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Rancho Quick Lift Vs. Bilstein 5100 - Which One To Choose?

Rancho Quick Lift Vs. Bilstein 5100 – Which One To Choose?

Shocks determine your ride quality and performance of the vehicle to an extent. Therefore, you should be very wise while choosing the right shock for your off-road driving. Two popular choices that roam around are Bilstein vs Rancho.

So, in the talk of Rancho quick lift vs Bilstein 5100; The comparison of Rancho quick lift RS5000X and Bilstein 5100 shows both offer good performance. Rancho has easy installation and availability but a high cost. You will get more quality at less cost from Bilstein but less availability. 

However, there are many other things to know about these two shocks to comprehend which one is best. Let’s dive into it to know which one is in your favor! 

Rancho Quick Lift Vs Bilstein 5100

Feature  Rancho Quick Lift

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Bilstein 5100

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Performance Not That Good For Bumpy, Salted Roads  Good Riding Performance In Extreme Roads 
Ride Quality Average  Good 
Body Material Steel Steel
Shock Design Monotube, Twin Tube Monotube
Finish Zinc, Painted Zinc
Installation  Easy Tough
Added Height  About 2 Inches About 3 Inches
Riding Ability  Average Off-Road Driving Ability  Good Off-Road Driving Ability 
PSI Number  Approximately 150 PSI Approximately 200 PSI
Durability 50-100k Miles 60-80k Miles 
Manufacturer  Mexico, Asian Countries Germany, Us
Pricing Less Cost-Effective  More Cost-Effective 
Best Suggested Product  Rancho Quicklift Struts + Rear Rs5000x Gas Shocks Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set

Shocks support stabilizing the vehicle’s movements while riding off-road and offering you better control over the vehicle. So now, we will dissect all the differentiation between today’s two picks. 


Though both are meant for off-road driving, Bilstein gets an upvote here. Rancho quick lift lacks performance in off-road driving, but Bilstein stands out for it even in extreme conditions. 

Ride Quality: 

The ride quality is reasonably equivalent in both shocks. Yet we prefer to say Bilstein is superior because of the better off-road driving performance. 

Body Material: 

Both the shocks are built with steel. These are very durable and work very well to improve the overall ride quality. 

Shock Design: 

You will get both monotube and twin-tube designs from Rancho, whereas Bilstein 5100 only offers a monotube. However, as the quick lift has many models, the choice preference of your perfect shock design relies on you, which is a good thing.


Different quick lift models have Zinc and painted finish, whereas Bilstein has a Zinc finish. So, in this case, Rancho can offer you more versatility. 


Rancho shocks are known for easy installation that takes very little time. But Bilstein monotube shock can be quite hard to install. 

Added Height: 

The added height is approximately 2 inches in Rancho quick lift. But Bilstein adds at least 3 inches to the vehicle, which is impressive. You won’t need any leveling kit if you install Bilstein. 

PSI Number: 

Both the shocks are beneath a high-pressure nitrogen gas charge. With a higher PSI, you will get a firmer ride. Rancho quick lifts have roughly 150 PSI, and Bilsteins offer 200 PSI. So the ride can be firmer with Bilstein 5100. 


You will get 50-100k miles from your Rancho monotube shock and 60-80k miles from the Bilstein. So clearly, Rancho is the winner in terms of durability. 


Rancho shocks are usually manufactured in Mexico or a few Asian countries. On the contrary, Bilstein is made in Germany and the US.


In terms of cost, Bilstein is a savior. These are super affordable. But Rancho quick lift shocks are twice as expensive as Bilstein. 

Rancho Vs Bilstein Shock Absorber: Our Experience 

We have used both Rancho quick lift and Bilstein. So far, though the differences are negotiable, there still are differences. 

We got ease of installation from the Ranchos. Whereby Bilsteins were a little bit hard to install if you are not a professional. 

Another point that we want to mention is, Bilsteins were quite hard to find. So when it comes to availability, Rancho can ease your trouble. 

Though Rancho quick lift RS5000X and Bilstein 5100 are direct competitors, Rancho came right after Bilstein made it advanced in some features. 

However, since Bilsteins have been widely known and available for a long time, these are pretty popular. They offer good quality at a reasonable price. On the other hand, Ranchos are more costly. 

When we used both the shocks in our vehicle, the height difference was noticeable. Rancho barely added 2 inches, whereas Bilstein added approximately 3 inches to the vehicle. 

And lastly, when it comes to durability, Rancho can go for a few extra miles than Bilstein. So if that’s a concern to you, you might want to pick a quick lift instead of Bilstein 5100.

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Rancho Quick Lift Vs Bilstein Shock Absorber – The Best Choices For You

We have found two of the best products that we mentioned above. Let’s see what these two offers at a glimpse: 

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set

Key features: 

  • You will get fantastic performance and durability as it is monotube gas charged 
  • Moreover, it provides reduced road shock and enhanced handling even during heavy towing 
  • Also, you will get extra miles longevity from its good quality built
  • Besides, the added height is worth what you pay for; it lifts the vehicle for good

Rancho Quicklift Struts + Rear RS5000X Gas Shocks

Key features: 

  • When you want both performance and appearance at the same place, this is the one
  • Also, the large 18mm Nitro Carb rod is very sturdy and offers durability 
  • Alongside it is nitrogen gas-charged, so the best shock performance is guaranteed 
  • Lastly, the liquid matte finish is quite long-lasting so that it won’t require any touch-ups 

Which Shock Is Better, Bilstein Or Rancho?

In our opinion, if we look at the cost range and compare the specifications, Bilstein stands out more than Rancho. Whereas Rancho rear shock offers good longevity, in other perspectives, Bilstein still rules. People usually use these rear shocks for better off-road driving, so Bilstein serves that purpose too well. 

Follow Up With More Comparisons:

Rancho Quick Lift Vs Fox 2.0

Feature  Rancho Quick Lift Fox 2.0
Performance Not That Good For Rough, Uneven Roads  Good Riding Performance In Aggressive Obstructions, Flat Landings, Or Bumpy Roads
Ride Quality Average  Better 
Body Material Steel Steel 
Shock Design Monotube, Twin Tube Monotube
Added Height  About 2 Inches Nearly 2 Inches
High-Speed Damping Average  More Promising
Pricing More Cost-Effective  Less Cost-Effective 

Bilstein 5100 Vs Rancho Rs9000XL

Feature  Rancho Rs9000XL Bilstein 5100
Performance Not That Good For Rough, Uneven Roads  Suitable Riding Performance In Extreme Roads
Ride Quality Good For On And Off-Road Trucks, Suvs And Jeeps Good For  Lifted Trucks And Suvs.
Body Material Steel Aluminum
Finish  Metallic Finish Zinc
Rod Size  18mm 14mm
Adjustability  9 Position Adjustable Setting Ride Height Adjustable Setting

More To Explore:

How Much Lift Do You Get From Bilstein 5100?

You will get up to 3 inches lift from Bilstein 5100. The lift is quite impressive, and many shocks do not give such a high height lift. The lifting impacts a lot on the overall riding performance. 

Can I Lift My Truck With Bilstein 5100?

Yes, you can. You can lift the truck up to 3 inches using Bilstein 5100. It improves off-road driving ability and handles the vehicle’s overall performance better. 

How Many Miles Do Rancho Shocks Last?

Rancho shocks can accompany you for 50-100k miles. This is great because longevity is rare in most popular brands. Also, Bilstein does not offer such longevity. So if you want durability from the shocks, Rancho is a good option. 

Are Rancho Shocks Good For Towing?

An Adjustable shock can impact the towing. As Rancho shocks are adjustable, these offer excellent towing capability. You can load heavy goods using these shocks.

Are Bilstein 5100 Good For Off-Road?

Yes, Bilstein 5100 is an incredible choice for off-road drivers. They even beat Rancho in this case. The better ride handling, firmer ride, control, performance, and durability favors off-road drivers. You can be utterly satisfied if you choose Bilstein for your off-road vehicle. 

Rancho Quick Lift Or Bilstein 5100? Now The Choice Is Yours!

We have given detailed information for both Rancho quick lift vs Bilstein 5100. These two are direct competitors, with very few differences. So it might be tricky to pick any one of these.

From our experience, we can say that, if you consider every aspect, Bilstein can be a good choice for you. However, it still depends on your preference. Rancho has some advanced features as a comparatively new shock that will benefit you with a better ride in many ways.

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