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Truck Vault VS Decked; Which One Organizes Better?

Truck Vault VS Decked; Which One Organizes Better?

Are you an outdoor player? Do you need to maintain heavy cargo duty? A truck bed storage system is the most effective thing you need. Truck Vault and Decked are the most famous brands in providing storage systems. Which one would be better?

If you explore Truck Vault VS Decked organizers, the Truck Vault is made of medium density overlay, uses a five-button combination lock, and has a lighting system. In contrast, Decked is made of high-density polyethylene, uses two layered solid key-lock, and is easy to install.

The truck bed drawer system has no alternatives for your cargo products’ security and organization. Both the Truck Vault drawer system & the Decked storage system have unique features. This article will explore them and find which one is perfect for your truck.

Overview Of Truck Vault VS Decked Organizers

Category  Truck Vault Storage  Decked Storage 
Capacity  2000 lb loading capacity Can take 2000 lbs load
Lock system  Five-button combination lock Two-layered locking points
Access  L-track easy slide system Modular glide storage options
Price  Expensive  Less expensive 
Installation  No-drill (DIY possible) No-drill (DIY possible)
Weight  Approximately 130-265 lbs. Approximately 200-230 lbs.
Resistance  Weather & fire (line-x coating)  Water & weather (UV coating)
Service  Limited lifetime warranty  Limited lifetime warranty 
Material  Medium density overlay (MDO) High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Organization  Diagonal dividers, table extension, map board, D-box D-box, wide dividers, toolbox, cross box 

Detailed Comparison Between Truck Vault & Decked Truck Storage

We categorized the comparison details in terms that one will consider regarding truck bed organizers. Let’s see what performance Truck Vault and Decked serve concerning capacity, durability, security, etc. 

Accessibility And Capacity 

When you set a storage drawer system to your pickup truck, you will notice its accessibility and capacity. You will not get a hundred percent of your truck bed to use.

You have to leave some space for installation and divider walls. So, the simple installation and thin divider walls, the better. 

The capacity also matters the most. Depending on your cargo load and tools, you need to measure the capacity. Sticking to your need will help you decide accurately. 

Aspects Truck Vault storage system  Decked storage system 
  • TruckVault mostly focuses on easy access than organization. 
  • They do not offer toolboxes to save space. 
  • Also, they provide an extended table platform. 
  • Decked is more into organizing. 
  • Its drawers, toolboxes, dividers take much space. 
  • They offer grab-and-go options. 
  • Also, it covers wheel wells fully for more access. 
Capacity  Truck Vault has a 2000 lb loading capacity. So, you don’t have to worry about heavy load.  Decked can handle a 2000 lb cargo load. You can easily carry heavy goods in it and on it. 

Material And Resistance

Whether the storage system can carry heavy loads or not depends on materials. Also, by material, we judge the durability of a product.

As your truck faces many damaging outdoor things like dust, mud, water, and even fire, the organizer should have essential resistance ability. Let’s see if the organizers can save your stuff from rough weather. 

Aspects  Truck Vault storage system  Decked storage system 
  • It is made of medium-density overlay (MDO). 
  • This material is more strong than plywood, and MDF.
  • It is made of galvanized subframe steel or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 
  • They use aluminum for handles. 
  • Its Line-X coating made it weatherproof. 
  • It is also fire resistant and prevents moisture. 
  • But the drawers are not completely air-tight. 
  • It has a UV protection coating. 
  • It is also waterproof and rust or corrosion-resistant. 
  • It keeps your tools and gear safe from dust and rough weather. 

Security And Service 

Security is another concern of the user of the truck bed or pickup organizers. As you buy this storage system to keep many things, secure storage is necessary. 

Many of us search for the perfect storage system for hunting or camping. Many will store food, firearms, camping gear, and many expensive tools. Let’s see which one provides more security. 

Aspects  Truck Vault storage system Decked storage system 
  • Truck Vault has a locking system of a five-button combination
  • It also offers locks with keys or electronic key fobs options.
  • So, the locking is modern and safe enough. 
  • Decked allows two-layered locking points. 
  • One is the system itself, and the other is the tailgate that can be locked up.
  • Their locking system works like Fort Knox.
  • TruckVault offers a limited lifetime warranty and service. 
  • They take three to five weeks to customize and deliver the product.
  • Decked serves a limited lifetime warranty and service. 
  • They customize and deliver the product within one to two weeks

Design And Organization 

Truck Vault and Decked storage planner have their unique design to store your cargo. The primary target of the structure of any cargo vans organizer is to fit and store as many things as possible orderly. 

They both have space for lengthy gear like guns, fishing rods, camper shell, and goose gear. You need to judge if they use the space according to preference or not.

Aspects  Truck Vault storage system Decked storage system 
  • They are compatible with maximum truck, pickup, and super duty vehicles. 
  • The structure follows the L- track system with easy slides. 
  • It does not have a grab-and-go and toolbox option. 
  • But it offers vertical and horizontal dividers with a light system.  
  • It has sealed bearing wheels for easy slide. 
  • It also has a total modular option with a toolbox. 
  • They provide different divider sizes accompanied by a plug-in drain system. 
  • Custom-fit with bed slide & cargo glide rails. 
  • The lock ruler does not take too much space. 
Organization  It provides table extension, map board, tie-down rails, sliding drawer, day box, rubber mat, tech platform, vault drawers, etc. It provides a tool Box, Decked drawers, D-Box, cross-box, drawer dividers, Drawerganizer, telescopic pull-out ladder, etc. 

Weight And Pricing 

Wight is a significant fact of your vehicle. Even for super-duty trucks, excessive weight can cause instability. So you should look for a comparatively lighter storage planner with sturdy material.

Surprisingly Decked is much cheaper than Truck Vault. Decked’s performances are not any lesser than Truck Vault’s due to its low price. 

Aspects  Truck Vault storage system Decked storage system 
  • The approximate weight of a Truck Vault is 130-265 lbs. 
  • Its Individual drawer capacity is 300 lbs
  • So the weight does not bother the vehicles’ performance.
  • The approximate weight of Decked is  200-230 lbs
  • Its Individual drawer capacity is 200 lbs
  • So, the weight does not have any impact on vehicles’ function.
Pricing  Truck Vault is simply more expensive than its other competitors. The pricing depends on size and design. Much cheaper than Truck Vault. Also, the pricing depends on size, design, and custom fit.

Installation And Removal 

You may have to remove the system for the urgent necessity of full access to your truck bed. The installation and removal process should be easy to follow. Because it will save you extra cost and time. 

Aspects  Truck Vault storage system Decked storage system 
  • It does not need any drilling while installing. 
  • You can set the bed liner and topper by yourself. 
  • Decked also supports the DIY installation. 
  • You do not have to drill to set the lock ruler. 
  • It takes a little much time. 
  • You need to detach faceplates and top wings first. 
  • Next, undo the d-rings and tie-downs to disassemble turnbuckles. 
  • You don’t need more than 5-10 minutes. 
  • Detach the ruler, j-hook, and wheels of the drawers. 
  • Unhook the center support and side off it.

Trukvault Magnum Offset VS Decked Toyota Truck Bed Storage System

Trukvault Magnum offset  Decked Toyota storage 
Specially made for pick-ups  Custom fit for Toyota trucks 
recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material  Heat resistant medium-density overlay

Steel material

2000 lb cargo loading capacity  Can handle 2000 lb cargo load 
Weatherproof with exterior weather coating  Weatherproof with UV protector coating 
2 magnum Drawers with latch seal and installing gears  1 D-Box, 1 CrossBox, 2 Dividers, & 1 Drawerganizer

People Often Ask 

Where Is The Decked System Made?

The Decked drawer system for truck beds is entirely manufactured in the USA. The journey began in Idaho in 2011. Decked has authentic dealers all over the country. 

Is Decked Waterproof Or Not?

Though the company claims that they are waterproof, many complaints show some weakness. They are weatherproof for sure but not completely water-resistant.  

Is Storage Truckvault Product Worth It?

They are a bit pricy than other work truck bed storage systems. But, their materials, custom fit, easy access, security, and weather resistance made this worth it. 

What Can I Put Between Bed And Toolbox?

For being extra safe, you can put thin foam or rubber between them. However, The storage setup does not need anything between the bed and box or drawers.

Does Decked Fit A Toyota Truck?

Yes, it does. Decked offers a custom fit for most of the trucks and pickup vans. Check out the Decked storage system for your Toyota truck on amazon.

Who Won The Race? 

Sometimes we fall for a product that has more components. But in this case, we better focus on what we need. Too many options and elements can lessen your storage space and carrying stability.

In this Truck Vault VS Decked game, the Truck Vault is made of a medium-density overlay and uses a five-button combination lock. Decked is made of high-density polyethylene and uses two layered solid key-lock. They both are weatherproof.

Though these two truck ber storage solutions have huge price differences, they do not have that much feature difference. Now you decide to pick the one which has the perfect design for your vehicle and your preference. 

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