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R1 Concepts VS. Powerstop- The Ultimate Guide To Brakes In 2022!

R1 Concepts VS. Powerstop- The Ultimate Guide To Brakes In 2022!

Vehicles are a necessary part of our everyday life. No matter where we go, we will ride cars, trains, or public buses to reach our final destination. An ideal brake is the best formula for safety in riding a vehicle.

So which is superior between r1 concepts and Powerstop? These braking systems have a decent brake rotor and brake pad like hawk pads. However, r1 concepts brakes tend to be rough at the initial braking point, whereas Powerstops are smooth in their task.

Are you thinking about installing Powerstop brakes in your car already? Well, don’t count your marbles so soon. Scroll down and keep reading patiently. Only then will you be able to decide wisely. 

R1 Concepts Vs. Powerstop – Comparison Table

R1 Concepts Powerstop
They manufacture drilled and blank rotors Most of their models are slotted and vented rotors.
They make both blank and smooth rotor types. They also make both blank and smooth rotor types.
Although they can be upgraded, they cannot be used as a replacement for other cars. It can be upgraded or used as a replacement for other cars.
The brand uses diamond slot technology for off-roading, towing, or rallying. They make use of G3000-rated metallurgy
Has a small motor fan for airflow. It has many ventilation spaces so that hot air can flow smoothly.
It promotes speed and maneuverability It promotes greater and more comfortable braking.

Key Differences Between Powerstop Vs. R1 Concepts

Now that we are done with the comparison table, it is time to delve deeper into the matter. Below we have compiled several factors that contribute to the individuality of the two brands. The key differences are as follows:


Ventilation is one of the most critical factors considering the percentage efficiency a vehicle motor can produce. R1 rotors do not make use of vents. 

Instead, they have a motor fan that reduces the amount of heat that can accumulate internally. An example would be the rock auto that uses a ceramic pad alternative to drilled holes.

On the other hand, Powerstop has a lot of vents or ventilation spaces in their brake settings that automatically get rid of the collecting hot air. Since the hot air flows through the vents, the engine will produce high-efficiency energy when operating the rear rotor.


When it comes to compatibility, you should know that several vehicles both these brakes are compatible with, and several are not. If you are unsure about the compatibility of a specific brake model with your car, you can contact the manufacturer for advice.

While power stop rotors are not compatible with some cars, you should know that you can still use the brake to replace those incompatible cars temporarily. However, this is only a temporary setup. An example is the OEM Rotors and OE Rotors that use brake or low dust.

R1 concepts cannot be used for cars other than those made for. They can only be installed and used in vehicles compatible with them. 


The design or architecture of the motor is an essential aspect of a brake. Most brakes are either drilled and slotted or blank and smooth. The brake design will determine how efficiently the engine will stop when the driver applies the brake. 

R1 concept brakes are designed with both drilled and slotted rotors. Both these archetypes are excellent in their task. Drilled brake rotors can be recognized by their iconic drills, while slotted motors have various slots on the surface. Powerstop, on the other hand, has either solid or vented rotors. 

Powerstop rear brakes are designed to eliminate noise from spirited driving through the new brake pads on the rotor surface.

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An Overview On R1 Concepts

It is not an exaggeration to say that R1 concepts are one of the world’s most beloved brands of braking systems globally. They have been at the top of the industry for more than 15 years with an unbreakable reputation. 

The company was founded in 1930 in Los Angeles, USA. Since then, R1 concepts have been developed into what you can call the representative of the vehicle accessory industry.

If we talk about R1 brakes, there isn’t enough data available to the public regarding their manufacturing methods. This is to protect the company’s secrets from rival brands. 

We know that the manufacturers from R1 use computer-aided programs and statistics to find the faults in older models before going for the ideal route in designing the new brake models that will produce enough stopping power even if there are blanks in the new rotor. 


  • They are designed either with blank rotors or smooth rotors. 
  • Small drills are installed on top of the surface of the rotor in a cross-track. 
  • Many brake systems have a combination of drills and slots. 
  • Many of them feature a small fan to remove the hot air from the motor.
  • The diamond slot technology ensures that the automobile where the car is built will run on all terrain. 
  • They have the perfect amount of padding that gives the driver excellent braking performance in similar threads to applying force on the wheel.
  • The brakes can be customized and even upgraded as per your preference.

R1 Concepts Brakes

If you would prefer to buy R1 Concepts brakes, there are several series that you would find available. Below we have compiled some of the more famous R1 concept brakes that you could find helpful if you decide to buy them. 

R1 Concepts eLine Premier series

There is a reason for premier in the name of this brake series. This series has one of the costlier brakes made by the entire brand. 

The greatest attraction behind this series is that the brakes are made from anti-rust silver materials and a special electro-zinc coating. This reduces any chance of the driver getting shocked when in contact with the car.

R1 Concepts eLine Silver Series

This is one of the most popular and affordable lines in the franchise. If you install this in your car, the brakes are guaranteed to last very long. They are pretty flexible and durable, allowing long-term usage without any problem.

Silver’s production’s goal was to form reliable brakes with the highest possible quality while being affordable to the masses.

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An Overview On Powerstop

If any other brands could think about competing with R1 concepts, then Powerstop fits right into the bill. 

While the brand is not as old as R1 concepts, it has been in the industry for several years and has risen to its current position at an exponential rate. Powerstop has built up its reputation on various vehicle accessories. Their top-class braking, motors, and similar minuscule accessories have high demand globally. 

The greatest thing about Powerstop brakes is that the manufacturer offers buyers the to customize their own set before buying it. As a result, it has little to offer for every driver, whether expensive or cheap. 


  • Most of their models are designed with either solid or vented rotors. 
  • The vented brakes have many vents on their surface to quickly get rid of the hot air produced. 
  • The motors can be customized and upgraded later by the driver’s preference. 
  • It is specifically ideal for riding on hilly terrains. 
  • The brakes have many ventilation spaces, so the hot air or gas can flow smoothly.
  • It can be used as a temporary replacement in any vehicle even if the compatibility doesn’t match. 
  • The brakes are plated with silver to help decrease the friction the user needs to get through to apply the brakes. 

Powerstop Brakes

Unlike R3, almost all powerstop brakes are cheap and affordable to everyone. That’sThat’s why if you’re thinking of installing a powerstop brake in your car- it could be a wise decision while on a budget. 

Below, we have compiled some of the more famous powerstop brake series that might be able to fit your demands. 

Powerstop Autospecialty OE Brake For Daily Driver

This is the most common powerstop brake because of how inexpensive and easy to install it. If you have no experience with brakes or vehicle parts and buy this car brake, you will instantly be convinced to trust this brand. 

These brakes have been manufactured with a G300 grade rated casing that makes them highly durable and slightly elastic to withstand high-stress values without snapping. The brake comes in a kit with every tool and extra equipment you might need to install. 

Powerstop Evolution Sport Brake 

While this brake kit is also cheap, it has one of the best performances among any brakes in the same criteria. Interestingly, many NASCAR cars use this braking system in their automobiles. 

The brake rotors have been designed with sophisticated techniques that bring about the best potential you can get from the car. Additionally, it is built to last for a long time while ensuring that the amount of output it can give remains the same. 

Is It Important To Use Performance Brakes For All Vehicles?

Performance brakes are crucial because they are the reason you can drive your car across a hill or a terrain with no specks of flatland. 

Performance brakes also allow the car to stop in the middle of the slippery road or uneven terrain to avoid slipping out of its original course. 

In a nutshell, performance brakes use Newton’s first law to stop the vehicle from its original state of inertia by providing an external force when the brakes are pressed. As a result, performance brakes are one of the most significant constituents in a vehicle’s safety measure.

How To Choose A Braking System?  

The Braking rotor and its design are the essential aspects you must consider when buying the ideal brake for your car. Below, we have compiled some of the significant rotor types and their designs.

Drilled Rotor: This refers to the rotors with drilled vents all along their metallic surface. The hot air escapes the machine from these vents. 

Slotted Rotor: This works in the same way as drilled rotors. However, the vents’ gaps are more prominent and look like slots. 

Diamond Slotted Rotors:  This is a variant of the slotted rotor. However, instead of regular circular slots, diamond-shaped slots are used. 

Blank Slotted Rotors: There are no vents on this type of rotor. Instead, there is a little fan that gets rid of the heat. 

Eline Brakes VS. Power Stop: What’s Their Main Difference?

Before deciding, you should know a few key differences between Eline brakes and Power Stop brakes.

  • Eline brakes are designed for track use, while Power Stop brakes are made for the street.
  • Power Stop brakes offer less stopping power than Eline brakes.
  • Eline brakes typically cost more than Power Stop brakes.
  • Power Stop brakes are easier to install than Eline brakes.

Which brake system is right for you? If you want the best performance, go with Eline brakes. If you’re looking for an easier installation and a more economical option, Power Stop brakes might be the way to go.

People May Also Ask About R1 Concepts Brakes Vs. Powerstop

What Type Of Rotors Are Cheap And Ideal For Driving Cars In A Regular Street?

Drilled rotors are one of the most standard rotors used inside brakes. Due to their efficiency in getting the job done, they will give the ideal street performance. Additionally, they aren’t very complicated to make and so are inexpensive.

What Category Do Powerstop Brakes Fall In?

While powerstop does manufacture reeks for all terrains, they aren’t all-terrain breaks. These are performance breaks that help increase friction between the tire and street when required. 

Do Powerstop Brakes have A Lifetime Warranty?

No, powerstop brakes do not come with a lifetime warranty. If you find a brake with a lifetime warranty, understand that it is probably a fake product made by rival companies. 

Do R1 Concepts have A Lifetime Warranty?

While they don’t have a lifetime warranty, R1 Concepts have a Warranty that stretches over several years. Therefore it is a limited-time warranty. 

How Long Does A Powerstop Brake Last?

The time your powerstop brake will last depends on the mileage your car has covered with the pair of brakes. This is usually between 50,000 to 70,000 miles. However, you are still advised to check your brakes every three years. 


If we pick between r1 concepts & powerstop, our money would be on powerstop. It packs quite a deal for value while being on a budget. Of course, you might also have your own opinion based on your preferences. You are more than welcome to share it!   


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