Truck Bed Replacement Cost: Is It Worth Enough? 

By: Saiful Islam | July 22, 2022

Does your truck have a significant damage issue? Replacing the bed can be the ultimate solution. Crucial damage like cracks, rust, whole or bents leaves no choice but to replace. Worried about how much it will cost to change your truck bed?

Truck bed replacement cost depends on various issues. If you buy a used truck bed, the value range would be from 300 to 2500 dollars. On the other hand, a new truck bed would cost around 6000 dollars. Also, the installation, labor, and coating of paint may cost an extra $4000. So, you need to have a $10000 budget in total.

This Budget is flexible. The cost primarily depends on your preference. This article will discuss how to manage the replacement cost and what options you need to consider. 

Overview Of Possible Truck Bed Replacement Cost 

Area Cost 
Used truck bed From $300 to $2500
New truck bed From $1000 to $6000
Replacing (DIY)From $300 to $800
Replacing (By Professional)From $1000 to $2500
Drop-in BedlinerFrom $200  to $500
Spray-on BedlinerFrom $400 to $600
Line-X BedlinerFrom $500 to $700

Factors To Consider To Lessen The Cost

We have already mentioned that the replacement cost relies on different factors. You can lessen the cost by rethinking different options. Also, exploring more areas can save you money. 

Let’s see which factors we need to focus on before replacing the truck bed. 

Examine The Damage Again 

Damage is not a rare thing. Even after taking a lot of protection measures, the bed can vandalize. Rough usage, harsh weather, accident, and long-term use are responsible for any damage. 

Too Much Rust 

Rust is a vital factor here. Water can slip through the bed floor cracks even after using a truck bed cover. There can be a rust issue before you know it.

You should not consider repairing or spraying the bed if there is too much rust. It is time for a replacement. Repairing a metal rusted bed floor may cause more harm. 

A Major Accident 

The devastating accident leaves you no choice except to change the damaged bed. However, if the damage is minor, like a dent or scratch, you can easily repair them. Repairing will cost way less than replacing. 


Improvement is another reason for replacing the bed. An old torn-out weak truck bed makes your truck vulnerable as well. After a certain period, you can change the older truck bed. 

Replacing an old fragile bed will provide your truck with a new look, energy, and excellent balance. Also, it will increase the lifetime of your favorite vehicle. 

Check The Removal And Installation 

Removal and installation are significant areas to lessen the replacement bed cost. If you can manage these two processes, you will be saving a lot of money. 

The cost of removing the old bed and installing a new one varies on location, truck size, and service. On average, a professional replacement will cost you from $1000 to $3000. 

We suggest you watch videos, read articles, and ask your buddies for help. Find out if you can manage to remove and install the pickup truck bed by yourself. 

We will be showing how you can replace your truck bed later in this article.

Used Or New? 

You have two options. Whether you can buy a used truck bed or you can order a new one. Whatever option you choose, you must search for a third-party service. Most brand manufacturers do not sell truck beds separately. 


Used truck beds are not as bad as you seem. You need to spend a little bit of time on research. Try to find an almost new or damage-free truck bed. 

Craigslist and eBay are not the only options for you. You will discover forams regarding your car brand online. There you can seek help. Do not forget to bargain. 

A used truck bed will not cross $2500. The price starts at 300 dollars. If you can search well, you can find a perfect one. It will save you more than 2000 dollars. 


New truck beds are there if you do not consider used ones. Search by writing “take off bed” on the internet. It will show you several marketplaces for buying new truck beds. 

The searching will be hard if you have a rear model vehicle. Standard model truck beds are also less expensive. Depending on the size and model, it will cost you $1000 to $6000. 

Bed Liner Is A Must 

Bed liner or truck bed coating is really helpful. Whether installing a new or used bed, a bed liner is essential. It will prevent the bed from corrosion, rust, dirt, and harsh weather. 

Drop-In Bedliner

Now, the bed liner has variations too. Drop-in Bedliner will cost from $200 to $500. It is cheap in cost and quality because they are not permanent and not strong enough.

Spray-On Bedliner

Another option is a spray-on Bedliner. This bed liner may cost from $400 to $600. Spray-on liner protects well but tends to fade soon in sunlight. 

Liner-X Bedliner

We recommend a Liner-X Bedliner. It will cost $500 to $700 but totally worth it. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty and UV protection coating. 

Comparison Among Different Preferences & Budgets

A new bed, installation, and bed liner are the things that will determine your total cost of truck bed replacement. We discussed the options and possibilities of the costs. 

Now we will present three tables in front of you. One with the lowest cost you can make. Another will refer to the highest budget with top Quality. The third one will be our recommendation.

Remember, the prices are approximate. They are not fixed. They will be less or more according to your preference and bargaining. 

Lowest Budget (Lower Quality)

Area Cost 
Used truck bed From $300 to $1000
DIY installation From $300 to $500
Drop-in Bedliner From $200 to $400
Total From #800 to $1900

Highest Budget (Top Quality)

New customized truck bed From $1000 to $6000
Professional installation From $1000 to $2500
Line-X spray Bedliner From $500 to $700
Total From $2500 to $9200

Our Recommendation 

Used truck bed From $500 to $2500
DIY installation From $500 to $800
Line-X Bedliner From $500 to $700
Total From $1500 to $4000

Truck Bed Replacement Cost For F-150

Now we will explore the cost range of the entire truck bed replacement of a Ford F 150. This way, you will get a more precise idea of the replacement cost.

However, the approximate cost range is also applicable for Ford Ranger. An F150 pickup truck is about 8 foot long. They also have a long bed and a short bed option.

Area Cost 
New Bed$1000 to $2000
Bed Extender$100 to $250
Rail truck cap$80 to $150
Tonneau cover $210 to $540
Bed Mat$60 to $150
Bed Tent$170 to $260
Installation $1000 to $2500
Total $2620 to $5850

How To Remove And Install A Truck Bed 

Due to rough use, truck beds tend to damage in one way or another. Replacing the truck bed by yourself will reduce the cost. The change is not that hard to do. Let’s see how we can do it.

  • The tools you will need are ratchets, jack stands, impact wrench, and screwdrivers.
  • Firstly, you need to remove the screws or bolts on the gas nozzle. You will find them inside the gas door. Use a ratchet and a Trox socket.
  • Secondly, remove the ground strap from the driver’s side. Come to the rear bumper by removing the strap from the forward bed mount.
  • Thirdly, detach the tailgate harness with the tail light from the rear block. You need to disconnect all the wiring connections of the bed. 
  • Fourthly, remove all eight primary bolts from the truck body. As these bolts secure the bed with the frame, they are hard to turn. Use penetrated oil to undo them.
  • Finally, lift the bed with some helping hands. Now, place the new bed and reverse the removal process to install it.

People Often Ask

Can I Replace A Pickup Bed?

Yes, you can replace your pickup bed. You need to find a new truck bed suitable for your pickup. Then you can replace it by yourself, or you can go to a professional workshop.

Does Truck Bed Replacement Affect Cargo Space?

No, it does not. When you are replacing your truck bed, you replace it with a similar bed. The bed has no chance of being smaller. So, the cargo space remains the same.

Which Parts Of The Car Get Damaged While Replacing The Bed? None of the vehicle parts should be damaged while replacing the bed. You need to be aware of the bed moving. Move the bed carefully so that it does not hit the wheel wells.

Can You Replace A Regular Truck Bed With A Flat Bed?

Yes, you can replace a regular bed with a flatbed. Also, you can turn your regular truck bed into a flat bed. The process can be done by yourself, but we recommend getting professional help. 

Which Wood Is Best For Wood Truck Bed Replacement? 

Oakwood is the most famous wood for truck beds. If you want to turn your truck bed into a wood floor, oak is the best option for you. It is durable, strong, and heavy for super-duty trucks. 

What Is Your Ultimate Budget? 

You will not replace your truck bed more than once. So, you need to give it time and make a wise choice. Replacing a truck bed is not cheap. But you can reduce the pricing by exploring your options and marketplace. Choosing cheap products will cause you to change the bed again. 

Truck bed replacement cost depends on the vehicle’s model, bed condition, and installation cost. However, you can find a used bed for $300 to $2500 and a new bed for $1000 to $6000. The professional installation and bed liner coating will cost you from $1000 to $4000. 

Please read our article and try to minimize your cost by making the right choices from different options. The lower price will cause damage to your truck, and luxury will cost you a lot of money. 

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