feel an irregularity in turning, check your sway bar. 

If your car faces any damage or accident, there is a high possibility your anti sway bar will damage too. Be careful when you are driving on a harsh surface and taking a hard turn.

Worn-out shock absorbers and worn-out stabilizer bar bushes are also signs of a damaged anti sway bar. Also, squeaks and clunks are a pointer to a broken sway bar.

If you feel oversteering and your car is leaning through when you make a turn, it is because of a broken sway bar.

Take your car to the workshop as soon as you notice a broken anti sway bar. Do not fall for a hack like using duck tape, amateur welding, or unreliable DIY. 

People Often Ask 

Can I Use Both Air Bag And Sway Bar?

The sway bar and airbag are both designed for handling. But an anti sway bar remarkably reduces sway while an air bag improves body roll. You can use both of them. They hooked nicely for off-road performance.

Do Helper Springs Help Anti Sway Bar?

The helper spring is specifically designed for towing. The rear coil helps to reduce rear squat on a tow vehicle. It does not have any impact on sway. But, it can minimize towing pressure on sway bars. 

Does Roadmaster Active Suspension Help Sway?

Roadmaster Active suspension is not directly involved in preventing sway. The primary duty of an active suspension is to track the load or pressure on the wheel and manage them. 

Does Rear Sway Bar Have Help Kits?

Any anti rare sway bar comes as a rear sway bar kit. The kit has a space arm, a bar, bolts, screws, tubes, and other installed items. You need to read the manual and set them correctly. 

Does A Anti Sway Bar Make a Difference? 

Definitely, it does. Anti sway bars complement and help the suspension system to make the turning smooth. You will be able to feel the difference while driving with an anti sway bar installed. 

Who Made The Ultimate Pivot Point?

When you insert a new sway bar into your vehicle, it immediately shows you the change. The factory sway bar you get by default is usually front. That is why most third-party sway track bars are rear.

After all the comparisons, you should not have a dilemma regarding Hellwig VS Roadmaster sway bar. In the case of performance, they are almost corresponding. The primary difference they have is in shape, price, and installation process. 

Hellwig bar is less expensive and has trouble-free insertion order than the Roadmaster bar. However, the decision is yours to take. We hope our parallel and distinction between them will save your time. 

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