Switch Pro VS. sPOD- The Best Wiring Lights For A Vehicle In 2022!

By: Saiful Islam | July 5, 2022

Have you ever considered installing lighting accessories and wires in your vehicle? If you have, your line of thought is probably stuck between choosing switch pro and sPOD. 

To start with, both of these are expensive despite being great products. However, since most models of the switch pro use series circuit, they are harder to install and organize than spod. You will need more time and effort to install switch pro. 

Well, if you are interested in knowing more about switch pro and spod to avoid future complications, you are in the right place. Scroll down below and keep reading. You will be able to find your ideal product easily!

Switch Pro And sPOD- At A Glance

Switch prosPOD
It has 8 outputs; 7 are rated at 18A and 1 at 13A.It has a total of 8 outputs, all of which are rated at 30A.
Makes use of a plug-and-play installation mechanism. So it can be controlled with a smartphone app or a panel on the vehicle’s display.Comes with a special remote to control the circuitry.
The system used can be upgraded for free.The system used can be upgraded as long as you pay for it.
It comes with a 100A solid-state power module that has been rated to be a decent engine compartment. Makes use of a 50A auto-resetting circuit breaker.
The user interface makes use of Bluetooth connections. The remote control is connected to the system using Bluetooth connections. 
Offers switches that can be customized partially.It has protection against any modifications.

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Key Differences Between Switch Pro VS. sPOD

Now that we are done with the comparison table, it is time that we delved deeper into the matter. Below, we have compiled some of the more unique and crucial differences that come to mind when we switch pro & sPOD.  

Compatibility And Specifications

Both these lighting accessories will have different specs. It depends on these specs that the products will be compatible with a particular vehicle. If you buy a wiring light that is incompatible with your automobile, the lights won’t even work.

Switch pro has an anodized aluminum enclosure. This helps provide the correct output from an option of 8 rated at different current amperes. In addition, do remember that switch pro has 16 pins in its connector that needs to be connected to your vehicle correctly before use. 

On the other hand, spod lighting has slightly different compatibilities. First off, it also has 8 circuit outputs. However, all of them are rated at 30A. In addition, the product has a 16-pin connector that can be connected and disconnected easily without any hassle. It operates mainly on devices with 12VDC or 24VDC, depending on the model of the product you bought.


Control refers to the medium, mode, or device you will use to control the settings and visual output of the wiring light. It has to be noted that there are multiple ways to maintain the same product. You can opt for the alternatives once the original medium is no longer used. 

Switch pro doesn’t have many special controlling mediums. You can connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth and control the lights. You can also use the car’s display portal or switch panel. 

Spod lights can be controlled in many ways depending on the model. Most of the models come with a remote device connected to the vehicle via a Bluetooth connection. You use that device to control the light outputs. Smartphones can also be used to hold many models of light. 

Safety Measures

Wire lighting uses electrical energy from the car’s engine to produce the output. While electricity is valuable, a certain degree of protection against misconduct is required. Switch pro and spod take different routes to prevent any electrical accidents. 

Spod makes use of various technologies and mechanisms for protection. All of its cables are made from nylon, a good insulator for electricity. As a result, no electrons can flow out of the wires. They also have a self-healing system if the other mechanisms fail to work.

Switch, on the other hand, makes use of an aluminum casing. As a result, it is almost impossible for the electricity to come in contact with the outside of the electrons spark off from the wire. It also has a fuse box for extra safety during mounting options.  

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An Overview On Switch Pro

If you are looking for the perfect RGB lights built with superior environment-friendly technologies, switch pro can be a great brand or wiring light. 

Switch pro has been on the rise in the industry for a couple of years now, providing high-functioning wired lights for vehicles. It has survived all these years because of the trusty customers behind the brand who love everything that switches pro has to offer. 

The most incredible allure of switch pro is that you can choose from several options of light quality and illumination. While some models only come with a single color, most newer ones have many colors you can choose from and enjoy. 

Moreover, you do not need to turn to your car’s display to change all these settings. All you need to do is connect your smartphone to the business new vehicle via Bluetooth, and the options to change the light settings will be in the grasp of your hand. 

Switch Pro Features And Specification:

  • The base used in the lighting is blue light.
  • A total of 8 switches can be modified according to the user.
  • The brightness can be adjusted as per preference
  • The lighting can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.
  • Bluetooth connection is available for all devices used as a remote controller.
  • A solid-state power module of 100A battery rating.
  • If too much current flows through the wires, it will shut down automatically via a current limiting strobe. 

Pros And Cons


  • The panels are smaller than most lights.
  • Has a moderately high lifespan.
  • Uses electricity efficiently.
  • Has LED switch indicators
  • Has protection against battery voltage fluctuations


  • It is costly.
  • It might not be compatible with all vehicles.

An Overview On sPOD

If any other brands could stand up to toe with a switch pro, there is nothing quite like the spod electric light accessory brand. 

Spod makes lights for cars and other appliances like refrigerators, air compressors, and scene lights. Traffic lights, and many more. If you find looking for a reputable brand hard, you can go for spod instead. 

The manufacturer will provide light with the best quality possible and offer you aftersale services like installing them over in your car. If the wires or the lights get damaged, the company will fix it back for you, provided that you have the warranty card. 

sPOD Features

  • The entire system can be customized or modified to fulfill your demands.
  • It can be controlled with a separate remote control
  • The whole supply will be temporarily cut off if the voltage exceeds or drops beyond the standard range. 
  • There is a single mini-fuse to protect against currency fluctuations.
  • The wires are made from nylon and supported with a silicone distribution block.
  • 2 ports are placed for external ethernet cables.
  • It operates on cars with a rating of 12VDC or 24VDC.
  • It has been designed with complete protection against reversal of polarity fields, overheating, and short-currents. 

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in Bluetooth le capabilities for a remote spod controller
  • The software used can be upgraded for free.
  • Uses electricity efficiently
  • It is durable against a high-stress value


  • It is very expensive
  • A smartphone cannot operate most models

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Why Should You Always Use An LED Light For Your Car?

While most companies market their wired lighting as efficient, that is rarely true. We know that the spod unit and switch pros unit are incredibly expensive. However, this cost is worth the value since they use LED lights in their product. 

If you use an LED light bar in your car, you can enjoy several advantages. Below, we have listed some of these advantages that you might even be surprised to find.

  • LED lights have a very long lifespan compared to any other light bulb. They can last as long as 20,000 hours in constant use. This value is 20 times that of a halogen bulb. 
  • LED lights produce more light and lower heat compared to regular halogen bulbs. This means that it has high efficiency.
  • LED lights have more excellent overall brightness than halogen bulbs.
  • LED lights have greater flexibility than compared halogen bulbs. They can be modified and made smaller than their usual size. Even the design can be changed.
  • They are eco-friendly and produce clean electric output without much waste.

Factors To Consider When Buying Automotive Light For Car 

You need to consider several factors when you decide to buy an ideal automotive light for your automobile. These factors have been listed below, along with a short overview. 

The Type Of Light:

We have already mentioned LED lights. However, if they are too expensive for you, you can still opt for halogen lights or other similar light bulbs that aren’t as expensive. Do note that they won’t be as efficient as LED lights.

Size of wire:

The smaller your vehicle, the less the length of wire it can take. The length of the wiring you can install will depend on the size of your vehicle. 


Different wiring lights will have different features. For instance, if you install a switch pro on your car, you can control the lights from your smartphone. You can also control the amount of illumination the accessory will be able to output. Other features could include thin electric cables or similar threads like fishing wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sorts Of Protection Must Be A Good Automotive Wiring Light Able To Provide?

A decent light must have a lot of protection to be used for a long time. This includes resistance against overheating, voltage and current fluctuations, a reversal in polarity field, and many more.

Does sPOD And Switch Pro Come With A Warranty?

Yes, both come with a decade-long to a lifetime warranty, depending on the model. However, if you modify switch pro lights, the warranty policy will be breached and will no longer be effective. 

Can You Set Up The Lights On Your Own?

Yes, you can. As long as you follow the instruction manual by the letter, you can install the lights on your car. However, we advise you to hire a professional mechanic to install the lights in the roof rack since working with wires can be complicated and dangerous for someone who is unprepared.

What AMP Should A Terminal Block Be?

The terminal block of a car depends on the vehicle itself. Under standard conditions, it is best to use a terminal block with a minimum rating of at least 150 percent of the vehicle’s current. 

What Is A Fuse Used For?

A fuse stored in the fuse block is used to protect the appliance from damage when the current fluctuates too high. The fuse melts and cuts the wire to keep the appliance safe.   


So which one is better between switch pro & spod? They are both pretty good as long as you can pay for the high cost. However, if we were to pick on one thing, our money would be for switch pro.

In addition, make sure to buy your accessory from a company with decent customer service to avoid any momentary problems like mounting bracket malfunctioning that can cause circuit shuts while on the road.


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