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Twin Traction Beam VS Solid Axle?–The Better Suspension

Twin Traction Beam VS Solid Axle?–The Better Suspension

The suspension is one of the essential systems in any vehicle. The suspension system includes several components such as wheels, springs, bearings, and shock absorbers. The vehicle suspension works by transforming the force into heat. However, when deciding the better suspension between the Twin Traction Beam and the Solid Axle?

The main difference between the Twin Traction Beam and the Solid Axle is that the TTB is the latest vehicle suspension that is incompatible to the Solid Straight Axle suspension. Also, the Twin Traction Beam is a more stringent standard with better flex, durability, and ride quality than the Solid Axle. 

This article will give you complete information regarding Twin Traction Beam vs Solid Axle, which will help you understand and distinguish between the two better.

What Is The Difference Between Twin Traction Beam vs Solid Axle Suspension?

Although the TwinTraction Beam and the Solid Axle are similar, both have a single Straight Axle that is somewhat divided in TTB. The main difference between the two are:

Category Solid axles Track Traction Beam
Ride The ride is not very smooth. It gives a very smooth ride.
Wheel Configuration The wheels are dependent on each other. The wheels are not dependent on each other.
Suspension Cycle More endurance than TTB. Better endurance.
Ride Height Ground support is more. Has good support but is not better than Solid Axle.
Axle Housing Low pressure is more. Not much lower pressure.
Axle Beam The wheels are joined by a single beam. The wheels are connected by a connector.
Drive Type Common in rear- wheel drive. Mostly, found in four- wheel drive.
Vehicle Type Mostly found in sedans. Common in Ford SUVs and racing cars.
Durability More long-lasting. Do not last much.
Repair Can easily be repaired. May be complicated to repair.
Off-roading Best at off-road drive. It is not very good off-roading.

What Are The Similarities Of The Twin Traction Beam And The Solid Axle?

The TTB and the Solid axle are both the layouts of the suspension. They have various similarities between them such as;

  • The Solid Axle and Twin Traction Beam have many sections in their structure.
  • Technically, TTB is similar to a solid axle, except having tubes at the end.
  • Both have a similar assembly of axle housing.
  • They are both the layouts of the suspension cycle.
  • A truck Traction Beam is like a Solid Axle, having a straight axle trimmed in half.

Pros Of Twin Traction Beam And The Solid Axle

The TTB axle ride is better.  It is the best option for off-road driving.
The hardcore property is long-lasting. It has very few components.
It has an independent front suspension. Mostly made of cast iron, therefore, it is durable.
Perfect for street driving.  It gives you a better quality of ride.
The price is very reasonable. Single axles are long-lasting.


Cons Of Twin Traction Beam And The Solid Axle

The ride may not be smooth. Likely to rust as it is made of cast iron.
Not best when driving off-road. If there is a problem in one wheel all the wheels are affected.
The bump steer and suspension parts may disintegrate. The quality is not good.

Ford Twin Traction Beam 

The Ford Bronco and the Ford Super Duty in the 1980s have become the first and the leading outlet for various kinds of wheel options.

The Bronco is best for off-roading due to the twin I beam suspension in the front (TTB suspension) with bigger tires. Some people are not in favor of the TTB axle, but it is the best option for the 4x4s Ford. Following are some features of Twin Traction Beam:

The U-Joints

We can not deny that the TTB axle may not be the best option for hardcore off-roading. It does not need you to utilize a drop bracket to repair the camber because of the modification of the axle beam, resulting in more ground clearance and lift height.

Beam Axle

Solo Motorsports with Truck Traction Beam created their Coilover support to operate on Bronco and Ford Series trucks. The Bronco is designed with just one coilovers straight over the beam axle, unlike Bronco II with the front and solid rear axle.

Suspension Arc

The radius arm is essential if you want to find the wheel travel numbers from a Truck Traction Beam. The extreme low or high speed can be hazardous as it may make the caster tire wear wrong throughout the coverage of the suspension travel.

Axle Shaft

The fuel from the engine reaches down through the axle shafts. The diameter of the axle tube increases as the intended load expands. The gears are in the compartment generally created from cast iron. 

The Configuration Of The Solid Axle

The structure and the layout for most axles are the same except for the specific variance to fit well. The solid axle comprises the single beam axle and a ball joint interconnecting all the wheels and making the wheels dependent on each other. It has the following features:

Ball Joint

The ball joints in the solid axle manufacturing are done from cast-iron material, and its structure is advanced and is much thick. It is heavy duty and can bear the stress with formal steering requirements. It also has an extra hole for more power and strength.

Torsion Bar

The torsion bar structure is such that it has an elongated spring made of steel and has two ends. One end is attached to the frame, while the other is attached to the axle.


The correct installation and alignment of the front suspension axle beam are vital. The rearward tilt creates a positive caster in most vehicles though there is a wide range of arrangements, and it is essential to support the wheels.

Toe Adjustment

The Toe adjustment is with the tie rod tubes, but the tubes should correctly accommodate wheel bearings, and the steering gear should be in the center before making any changes.

The Twin I-Beam

The advantage of the Twin I-Beam is the ride quality. The handling grades that wheels have, make them independent of each other.

The best feature of the Twin I-Beam was the smooth street drive it offers, and undoubtedly Ford is the leading company to use this structure on its Ford Super Duty and the massive Ford pickup trucks.

How Do The Twin Traction Beam Works?

The twin Traction Beam has robust springs with better elasticity. The two minted rear suspensions and the front suspension are dependent on each other. The rubber bushings act as shock absorbers.

The axle housing helps the beam rotate with the radius rods connecting the axle beams to the bracket rails with a wheel bearing. There is a chance of camber change due to a change in spring elasticity.

Structure Of The Solid Axle

The straight axle has a simple structure and is particularly adaptable. It can be operated with multiple suspension arrangements. The Solid Straight Axle could be operated with the Coil-over shock, Leaf springs, coil spring, and Torsion bar.

How The Wheels Are Connected To The Solid Axle Suspension?

The links are created between the wheels, and they are joined collectively in the middle. Thus, making the wheels dependent on each other. 

The Solid Axle Suspension Cycle is much more common in the vehicles used for off-road racing. The Jeep Wrangler is the finest example of Solid Axle suspension.

People Also Read

What Does A Straight Axle Shaft Do?

The primary function of a Straight Axle Shaft is to connect the left and right side wheels. It is a fixed straight rod that, when rotates, causes the wheels to move along with it. 

It has a particular arrangement that ensures that the wheels’ cycle is unchanged in case of any tension due to heavy loads.

What Is An Independent Suspension With Long Travel?

The suspension layout that permits the front wheel to roll alone in its path irrespective of the added wheels is called independent suspension.

The independent suspension ensures that the front wheel moves as the suspension tool crams, twisting the torsion bar. 

It is mainly used in off-road racing, as the independent suspension eases the impact of bad off-road situations.

What Is The Best Way To Get An F250 D50ttb Front Axle To Ride Nice?

The accurate method to raise the F250 D50TTB front axle to hang admirably is with springs. Lift obstructions on the facade could be hazardous.

It depends on the part of the ride height and lifts you want. Drop brackets to match the lift, so, leaning on what you desire and what you already have, you may require to consider that.

Also, the seals and bearings are not at all suitable for theD50.

What Do Straight Axles Do?

The Straight Axle is one of the most critical systems in your car, which has wheels, springs, bearing, and shock absorbers.

It has a metal housing that houses all the components perfectly. 

It works by converting the force to heat and enabling the vehicle’s wheels to move.

What Is Independent Suspension With Long Travel?

The Independent Front Suspension, or IFA, is a front suspension layout that allows all the wheels to drive freely without being dependent on the other. 

However, Long Travel Suspension is the suspension in the car that is suitable for driving off-road. 

Thus, independent suspension with long travel is the vehicle suspension with separate front wheels and is suitable for off-road drive.

The Ultimate Decision Of Choosing Between The TTB And The Solid Axle

At last, choosing the best suspension, the Twin Traction Beam vs Solid Axle, is all about the preference of the drive you need. Both differ slightly in the composition and the assembly. 

The Solid Axle will give you better suspension in off-road driving. On the other hand, the TTB is ideal for a street drive. Also, Solid Axle is a better suspension when driving with a heavyweight is required.

Also, the TTB is similar to the solid axle having one single straight axle, but it is divided. The wheels are not dependent on each other but instead on the Single axle, where the wheels are interconnected. The Single Axle is much easier to maintain than TTB and long-lasting.


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