2024 BMW M4: All You Need to Know

James Diaz

By James Diaz

| Updated 3 Days Ago

Here’s All You Need to Know About the 2024 BMW M4

Here's All You Need to Know About the 2024 BMW M4

The M4 has become a class-icon in its lifetime. Many cars might make claims for being both luxury cruisers as well as top-rank performance cars, but few manage the balance so well. In most cases, either luxury triumphs over performance, or speed and pace dominate that feeling of luxury that’s being claimed.

But BMW has form in combining the two. Their excellent 2024 BMW M4 manages to do what its predecessors managed, but takes their successes even further. This is genuinely a car that manages performance and luxury in a way that makes it both a performance machine, by any measure, as well as being by anyone’s standards a truly luxurious car.

In its combination of comfort and luxury and performance it has arguably become the benchmark car in its segment. It is not without strong competition from the Mercedes-AMG 63, the Audi RS 5 and the Lexus RC F, but for many enthusiasts who want to drive the sine qua non of luxury performance coupes, the BMW M4 is where their eye lands and settles. If you have a passion for driving, but also want something that is more refined, established and adult than just a so-called muscle car, few cars outclass the M4.

Read on and we will take you through what is on offer with the updated 2024 M4, and you can then decide for yourself whether it is worth its premium price tag. Let’s be clear, it’s a great car, but it obviously comes at a price.