How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last? Learn How To Expand The Lifespan 

Are you a bike rider? Do you want to expand the lifespan of your motorcycle battery? Then you must know how long do motorcycle batteries last. The users want to ignore investing in motorcycle batteries but this is a significant part to invest for the betterment. 

According to the manufacturers, a motorcycle battery can last at least 2-5 years on average. But an expanded lifetime of 8 years is possible. The users should maintain the batteries properly to last the motorcycle batteries longer than average. 

In this article, I am going to discuss all the aspects of a motorcycle battery you must know to expand the lifespan of your battery and use it for a longer time. 

Kinds of Motorcycle Batteries 

There are different types of motorcycle batteries available for the riders. For example, convention batteries, lithium, etc. But mainly there are three types of batteries for motorcycles. Such as gel cell batteries, wet cell batteries, and AGM batteries. 

Gel Cell Batteries

There is the presence of gel electrolytes that are together in cells. The users can specifically discharge this type of battery and there will not be a dry area that much. They work like conventional batteries.

 But the difference is the uses of liquid battery acid and gel form of electrolyte. Besides, these batteries don’t get discharged automatically with faster mode. The riders can find this as a more effective and expensive option if it is about the motorcycle battery.

Wet Cell Batteries 

These types of batteries can gain liquid electrolytes. This battery can be the most affordable for the motorcycles of the riders. Besides, the users can find lead-antimony which is an alloy in these batteries. As this battery is not expensive too much, it needs more replacement than others. 

If the users can maintain it in a proper way like charge it properly, then the charge and discharge cycle will work with a high number. According to the durability and the supply of power, these batteries are not unfairly affordable.

AGM Motorcycle Batteries 

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are lead-acid batteries that are comparatively the most modern. They require to hold the electrolytes incorrect position that’s why they use fiberglass mats. There is no presence of free flow in these batteries. The action of the batteries is very suitable and they are compatible with any kind of weather condition. Besides, this type of motorcycle battery is usable safely and also it lasts for a long time.

Factors to Affect the Motorcycle Battery’s Lifespan

 Batteries are such an important part of motorcycles. But most of the riders do not pay attention to this significant part.  Various factors can affect a motorcycle battery’s lifetime. One should know about the factors to gather more effective knowledge about motorcycle batteries. It enables the riders to maintain the battery properly. Some of the most common factors are given below:

Conditions of the Weather 

One of the most important factors that should be in mind is the weather. The battery’s discharge process depends on the weather conditions. If the weather is cold, the battery’s charge decreases faster. One reason behind this is keeping the battery left unused for a few days. 

Besides, the self-discharging process starts in winter and the lower temperature causes the quick discharge. To keep the batteries topped up, the riders should know about the weather conditions and maintain the motorcycle batteries well. So, one needs to store the motorcycle where no presence of cold weather is visible. 

Battery usage of motorcycle 

The exact usage of the battery is also one of the factors that affect a motorcycle battery’s lifetime. We can see different kinds of riders or users and you may also be a different one. Every rider doesn’t use their motorcycle in the same way. Some may ride regularly or some may use their bike once a week and so on.

 If you use a battery regularly, then it will last for a longer period. On the other hand, a battery can be of a shorter period of life if it is not used most of the time. So, if you want to maintain your motorcycle battery properly, you have to choose charging as the best option to expand the battery’s lifetime.

Riding the bike from charging 

Every rider can charge their battery regularly to extend the battery’s lifetime. But when the motorcycle can charge the battery, there is no requirement of regular based charging. You just have to ride your bike properly instead of leaving this unused for a longer period. But a user should know about the signs of a bad motorcycle battery to identity and choose the proper way to expand the lifetime.

Maintenance of the Motorcycle Batteries

If you are a bike rider and thinking about expanding the lifespan of your motorcycle battery then you need to maintain the battery carefully. To get a long-lasting battery you need to attempt to cure the battery-related issues. Otherwise, it will shorten the battery’s lifetime.

Storage of Battery 

If you are not using the motorcycle for a long time, then remove the battery from your bike and try to store it inside. You can use a smart or maintenance charger to keep the battery topped up. Besides, if you use a maintenance-free charger, you can leave it inside your bike but make sure it is connected to a smart charger.

Charging the battery 

A rider or user should charge the battery daily. You can do this by using a proper charger or by riding a motorcycle. As you already know that the battery will not last long if there is a lack of charging properly. One should know why do motorcycle batteries die so fast and charge the battery at least once a month. A user can do this when it is summer but it is not good for the battery to do it during the winter season.

Weather-Wise Maintenance

During cold weather, the capacity of a bike’s battery starts getting lower. In such a situation, riders can think of when to replace motorcycle battery. Generally, a user may think of replacing the battery when it is winter.  If you want to store the motorcycle out of cool weather and keep it in a warm place or garage in winter, you may not need to buy a new battery every winter. 

Maintaining the Water Level 

If you see your battery is losing water after overcharging it, there can be another reason and that is evaporation. You must know about the existing lowest and the highest level of your battery for the acid or water mixture. You can leave the battery plates open after it finishes going under the lowest level. There you may find corrosion is happening faster because of the level. Besides, a short inside can occur with the plates that can damage the battery for a short period. So, one should check the water levels of the batteries to maintain them properly. 

How Long a Motorcycle Battery Can Last?     

There are different types of motorcycle batteries available for the users. The lifetime can vary by different kinds of batteries. A sealed AGM battery has a 3-5 years average lifespan but you can increase the number up to 8 years by maintaining the battery properly.

On the contrary, a conventional acid battery can last about 2-3 years but you can expand it around 5 years if the maintenance goes on. So, the lifespan of the motorcycle battery mostly depends on you. One should know the signs of a bad motorcycle battery.

If you can continue the regular based maintenance, the battery will last longer than the average lifetime. All you need to do is to follow some basic steps to expand the lifetime of your motorcycle battery. For example, charging the battery properly, do not let the battery die automatically, do not let the battery lose capacity, knowing about when to replace motorcycle battery, and so on.

How should charge a battery properly 

One of the most important things to maintain a motorcycle battery is properly charging the battery. A battery’s lifespan can be shortened by improper charging. So, there are a few things to bear in mind while charging the battery. 

There are also some reasons why do motorcycle batteries die so fast. A rider or user should know about the amps and the voltage of the battery when it is time to charge the battery. For example, if your motorcycle battery is 12 voltage, then you should charge it using a 12 voltage charger. 

Secondly, you need to observe the amps and check the charging battery so that overcharging may not occur. Overcharging can cause damage to your battery. You should use a proper charger and should not let the battery left unused for a long time. 


Motorcycle batteries are such an important part of your motorcycle. Different types of motorcycle batteries need different taking care processes. Generally, the users do not pay the attention to the batteries. 

They do not realize what a battery needs at a certain time. When a motorcycle does not start like before then a user thinks about how long do motorcycle batteries last

This is important to maintain the battery properly and regularly to expand the lifetime of your motorcycle battery. 

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