How to Start a Motorcycle Club: Step By Step

Are you passionate about riding motorcycles and want to know how to start a motorcycle club? Then, this write-up is going to be a great help to you. 

Motorcycle clubs are superb platforms to connect with people who have a great passion for bike rides and love to make adventurous and energetic group journeys frequently. These also work as a learning session for new bikers as well. 

But starting a motorcycle club and operating it efficiently while competing with other well-established clubs is not an easy task to do. However, it’s not impossible as well. All you have to do is be determined, dedicated to your dream, and have a bit of knowledge about that.

To meet needs for knowledge, we have provided an all-going direction to start a motorcycle club in the following part. Let’s check out that with great care. 

How to start a motorcycle club

To start a motorcycle club requires several stages to be overcome. So, it’s prudence enough to know about them at first before you enter into the main course. 

 Here you go to the guidelines of how to start a motorcycle club. Take a look over them to be clear of it. 

  1. Decide on the type of motorcycle club
  2. Create Your Brand 
  3. Write up a Mission Statement
  4. Recruit New Members
  5. Appointment of Officials
  6. Complete the Registration of Your Club
  7. Manage Your Club Properly

1. Decide on the type of motorcycle club

To start a motorcycle club, the first thing you have to do, to define why you want to start on your own. In fact, without having a valid reason, you won’t be able to start a real motorcycle club. Moreover, a predefined objective will help you to select the type of motorcycle club you should go for. 

Here is a thing to keep in mind that motorcycle clubs are categorized into two broad categories, namely: 

  • Riding Club, & 
  • Motorcycle Club. 

Let’s get a deep insight into these categories so that you can easily pick your desired one. 

Riding Club: This is a simple and easy-to-form group of friends and acquaintances who love to ride motorcycles, develop skills on it, and discuss this topic with great interest.

The members of this club usually meet together to interact, share thoughts, and organize regular bike rides to adventurous long bike journeys.  

In most cases, the owners of the same motorcycle brands get together to form riding clubs. Honda Goldwing riders’ clubs, BMW riders club, Harley Davidson riding clubs, etc. are some of them. Besides, this club is pretty welcoming towards guests and riders not having the same brand of motorcycles. 

Again,  looking over its formation process, you will find that it’s very easy to form. No official approach needs to be followed. However, if you feel free, you can surely establish chapter bylaws and elect officers. So, you can go to this type of club, if you want to avoid the formalities. 

Motorcycle Club: Motorcycle Club, also known as MC, is something different from the regular riding clubs. Here all the riders must wear the club vests to differentiate themselves from others. The vests contain 3-piece patches on the back. 

  • The top one features the MC name. 
  • The middle one has the club’s logo. 
  • Lastly, you’ll get the locality/state/ city name where the club exists. 

However, you have to go along with an official approach to form this club. First, you have to contact the most dominant MC of the area where you want to establish your one. Else, you can get in touch with the Confederation of Clubs (COC). It’s a national club that maintains cooperation and interaction between different MCs. Then, you have to explain the reason for your new MC. If they find it logical, they will permit you to start your club and show you the residual steps to follow. 

So, if you want to start a real MC following all the motorcycle club rules and regulations, it would be the most appropriate option for you. 

2. Create Your Brand 

Name and logo are important elements to create brand image either a profit-oriented organization or a non-profit concern. When you are about to start a motorcycle club in an area where already a lot of clubs exist, you must be prudent enough while selecting the name and logo of your club. 

However, you must select a name that’s compatible with the philosophy or purpose of your club. This will make it easier for people to get an idea of ​​your club. You can even add up your town, city, county, or territory with your club’s name so that people can get its location or differentiate it from other clubs having similar names. 

Don’t catch a name that sounds intimating, offensive, or violent. Otherwise, you may meet penalties by the law enforcement as well as have a bad reputation. Likewise, the name, the club’s logo also helps to enrich its reputation. It actually represents the objective of the club by graphical designs. 

You should hire a professional to design a high-quality logo for your club. However, if you are skillful enough to do it on your own, that will also go applause. Be mindful that you are going to use it on everything launched by your club like clothes, newsletters, riding gear, business cards, etc. 

3. Write up a Mission Statement 

After the selection name and logo, the next thing you have to do is write a clear and concise mission statement. It’s a highly sensitive job because it will communicate the scope and purpose of your club to others as well as differentiate it from existing clubs. Besides, it can assist in solidifying your club’s vision. So, you must give your highest attention to make a  perfect mission statement. 

However, writing a mission statement is not so tough. If you are highly dedicated, then you can easily make an effective mission statement for your club without any sophistication in managerial concepts. You can even go for a key phrase or word like a brotherhood, recreation, community service, etc. if you have less time at hand. 

4.  Recruit New Members 

At this point, you will need to add new members to your club. There are a lot of sources available for this recruitment process. 

Friends & Family: Within your friend groups or in the family, you might have somebody who loves riding on motorcycles. If you tell them, they might be enthusiastic to join such a big community. Besides, you won’t have to face much hassle of recruiting as you already know them well. So, it would be a vetting free recruiting source that you surely count at first. 

Open Invitation for Members: You can get countless good enthusiasts by calling for an open application for member recruitment. However, you can notify this news to mass people by posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You can even print leaflets and distribute them in the areas where bikers visit frequently like rest shops, racetracks, motorcycle retailers, repair shops, and bars. Putting signboards or posters on the wall may also work for it. 

While recruiting, make sure that you have chosen someone who attains the age required by the state. Don’t select anyone who has lost the legal age range to operate bikes on public roads.


5. Appointment of Officials

This step is applicable for those riding clubs and all MCs who want to shape an official pattern for their club. By doing so, you will actually create a hierarchy of delegated officials in your club. 

According to the motorcycle club rules and regulations, the officials must have in the committee of a motorcycle club include: 

  • President. 
  • Vice President 
  • Secretary.
  • Treasurer.
  • Road captain: assigned to lead the group runs.
  • Enforcer: compel all members to follow the club’s bylaws. 

If you feel the need for more officials, then you can definitely go for that. However, after creating this hierarchy, make sure to arrange a welcome meeting to help the members enjoy a comfortable visit. 

6. Complete the Registration of Your Club

It’s a step to follow by MCs that need to have a legal existence. However, before registration, you will have to do some paperwork. 

The documents needed to complete the registration process include: 

  • Write up of the club’s purpose. 
  • Mission Statement. 
  • A list of member’s names and titles. 

With all these papers, submit your registration proposal to the relevant government authority. Consider registering as a non-profit concern so that you can get liability insurance, sales tax exemption, solicitation licenses, and other legal benefits. 

7. Manage Your Club Properly

Now, you have a motorcycle club that you have to run according to by using your managerial expertise. 

At first, connect with the people around your area or state and try to include them in your club to build a larger community. 

Also, arrange the sponsors who will make up the resources of your club. To keep up the spirit of riders and build brand image, regularly organize events like exhibition races, donation-based raffles, food and toy drives, etc. 

Final Words

You just went through complete guidance on how to start a motorcycle club. So, you can now confidently form a club following the directions. 

However, before getting this cycle, you should first launch a research secession where you will decide some key factors based on your research findings. In this whole process, your critical thinking, decision-making ability, communication skills will help you a lot to build up a strong community. 

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