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Choosing The Best Camper Shell For Your Truck Snugtop Vs Leer?

Choosing The Best Camper Shell For Your Truck Snugtop Vs Leer?

When planning to upgrade your vehicle with a camper shell, it is important to consider various things. As it is an expensive and long-term investment on your truck, therefore opt for the best option. SnugTop and The Leer are both trendy and sought-after camper shells these days. 

However, When choosing the best option, Snugtop vs Leer? Well, if you are looking for a good finish, you should go for the Leer. But, if you need more features then the SnugTop shall be the best option for you. Also, there is no significant difference in prices of different models, of both truck cap brands.

This article will help you to reach a perfect conclusion as different areas shall be covered comprehensively. So, in this comparison, I will do a brief analysis and contrast all the specifications of these camper shells.

Overview: Snugtop VS Leer Camper Shell?

The camper shell serves the purpose of the canopy or the roof. Based on their similarities and differences, let’s consider different shell models, mainly the high-end ones, the SnugTop Super Sport – Truck Cap, A.R.E in z series, and the Leer 100 XL.

Similarities Of Snug top And Leer Camper Shells:

When comparing Camper Shells, many things are similar in all the models of the shells, such as,

  • All shells are made of fiberglass, having 31% tinted safety glass.
  • All the glasses are painted like back glass and the side glass.
  • A fixed front window.
  • The construction and formation of the shells are pretty much similar. (For instance, Ford f-150 SuperCrew with the extra short bed, the different caps models are all painted the same color). 

Difference Between SnugTop And The Leer Camper Shell

Category Leer 100 XL SnugTop
Brackets  No brackets on the back. Buttons on the side of the windows.
Windows No window on the side. A fixed front window option for a slider.
Carpet May or may not be carpeted. Well carpeted interior always.
Knobs On the back. On the side of the window.
Components Easily available when replacing Parts of the snug top are costly to replace.
Window radius Follows the fiberglass very well. Does not follow the fiberglass.
Finishing Very good. Does not look very clean, when viewing from the back.
Hinges May not look the best or most substantial. a small hinge at the back, with a spotless window. Looks best and is sustainable.
Rear Door Mostly glass doors. Mostly made of glass.
Latch No center latch. Center latch that twists and opens.
Hinges durability Not long-lasting and might wear off, as the door opens and closes. Are good quality and last longer.

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Pros Of Snug Top And Leer Camper Shell

SnugTop Leer
It is long lasting. Provide insulation in the cold.
You can choose from many extra features. Give you extra storage space.
Prevent heat. Roof storage can be used.
You can choose a heavy-duty topper. Increase the functionality of your truck.

Cons Of Snug Top And Leer Camper Shell

SnugTop Leer
Windows might not seal in properly. The Leer caps may not look very good.
Might decrease your visibility, while turning or lane changing. Creates blindspots.
Can be used to transport things not taller than the roof line. It might be expensive.

How Do You Measure A Truck Bed For A Camper Shell?

First, you need to place the measuring tape at the bulkhead of the truck bed. Extend the measuring tape by dragging it to the bed rail. Then, as you go along the bed rail, extend your measuring tape from the corner of the top of the tailgate. Jot down all the measurements accurately on a piece of paper.

Now, you need to convert your inch tape measurements to feet, all these measurements are very essential as these will help you get the camper shell of perfect size. You can also consider buying camper shells of other brands such as; century truck cap, a.r.e in z series, or aluminum truck cap for a different truck accessory.

The Leer Topper 100R

The Leer 100R features the frame sliding windows primarily steep for the other Leer truck caps. The Leer 100r, Leer 100xr, Leer 100xq, and the Leer 100xl have one entire framed glass rear window. Also, there is some noticeable difference in the prices of the parts as the snug top is the Westcoast company, so its components are expensive to replace, as compared to Leer- a Nationwide Company.

Insulated Roof

The Leer 100R has a perfectly insulated roof.

Side Windows

The windows are sliding windows and will keep your pickup truck well ventilated.

Fit And Finish

The fit and finish are great in the Leer 100R with the windows and brake light well fitted in place.

T Handles

The T handles on both the passenger and driver’s sides, which will cause it to latch into place and lock perfectly.

Snugtop Xtra Vision Camper

In the SnugTop Xtra vision or the SnugTop rebel, the truck canopy comes with oversized windows, a slider, a screen, and you may also add the prolog remote control for the extra door locks. It has a front sliding window also. With the roof rack or the Yakima rack, you will get the additional carrying capacity in your massive vehicle. 

It is hard to get the exact specification on the 250 pounds cap. You can take this perfect cap on and off according to your needs. The few features of the fiberglass cap are as follows;


It has robustness or structural integrity, which means it has a solid structure that can not get damaged by any material falling over it.

Fit And Finish

The snug top cap has a perfect finishing, and the windows are very tidy, neat, and well-fitted in their place. The carpet is fixed inside correctly, giving the perfect finish.

Snug Rug Headliner

The snug rug headliner is thick and well insulated when you open it up.

Sliding Windows

When it gets warm, you can always slide open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. This feature makes the snug top cap very well ventilated, fulfilling the role of the camper shell.

Difference Between Snug Top And A.R.E Camper Shell

Category SnugTop A.R.E in Z series 
Brackets  Buttons on the side of the windows. No buttons can be seen on the back or the side of the window. 
Windows A fixed front window option for a slider. Single window in the side.
Carpet Well carpeted interior always. Carpeted interior.
Knobs On the side of the window. No knobs can be seen on the back or the side of the windows. 
Components Parts of the snug top are costly to replace. Are very easy to replace.
Window radius Does not follow the fiberglass. a window that follows the line of the shell.
Finishing Does not look very clean, when viewing from the back. Looks very clean and sleek.
Hinges Looks best and is sustainable. Heavy-duty steel hinge. and does not fail quickly
Rear Door Mostly made of glass. Bonded piece of glass
Hinges durability Are good quality and last longer. Does not fail quickly.

Some Additional Information:

What Is The Difference Between Snugtop And Leer?

The main difference between them is model options, and there are several different options for choosing from truck caps. The Leer looks better if you look at the features provided.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Leer Topper?

Every Leer truck camper has a specific serial number assigned to it. You can find the serial number on the truck camper shell roof-a white plate on the top with the serial number, consisting of letters and numbers. You might need it when replacing any part.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Leer Cap?

The Leer cap has the finest finishing and gives your vehicle that sleek and classy look. It will take nearly two months before you get your desired Leer cap. The main reason is the delivery by road, as the Leer truck cap’s glass is fragile and might break during shipment. 

How Much Does A Snugtop Camper Shell Cost?

The camper shell is a fiberglass shell and is practical and straightforward. The classic camper shell comes in three different heights. The low roof camper shell cost is approximately somewhere between $3000-$4000 bucks. You would be given the option to choose your window options.

How Much Is The Camper Shell For A Toyota Tacoma?

There is not much difference in the camper shell prices for Toyota Tacoma as far as the company is concerned. All of them have an excellent variety of the Toyota trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma, and the cost could be somewhere around $2000-$2500, and offer a variety of truck canopies, bed cap, and shells available for Tacoma owners.

The Ultimate Decision

Finally, the ultimate decision to choose between Snugtop Vs Leer? Both are highly competitive in all the specifications and features. Many people prefer upgrading their trucks with either the Snugtop or the Leer (leading choices) camper shells rather than other truck topper brands to fulfill their requirements.

However, in case you wish to replace a component, the parts of the Leer can be found easily as compared to the SnugTop.But, the Leer will give you the perfect finish that Snugtop does not give. 

The Snugtop has more features in store for you in various aspects that could be lacking in the Leer. Thus, choosing the best camper shell for your truck is all about, what you need is what you get.


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