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Should I Disable AFM– Complete Guide

Should I Disable AFM– Complete Guide

The Active Fuel Management System is the latest GM technology that aims to give better fuel economy. 

The AFM works by converting the V8 cylinders of your engine to V4 cylinders. It saves fuel by deactivating nearly half of your vehicle’s cylinder. 

If the AFM system saves fuel, why should I disable AFM? 

When you disable the AFM you can prevent your engine and lifters from damage and maintain your V8 engine in its real performance.

In this article, you will get a clear picture and all the necessary information that will help you decide whether to disable the AFM or not.

What Is The Goal Of Active Fuel Management? 

The Active Fuel Management System (AFMS), also known as the Cylinder Deactivation System, halts the cylinder and saves fuel. 

The main goal of the AFM system is to improve the gas mileage of your Vortec motor engine by stopping nearly half of the cylinders when you are driving under fewer weight conditions. 

The number of cylinders is directly proportional to the fuel. The more working cylinders mean more would be the fuel consumption.

Should I Disable AFM

Should I Disable AFM (Active Fuel Management)?

The AFM or active fuel management is about saving fuel and making your vehicle fuel-efficient. 

The AFM is a V8 GM vehicle or Chevy Silverado range technology for enhancing your vehicle’s gas mileage. 

AFM operates by halting half of the cylinders of the engine on particular occasions to lower fuel usage. 

It gives better fuel economy by shifting your to V4 from V8. However, the question is, if the AFM saves energy, then why should you delete it? 

Although the purpose of AFM was to give better gas mileage and performance. As opposed to that, the AFM causes excessive oil consumption, lifter failure, and various other problems to the Vortec motor engines. Therefore, it is better to disable the AFM system, if you want to avoid serious engine problems. 

Unfortunately, it may cause many problems for the Vortec motor engine. 

Most of the Vortec engines undergo excessive oil consumption, lifter tick collapsing, engine damage, and oil vitality issues.

Vortec Engines 

As reported by many Vortec owners, the extreme oil consumption induced by AFM and insufficient oil monitoring methods have resulted in disastrous engine failure. 

Also, the lifter damage could be the outcome of the Active Fuel Management. Although repairing a lifter is not very expensive.

Thus, deleting or disabling AFM could prevent engine damage, lifter failure, and other issues. You can check out the video to know more.

The Working Of Active Fuel Management

Now let us look at how Active Fuel Management typically works? It works. Most Gen IV Vortec engine blocks consist of oil paths and AFM towers. 

A valley covering the cylinder’s lid is known as LOMA or the AFM Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly. On the other hand, the Non-AFM has a flat lid valley covering, and it does not use oil paths and the towers as well.

AFM automobiles are generally equipped with specific AFM components such as oil pressure contributors, oil pan, solenoids lid valley covering, and connectors. 

The AFM engines are distinct and have a tall valve lifter oil manifold in cylinders 1, 4, 6, and the 7th cylinder. The AFM cylinders also have holes for the oil, and they also close down when the AFM is started. 

Engine Load

In case of low engine load, the factory ECU conveys the message to the valley cover, which in turn leads to the solenoids when the AFM is activated. 

The plunger is closed through the pushrods to keep the intake and exhaust pressure relief valve sealed due to oil flowing through the oil holes.

As the engine load increases, the solenoid valley lid stops the oil load and increases the valley cover solenoids close, missing oil from the valve lifters.  

All the cylinders re-engage as the remaining oil burning in the lifters starts to channel out. 

Thus, it is important to know the working of Active Fuel Management before deleting it.


Achieving The Performance Rise 

If you want to drive your vehicle at the highest speed? It is impossible to do so while the AFM is activated as AFM stops half of your vehicle’s cylinder mode. 

It also means that your car may not speed much with the remaining half of your working cylinder. 

Therefore, if you are someone who loves speeding, disabling AFM is a better option for you.

If you wish to achieve the highest performance, bringing the V8 cylinders back to their natural speed is vital, and you should disable the AFM.

The Exhaust Sound 

For many people, the perfect exhaust sound is necessary. And if you have an AFM system enabled in your vehicle, you may not get the ideal exhaust sound.

Additionally, installing a louder aftermarket exhaust like EVIL ENERGY 2″ with an AFM mode will work just like a typical exhaust sound. 

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Thus, you would not get the exhaust note in the higher tone that you want. Therefore, if you wish to hear the louder exhaust sound, you need to disable Active Fuel Management.

The Better MPG Level 

In many cases, the AFM is responsible for bringing Miles Per Gallon to a lower level. If you want the MPG at a better grade, it is essential to disable the AFM. Should I disable AFM for a better MPG level?

The AFM works by reducing fuel consumption and stopping half of the cylinders. It saves fuel from the deactivated cylinders. 

For better fuel economy in AFM mode, you should disable AFM as the vehicle gets a low MPG. However, the MPG variations may also vary in car and truck models. But without AFM mode, the MPG will be at a better level.

What Are The Symptoms Of AFM Lifter Failure?

The AFM lifter’s failure could be abysmal for your engine. Hence it is vital to repair the lifter as soon as they fail. The most common symptoms of the AFM lifter failure are:

  • The problem in downshifting could be due to the AFM lifter failure.
  • The AFM engine ceases to perform at the maximum power.
  • The AFM lifter failure may cause the vehicle to jerk while speeding.
  • If your vehicle does not speed up, it could be due to the AFM failure.
  • If your car engine is abruptly stalling without caution is a typical sign of AFM lifter failure. 

Keeping It Real 

Having a V8 engine has its benefits, rather than restricting your vehicle with the Active Fuel Management System. 

Without an AFM system, you can feel the real potential of your car or truck. Despite the fact that it may consume a little more fuel, the damage to the engine would also be less likely. 

With a disabled AFM system, your V8 engine will show you the beast-like performance. 

The AFM works by shutting half of your V8 mode cylinders and hinders your car or truck from reaching its full potential or the best state. The performance AFM would not be to the highest peak with AFM activated.

Some Additional Information

How Does Disabling AFM Benefit Your Vehicle?

When you disable Active Fuel Management, you can prevent spending your money on the faults caused by AFM. 

Also, the AFM disabler such as GT MOTOR AFM gives better exhaust sound and keeps your car in its natural form. 

Without AFM, the vehicle in V8 mode could reach its highest peak and the vehicle could also reach the maximum speed.

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When Turning Off AFM, Will It Control Oil Consumption?

When the AFM system is disabled, there will surely be a decrease in your vehicle’s excessive oil consumption. 

The extra oil is removed from the pressure relief valve without an AFM system and sent to the oil pan. 

The oil pan will jet oil on the base of the cylinder walls, resulting in oil burning, particularly in high-rpm engines.

How Does Disabling AFM Stop Lifter Failure?

When the AFM is disabled, it does prevent the lifter failure. Without the AFM, the engine will use the lifter less often. 

When the lifter usage is less, it can prevent lifters from wear and tear.

Is The Engine Damaged Due To Disabling AFM?

Although, disabling AFM is likely beneficial for the V8 or V4 mode engine. 

Without an AFM engine system, the V8 or V4 can work at its best performance.

But due to the range AFM disabler, the cylinders or the rings may undergo extra tension, which could result in wear and tear.

Is The Warranty Void When We Disable The AFM?

Disabling the AFM also means that your vehicle engine does not need tuning in the computer system. 

The warranty will not be canceled if you wish to disable AFM. 

The AFM range disabler keeps your vehicle’s performance at its best and ensures that all the cylinders are in usage.

Ultimate Decision Regarding Disabling AFM

Active Fuel Management is undoubtedly an excellent technology range to improve the engine’s performance and improve fuel economy. However, it is also true that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Similarly, AFM has various disadvantages as well; therefore, the question arises Should I disable AFM or not? 

It is often better to disable the AFM in most situations as it may lead to engine damage or the AFM lifter failure. 

Also, the best AFM saves fuel by closing half V8 cylinders that may hinder your car from reaching the maximum speed. Therefore, you will not be able to see the full potential of your vehicle. But that does not mean AFM will cause damage at any cost.


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