UnderCover Armor Flex VS BAKFlip MX4: Let The Fight Begin!

By: Saiful Islam | July 10, 2022

If you are searching for a good tonneau cover for your truck or pic-up, then you have found the right article. In the world of tonneau covers, UnderCover and Bak have come up with two excellent designs, UnderCover Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4.

Are you stuck between UnderCover Armor Flex VS BAKFlip MX4? They are both made of aluminum panels and can bear 400 lbs weight. UnderCover Armor Flex provides Linex coating, dent resistance & 5 years warranty, while BAKFlip MX4 has UV protection, shock-absorbent & 5 years limited warranty.

This article about UnderCover Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover will show you the similarities and differences these two tonneau covers have. It will help you compare the products and find the perfect fit for you.

UnderCover Armor Flex VS BAKFlip MX4 At A Glance 

ENTITIES UnderCover Armor Flex BAKFlip MX4
Material Sturdy Aluminum panels Aluminum panels & polymer top 
OutlookMatte finishingMatte & glossy finishing 
ProtectionLinex coating UV protected coating  
MaintenanceEasy to install and use Simple installation and usage 
Durability 400 lbs weight capacity 400 lbs weight capacity 
Security Tailgate sealDual operation tailgate lock
Price Reasonable Fair 
Service 5 years warranty five years limited warranty 

Editor’s Note: Bullet Liner VS Linex: Who Wins The Battle? 

Specification Comparison Between UnderCover Armor Flex & BAKFlip MX4

Armor Flex by UnderCover and BAKFlip MX4 by bak industry both are famous in the tonneau cover market. They offer their customers excellent design, durability, and other facilities. Let’s compare their specifications. 

UnderCover Armor Flex BAKFlip MX4
Features matte finish aluminum panels Glossy & matte finish aluminum panels
Has Linex coating Has UV protection coating 
Scratch, dent & ding resistant Hursh weather-resistant 
100% bed access 100% bed access 
5 years warranty 5 years limited warranty 
Requires no drillingNo drilling needed
Serves custom fit to the vehicle Can be opened from both sides 
Tailgate lock system Dual action tailgate seal
Cover stands when opened Cover rest on the truck when opened 
400 lbs weight capacity Can bear 400 lbs weight 
Item weight: 84 pounds Item weight: 71 pounds

You can buy and see the specifications of the products from Amazon.

Pros And Cons Of UnderCover Armor Flex & BAKFlip MX4

Whenever we gather information about a product, the first thing that comes to mind is what benefits and limitations that product has. So, let’s have a look at the benefits and limitations of UnderCover Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4. 


UnderCover Armor FlexBAKFlip MX4
Linex smooth eco-friendly coating Strong UV protection coating
Heavy duty panels of aluminum Durable aluminum panels 
Water resistance with EPDM seals Shock-absorbing bumper 
Custom fit to the truck Sliding cover and secure latches
Low maintenanceEasy to install 


UuderCover Armor FlexBAKFlip MX4
UV protection missing Often has water leakage 
Tailgate lock doesn’t support dual-action Blocks third brake light 
Uncover fold often lose grip Often doesn’t fit 
Side rails are site-based Limited warranty policy 

Criteria-Based Comparison And Contrast  

We will learn in detail the similarities and differences of these folding tonneau bed covers. Let’s see how they stand against each other in their field. 

Who Has The Premium Outlook? 

UnderCover Armor Flex presents itself with a premium matte finish look. The side rails fit with the truck to give it a sleek yet low-profile look with a proper air-tight compartment vibe.

BAKFlip MX4 features a textured matte and glossy finish with updated side rails, prop rod clips, elevator bolts, and pre-molded and die-cut A-panel & B-side solid bumpers.

Which One Are Made Of Strong Materials?

UnderCover Armor Flex is a hard folding cover. It is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum panels for heavy-duty. Even they use delicate yet solid fold aluminum for the side rails.

BAKFlip MX4 has used sandwich aluminum panels with a foam core layer inside. They have upgraded their aluminum in the G2 series equipped with upgraded latch housing components.

Who Serves Better Protection?

UnderCover Armor Flex has EPDM rubber seals to make it water-resistant. Its Linex VOC-friendly coating protects it from rust, dent, dings, scratches, snow dust, and harsh weather. 

BAKFlip MX4 has UV resistance protection to prevent color fading and UV rays. Its shock-absorbing bumpers prevent the valuables in the bed from road vibration and shaking. 

Which One Has Hassel Free Maintenance? 

Both UnderCover Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4 are low Maintenance and easy to use. They have a DIY installation system. Their installation system is so simple that one person can finish installing within 30 minutes. 

Both folding tonneau covers can be partially and fully folded upright with two prop rod rails. This position lets you access the whole bed space easily. Even You can drive with the cover fully open.

Who Will Last Long?

UnderCover Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4 have 400 lbs weight capacity. This evenly distributed weight capacity does not harm the truck and can bear heavy snowfall, tough driving, and rough weather. 

Linex coating on UnderCover Armor Flex and UV protection on BAKFlip MX4 prevents corrosion, color fading, dent, scar, and dust. Their premium aluminum panels and materials have made them more durable. 

Which One Covers Better Security?  

UnderCover Armor Flex has EPDM seals to the side rails to prevent gaps. The tailgate locking system must be open when you lift the cover open or close. Side bed rail also has fixed-site means they can be set in one way.

BAKFlip MX4 offers a dual-action tailgate security system. You can open and close the folding cover from either side of the vehicle. Its corner caps have a compatible softer seal to match the truck’s side contour. 

Who Provides Finer Service?

Both UnderCover Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4 offer five years of warranty. BAKFlip MX4 has extended its warranty from 3 years to 5 years with some limited policies. These two covers also cost a fair price between $1000 to $1400. 

What About Other UnderCover & BAKFlip Covers 

We discussed the similarities and dissimilarities of Armor Flex & MX4. Now the question is do the other hard folding tonneau cover from UnderCover and BAK industries serve the same quality or not? 

To seek the answer, we will compare UnderCover Ultra Flex and BAKFlip F1 truck bed cover. You can also see the products on Amazon:

UnderCover Ultra Flex VS BAKFlip F1

UnderCover Ultra FlexBAKFlip F1
Matte black finish with flush mount  Textured finish with drain tubes 
Aircraft-grade aluminum panels Fiberglass reinforced polymer
Perimeter seals EPDM seals 
Automatic latch mechanism Universal tailgate operation
Integrated luminous rail lightHeat resistant coating
Full bed access 100% bed access 
Five years Warranty Five years Warranty 

Roll-Up Tonneau Cover VS Folding Tonneau Cover: Which One Is The Best?

Looking at the folding tonneau covers, you may wonder, what about roll-up tonneau covers? If you compare these two types of truck bed covers, you would choose the folding one. Though a roll-up cover takes less space than a folding cover, overall folding one is preferable.

Let’s see, 

Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Folding Tonneau Cover 
Take more time to open and close, as you must roll it fully Easy to use, as it opens and closes from both sides 
Not so durable because of its lightweight


Its weight capacity can be from 300lbs to 500lbs 
Not so strong and vibrates a lot while driving Comparatively strong to support cargo on the bed 
Has security issues and may not be weather resistance Has advanced locking system and fights against rough weather

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Common Queries

Does Armour Flex Block The 3rd Brake Light?

No. The UnderCover Armor Flex tonneau cover does not block the 3rd light rearview. It comes with a flush-fit facility. You can manually fit the cover on your can bed perfectly. 

How Can You Secure Your Cargo On The Truck Bed?

You can secure your cargo on the truck bed by using a tonneau bed cover. It will protect your valuables by using a lock and preventing dust, water, snow, pressure, and harsh weather. 

Is The BAKFlip MX4 Worth It?

It depends on your preference. BAKFlip MX4 comes with aluminum panels, matte finish, UV protection, and side rails fit. Comparing the price, it is one of the best tonneau covers. 

Is The Armor Flex Waterproof?

Yes. UnderCover Armor Flex features EPDM seals and Linex coating, allowing the cover side to fit the truck or cab side contour and not let water wet it.

Can You Go Through A Carwash With A Bed Cover?

Most of the tonneau cover offers water resistance. But for some soft tonneau covers, you are recommended to remove them before carwash. 

Do BAKFlip Tonneau Covers Lock?

Of course. BAKFlip offers a dual-action tailgate lock system and tamper-proof latching system. You can lock the cover from both sides of the cab. 

What Are The Other Option Except Armor Flex & BAKFlip MX4? 

Undercover Flex series like Undercover Ultra Flex, and Undercover Elite LX Tonneau Cover can be other options. 

The Ultimate Decision; Armor Flex Or MX4

From our UnderCover Armor Flex VS BAKFlip MX4 show, Armor Flex provides Linex coating, EPDM seal & 5 years warranty. At the same time, BAKFlip MX4 has UV protection, shock-absorbency & 5 years limited warranty. 

But they both have 400 lbs weight capacity, aluminum panel, dent resistance, and scratch prevention. The similarities make it tough for truck owners to decide between two famous hard folding tonneau covers.

UnderCover and bak industry has done a great job with their Armor Flex and BAKFlip MX4 bed covers regarding quality, durability, service, design, and many more. We hope you have already taken your decision from our compare and contrast.