What Does XLT Stand For Ford Automobiles?

By: Saiful Islam | July 13, 2022

Ford is a well-known name in the automation industry, and the company has been in the production of all kinds of vehicles for a century. Ford has it all, from sports cars, buses to massive trucks. 

However, considering what does XLT stand for ford? Well, the name Ford XLT (Extra Luxurious Truck) claims to be all about extra luxury, convenience, and the latest technology. The XLT models available in the newly launched 2022 trucks have proven to fascinate many, with extraordinary features.

This article is all you need to know about the Ford XLT luxury model in new vehicles, in terms of seating, exterior appearance, interior, and various other features discussed in detail. 

What Does XLT Stand For The Ford?

The new Ford XLT has some remarkable and charming features, making it the most favorable choice of massive vehicles. The extraordinary exterior and interior features of the Ford XLT are as follows:

Highlighted Exterior Features

The first thing you notice in the Ford XLT is the attractive grille on its exterior, which is the unique feature of the XLT model. You will see the magnetic gray grills if you get the XLT sports appearance package.

The Front and the rear bumpers are chrome bumpers unlike painted ones in the Ford XL, chrome door handles are an addition. You also have the keypad to type in your code on your driver’s door. That makes the entry in the car keyless, So do not worry about leaving your keys inside. 

Highlighted Interior Features

The XLT comes with custom caskets, clothed plus heated seats (from the factory) to make your truck comfortable for you. There is a leather covering on the lid of the center console, which is the newly added feature, and this feature is not seen before.

Additionally, in XLT, both driver’s and passengers’ seats are power seats, thus making it very easy to adjust the seat according to your requirements. It has a navigation system, a switchblade key with the remote start feature option. Also, you can remote start your vehicle through the application from anywhere in the world. You just need the internet. The rear seats are also leather seats and have enough leg space to keep you comfortable during the long drives.

Additional Features

The new XLT 2020 has the Fx4 package available, and it is an off-road package. This feature lets you drive your truck smoothly on irregular terrains such as hills, mountains, and deserts. It comes with a skid plate in front; off-road-tuned shocks help you drive off-road or on hills.

There is an upgrade in the rear seats with leather and an LED box lighting system in the truck’s bed to illuminate the vehicle’s bed. With advanced infotainment, fuel efficiency, and several other enhanced exteriors and interior features, the XLT will astonish you. 

The New Ford XLT In 2022

In the late twentieth century, the term XLT was first used to classify the top trim levels, and thereon XLT pickup truck model gained recognition. Since Then, the XLT model has been known and seen in all the Ford new launches, such as the Maverick XLT model, Ford Ranger XLT, Ford Explorer XLT, Ford Expedition XLT, F 150 XLT, Ford truck, pickup truck, and the Ford Super duty launched in 2022. 

The XLT has its essence such as the Eddie Bauer, Ford Escape, Ford Expedition, or the Ford Explorer. It may be similar in style but has a refreshed face in this new era. You can also get an upgraded luxury package along with additional advanced features. The XLT model of the new Ford offers distinct grille choices, and the customers will get the sparkling magnetic gray grille, irrespective of the color they choose.

What Hybrid Power Means In The Ford F 150 XLT?

The F-150 XLT with a 3.5L power boost is a sports package, and its engine might look like the standard twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost. That is true. It is the 3.5L turbocharged EcoBoost aided by an electric motor, a 33 KWH electric motor that produces 44 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. 

Hybrid Transmission

The Ford F-150 XLT models are value-oriented and practical. It is integrated with the 10-speed automatic hybrid transmission and is designed to work with the gas engine to improve power. The supreme quality of the hybrid engine is its efficiency in conserving fuel.

The turbocharged EcoBoost engine aided by an electric motor is speedy. This power also enables the ford F150 XLT pick-up truck to have a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds (more than the Ford F 150 XL). It also has the pro power onboard system, and it could turn your truck into an a7.2 KW generator. This generator can power 80 refrigerators, which makes it extraordinary.

Comparing The Ford XLT and XL Models

When talking about the latest Ford Ranger 2022 XLT versus Ford Ranger XL, there is no noticeable difference other than a few exteriors, interior, or certain additional features. In the Ford Ranger 2022 XLT, the additional options that are different from the Ford Ranger XL model are explained in detail in the following table;

Cruise ControlAdded option– to make your driving on long long routes comfortable. No cruise control available
Sensing SystemThe sensing system for the forward movement is added.No sensing system
Engine Options5 different engine options to choose. No choice of  a diesel engine.
GrilleAttractive magnetic gray grille, on the exterior.Honeycomb grille.
Front And Rear BumperMatches the color of the vehicle body.Only black color.
Wheel OptionAluminum, chrome, magnetic, and PVD wheels.Aluminum or Carbon.
Wheel Size17- inches, 18-inches, 20- inches, and 21-inches17-inches and 18-inches.
Door HandlesChromePainted
Tail BedLED lights to lighten up the tail bed.No LED lights.

What Is The Efficiency Of The Ford XLT Ecoboost Engine?

In the EcoBoost, you get a V6 technology. The V6 engine has six cylinders that create extra horsepower because of the turbocharging technology. The turbocharging technology is very simple as it fills more air into the motor. Therefore, it can also fill more fuel into the motor and create more horsepower. The Ecoboost engine technology is very fuel-efficient.

The New Maverick XLT Eco boost

The new Maverick XLT trim hybrid engine puts up 191 horsepower and 155 pounds-feet of torque. Meanwhile, the EcoBoost motor in 2.0L of the engine puts out 250 horsepower 277 pounds-feet of torque. Almost 60 times more horsepower and double the torque.

When you buy an eco boost, you have an 8-speed automatic transmission. Talking about the new Ford Maverick XLT, it has the maximum towing capacity. The standard towing capacity of the Maverick XLT is 2000 pounds without a tow package, with the 4k tow package doubling the towing capacity to 4000 pounds.

FX4, Off-Road Package

You can also option all-wheel drive on the Maverick XLT trim Ecoboost truck after paying a certain price. This is surely the advantage of the EcoBoost over the hybrid.

Finally, the FX4 off-road package in XLT designation, by paying the additional price, gets the unique wheels to help you drive on irregular terrains such as hills, mountains, or even deserts, with automatic emergency braking.

Something More About The New Ford XLT

What Is The Difference Between XLT And STX?

The STX model is built off the XL trim level. Its appearance package has a honeycomb grille. All the STX models, either 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, come with a 20-inch rim. On the contrary, the XLT model with 17, 18, or 20-inch wheel selection and some extraordinary luxury features.

Is The Ford XLT Package Affordable?

If talking from the exterior design standpoint, the XLT looks impressive. Also, the interior in the XLT is well put together, with the infotainment system even in the XLT package, and it is simply outstanding. The new XLT trim level, or the XLT sport appearance package, in 2022 is merely the ‘Pinnacle Of Luxury.’ You get the luxury and comfort to ensure your money is worth spending when buying the new Ford XLT.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Ford F150 XLT And The Lariat Model?

The Lariat model has three motor options 2.7L, 5.0L, and 3.0L options, while the XLT has 3.3L, 2.7L, 5.0L, and 3.5L V6 eco boosters options available. The lariat has the painted grille of the car’s body color, whereas the XLT always has the magnetic gray grille.

How To Differentiate The Engine Choices Available In The Ford XLT 2022?

The new Ford XLT in 2022 offers you the choice of five different engines. The five other engine options available in the 2022 model include an inherently aspirated 3.3L Power stroke V6 Diesel Engine, 5.0 Power stroke V8 Diesel Engine V8, 2.7L, and 3.0L Power stroke V6 Engine. 

What Is The Best Feature Of The 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid?

The best feature of the Ford Maverick 2022 XLT Hybrid or the pickup truck is the hybrid front-wheel drive. It targets nearly 40 plus mpg, which makes this truck quite impressive. The Ford Maverick XLT is very fuel-efficient, the fuel economy will always be reasonable, and it also shows your power reserves on the speedometer.


To conclude, the name Ford has the best to offer its customers, be it the SUVs or the massive trucks, but what does XLT stand for Ford? When discussing XLT, keep in mind the luxury, as this model will offer you the best comfort, extravagance, and convenience. With advanced infotainment, android auto, efficiency, and several other enhanced exteriors and interior features, the XLT will astonish you.


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