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Ranch Hand Bumper VS Deer: A Protection For Vehicles & Lives 

Ranch Hand Bumper VS Deer: A Protection For Vehicles & Lives 

If you live or drive near countryside roads, a deer strike is a common incident for you. 

Nowadays, most companies provide a factory bumper to support such incidents. But due to being fragile, most car owners lean towards total bumper replacement. 

Do you think Ranch Hand bumpers can provide you enough safety or not? Well, in this Ranch Hand bumper VS deer situation, with solid steel tubing, custom fit, diamond plate steel, heavy finish, and 15% of the average deer strike insurance claim it gives enough safety.

According to the State Farm insurance company, they faced over 2 million animal collision insurance cases in 2021. In this article, we will explore the features of the Ranch Hand bumper. Let’s see how much protection it offers. 

Specification Of Ranch Hand Bumpers

Ranch Hand is famous for its heavy-duty bumper line. The brand offers front and rear bumpers with solid build-up. Also, they offer custom fits for Ford, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, Jeep, RAM, Dodge, and many more. 

We will see the specifications of Ranch Hand’s most effective front and back legend bumpers. You can check out the Ranch Hand Legend front bumper and back bumper on Amazon. 

Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper 

Material The primary body is made of master-crafted diamond plate steel
Coating Black powder coating ensures the resistance to corrosion & rust 
Balance Synchronize and works perfectly with fog lights and tow hooks
Fit The custom fits are suitable for the vehicles’ factory features
Guard Allows premium protection with 12 gauge tubing grill guard 
Finishing Hammertone finish and bolt-on receiver finish are available
Winch Offers a 2” receiver to fit the winch or trailer of the vehicle
Design  Provides defense to the vehicle with 4” schedule 40 pipes
Weight The average weight is from 200 to 260 pounds 
Performance  Improves driving stability and towing capacity 
Service Made in the USA with a 1-year warranty policy

Ranch Hand Legend Rear Bumper 

  • Made of diamond step skirts and plates
  • Comes with auxiliary LED lights 
  • Used schedule thirsty/forty pipes
  • Passed in the V-5 test 
  • Necessary mounting brackets included
  • Offers most model compatible sensor 
  • Black powder-coated 
  • Corrosion and rust resistance 
  • Easy fit and vibration-free
  • Welded one-piece design 

Ranch Hand Bumper VS Deer; Is It Capable Enough? 

Ranch Hand claims that their grille guards reduce the damages that may cause by an animal strike. They also claim that depending on speed and drivers’ skills, the life of deers can be saved. 

Let’s see what the components they offer that can save animal life, human life, and truck damage are. 

Compatible Materials

Ranch Hand uses diamond palate steel and skirts as their primary material. This material makes the bumper or guard grill strong to offer extra protection for the truck. Even it can defend a heavy animal like moose.

Robust Design

Design is the main strength of this Ranch Hand grille guard. Its 12 gauge tubing grill guard prevents any significant damage. The grills are well-welded too. 

The tubing system makes the grill round and polished. So, in a deer strike, the deer do not face any sharp edges when they hit the bumper. It can reduce injury. 

Also, the Ranch Hand grill guard uses 4″ schedule 40 pipes. This form gives the grill guard a rugged look. Besides, the pipes help the structure cover most of the possible hitting area.

Perfect Fit

Fitting is essential for any vehicle bumper. When it comes to deer guard bumper, the necessity increases. Ranch Hand bumper strictly provides this service. 

They offer custom fitting for your car or truck model. For example, Ranch Hand FBF921BLR Legend Front Bumper can fit in 92-96 F350/F250/F150/BRONCO.

Nevertheless, the Ranch Hand follows your car or truck’s factory design or structures so that they can match the bumper effortlessly with the vehicle’s model.

Maximum Coverage

This is also an outstanding feature of Ranch Hand bumpers. They cover the possible hitting area of your truck as much as possible.

The brush guard provides a 2″ receiver to fit the winch or trailer of the truck. The height and width depend on the vehicle’s model. But they are enough to cover the whole bumper front. 

Your truck’s headlight and fog lights are also get covered by it. This coverage not only reduces damage but also saves lives. The bull bar of the bumper setup is helpful too.

Sometimes, the tow hook becomes the cause of the deer’s death. Even when you are on low speed, the hook can strike the animal’s body. By covering your tow hook, the Ranch Hand bumper lessens the possibility. 

Smooth Finishing

The finishing that Ranch Hand offers is praiseworthy. The black powder coating ensures corrosion resistance as well as rust resistance. 

When a deer strike happens, it may not damage but will be dirty for sure. You do not have to worry about dirt ruining your bumper because it is easy to clean and dirt resistant.

You can choose between Hammertone finish and bolt-on receiver finish. Both finishing has features to make the bumper last long. 

Enhance Overall Performance

Besides imparting security to you and your truck, this bumper improves overall truck performance. Developing towing capacity is one of them.

However, it distributes its weight very well. The bumper is heavy enough to prevent damage. At the same time, it is light enough to balance break and turning.

If you add both front and back bumper, they will complement each other. Additionally, the installation will develop the car’s stability and suspension system.

Why Should You Go For A Full Replacement?

You may think the whole bumper set is too bulky and heavy. But Ranch Hand bumper full replacement delivers maximum added protection possible. 

The grill guard, brush guard, and stock bumper offer you some specific facilities. But when you go for a full replacement bumper, it gives you maximum security in case of Ranch Hand bumper VS deer. 

A brush guard works as a shield against any brush collision on a rough road. Grille guard preserves the very frond end of the truck. So, nothing will happen if a small deer hits.

Ranch Hand full replacement allows you to use the benefits and purpose of all the bumper guard pieces together. Therefore the whole setup can be able to avoid a significant collision. 

See the statistics of the Insurance Information Institute regarding collision numbers in different states. You will feel why we are recommending a full bumper replacement. 

Extra Steps You Can Take To Avoid Deer Strikes 

Ranch Hand bumper full replacement may give you first-hand protection, but it is not 100%. It would be helpful if you adopt some further measurements. Consequently, the steps will save innocent lives.

  • The deer strikes happen mainly from October to December, during their mating time. Keep the season in mind and be aware of it. 
  • Slow down around 6 pm and 9 pm. These are the hours the animals remain mostly active.
  • Keep conscious of the area you are crossing. Try to clearly notice the deer crossing sign when you are in a wooden area. 
  • If you see any deer standing on the roadside, slow down. If you have time, you can pause or stop driving. They may understand the signal and cross the road. 
  • Try not to swerve. Serving to avoid an animal can put you at a higher risk of collision. Clutching break is better than swerving
  • Deer used to roam with their group. So, if you see one running or crossing, you should expect there is more of them
  • Some people use an aftermarket bumper whistle. It can not offer you safety because animal nature is unpredictable.

Even then, if you hit an animal, side your car safely and call the police or animal control. For insurance formality, take pictures of the scene, and do not forget to wear seatbelts. 

People Often Ask

Are Brush Guards And Grille Guards The Same?

Due to their similar purpose, people think brush and grille guards are the same things. But, a grille guard is specially designed for grille protection and a brush guard for headlight protection.

Are Road Armor Bumpers Good?

Road Armor bumpers are very popular in Aftermarket bumpers. They have an excellent look, and their performance is satisfying too. They offer vital service and protection against damage. 

Are Ranch Hand Bumpers Universal?

Ranch Hand grille guards and bumpers are not universal. They are designed and engineered for specific trucks or cars to fit. For example, if the bumper model is made for Ford, it will only fit Ford models.

Do Grill Guards Affect Gas Mileage?

MVT has run some tests on the design and performance of some grille guard models. According to them, there is little to no possibility that a grill guard has any negative impact on fuel economy. 

How Heavy Is A Ranch Hand Bumper?

The weight of a Ranch Hand Bumper depends on its manufactured model. On average, a Ranch Hand bumper made of alloy steel can be 298 pounds. 

Ultimate Protection Against Deer Strike Or Not?

Obviously, the Ranch Hand bumper or its legend grille guard serves a satisfactory performance against deer strike damage. Hence, if you desire more security, you should follow more precautions regarding your driving. 

The bumper serves you as first-hand security in Ranch Hand bumper VS deer game. Its sturdy yet polished materials, well-built design, large coverage area, and custom fit have made it more powerful. 

We will recommend that you should not put your hundred percent faith in the bumper. It may prevent damage to your truck, but you need to think about the animal too. Try to be a skilled and concerned driver. 


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