How To Start A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key?

By: Saiful Islam | May 7, 2022

The advanced technology in the automotive industry has made life much easier. Most of the newly launched car’s fantastic features have surprised the buyers. 

One of such features is the keyless car driving in the vehicles such as Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Jeep, Wrangler Jeeps, and others.

Therefore, how can you start a jeep Cherokee without a key? You can use the key fob of your Cherokee Jeep and place it on the ignition button. Your car ignition will begin working.

This article will assist you in starting and driving your car without a key and give you complete information regarding a keyless Cherokee Jeep drive.

Let us get started and learn more.

Overview: How To Start A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key?

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the best off-roading SUVs in these times. The Jeep Cherokee is known for its high-performance, comfortable and luxury drive, with a turbocharged latest engine.

However, like most cars, it also has specific issues that the users mostly report. 

Well, It is effortless and instant to do and does not need extra effort to drive your Cherokee jeep without a key. 

The Cherokee Jeep has an exceptional key fob that can drive the car without a key. Also, if you have lost your key, you can quickly get the new transponder key through your dealer.

Cherokee Jeep Key- All You Need To Know

There are many ways by which you can quickly start your Jeep Cherokee if you have no key. 

No need to panic if the ignition of your Jeep Cherokee is not starting with the key. Let us see the quick methods to start your vehicle without a key. 

You can also use a screwdriver without a key, put it in the lock, and rotate it. Your SUV, Jeep Cherokee, will start working.

Using a screwdriver is easy to start your car without a key.

How To Start Your Jeep Cherokee When The Key Fob Is Out Of Battery?

If the Key Fob battery of your Cherokee key has a weak battery, then battery replacement could solve your problem. 

However, if you are in a hurry and battery or key replacement is not possible, you could also easily start your vehicle in case of an emergency.

For instantly starting your car without new batteries, place the front side of the Key Fob on the Ignition switch. 

Then you should place your foot on the brake pedal. At last, with some force, press the key fob on the start button or the ignition switch. 

Ignition Mechanism

The Ignition of your car will start, and it is good to go without a key. How can you start a jeep Cherokee without a key? 

The key fob has certain features that can start your car’s ignition. Hence the key fob will act as the replacement key for your car until you get a new battery for your JEEP! 

The ignition comprises the rod of the solenoid, gears, and the ignition starter. All of these components come into play when you start your car.

The jeep Cherokee comes with a Key with a particular Key Fob to start the car engine without a key.

In most older cars, keyless entry is not possible in the same way, as the security system does not easily allow you to enter the vehicle without a key. 

Mechanical Key

The mechanical key or the remote start button was a rare option in most expensive cars. 

And the older cars have alarms that used to start ringing if car entry was attempted through the Key Fob. 

On the contrary, most cars nowadays have a remote start button and extraordinary features. 

How To Replace The Lock Cylinder And The Key Manually?

If you wish to change the faulty cylinder and the key of your jeep by yourself, it is effortless. You need to follow a simple procedure.

There could be many issues with the engine of your car. However, you can solve some problems by replacing the cylinder. 

If you have trouble with the Jeep key fixing cylinder, that will act as an emergency key and start your car. You do not need to go to an automotive locksmith. You can do it all by yourself.

Replacing The Lock And Key Cylinder

Start the process of replacing the cylinder by primarily unlocking the screws of the steering wheel using the Craftsman flathead screwdriver

You need to unscrew and pull it out as the lock is exposed in the steering column. 

When you unscrew the coil in the lower area of the lock cylinder and the metal key, make sure you have the new lock cylinder and the metal key. 

Just remove the old key and fix the new key in place. Now try to start your ignition. It will begin very quickly without causing trouble in the ignition. 

You can watch the video to learn more.

How To Start The Jeep Wrangler After Losing Keys?

If you have lost the original keys to your Jeep Wrangler, then the spare key could save you. 

However, replacing the ignition lock and key could save you if you do not have a spare key. 

The car dealer will help you fix the new ignition lock and key by replacing the old one. 

You can change the cylinder lock by yourself or with the help of a mechanic.

Or you can also get a new key with the help of a locksmith who is an expert at making duplicate keys. 

Regardless of the original keys, your car will start working with the duplicate one. 

Later it would be best if you asked your dealer to change the Tj Ignition lock cylinder and key so you can get the original keys for your Jeep. 

You could use the emergency key until you get original new keys for your Jeep Wrangler or your Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Your car worth may decrease in the absence of the original key; therefore, you may be sure to get one.

Transponder Key And Its Functions

The transponder key is the mechanical key and is dissimilar from the standard key. It has some unique features that distinguish it from ordinary keys. 

The transponder key comprises electronic wirings connected in a circuit to help the users. 

It enables the user with automated functions such as remote door locking and unlocking, remote start button, and connection to the security system. 

However, sometimes the programming of the transponder key may become faulty. 

In that matter, you should direct to the owner’s manual and try to identify the problem or update the program of the transponder key control.

Some Additional Information

Is The Programming Of The Transponder Key Of Jeep Wrangler Possible?

Yes, it is possible to program the transponder key of the Jeep Wrangler.

The transponder incorporates minute electrical wires compactly packed in the key remote. 

Although you wish to update the Jeep Wrangler transponder key program, you can do it conveniently by yourself. 

How To Check That Your Car Has A Transponder Key?

You can ask the dealer of your car if you are still unclear. 

The best way to find that your vehicle has a transponder key is to check your vehicle’s user manual.

If the confusion remains, you may search for the name and year of manufacturing. 

Search the model number of your car to determine whether your vehicle has the transponder key.

What Is The Cost Of The New Key Fob For The Cherokee Jeep?

If the key fob of your Cherokee jeep is having some problem, you can replace it with a new one very quickly.

The cost of the new Key Fob for your Cherokee Jeep will be somewhere between $50 to $100. 

The price may vary for different car models, and you can buy it online.

How Does The Ignition Lock Impact The Car’s Performance?

The steering column has many screws and components. 

The ignition switch is also located in the column of the steering. 

The electrical circuit is likely to break if you lock the Ignition switch

It affects the performance and working of the stereo, headlights, and many other car components. 

Is There A Possibility Of Driving A Jeep Wrangler Without Keys?

You can drive the Jeep Wrangler without the key or the Key Fob. 

However, removing the key fob will result in your car constantly indicating that the key is removed. 

Your vehicle may start beeping, and the ignition might stop working. 

At Last, Driving A Cherokee Jeep Without A Key

The Cherokee Jeep or the Jeep wrangler could efficiently operate without a key. 

If you have lost your car keys or your key fob’s battery is not working, you can quickly start your ignition. 

The newly launched car’s advanced feature lets you drive the car without a key. So if the question is, how can you start a jeep Cherokee without a key?

You can do it by placing the head of the key fob on the ignition. Push the key fob on the start button, your ignition will start, and you will quickly drive your car without a key. 

The keyless car driving has an extraordinary feature to enable you to move without worrying about the key.


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