About Us

Welcome! We are here to feed your curiosity to know about us. For a short overview, we are four best friends who will be helping you with everything that you need to know about your favorite vehicle. We have created this site filled with every help that you were lacking about your vehicle beforehand. No matter if it is a motorcycle, car, jeep, or even truck; we have solutions for everything in general.

What Is Moto Pickers? 

Moto Pickers is a solution-giving and reviewing site that will help you with every sort of information related to vehicles like motorcycles, cars, jeeps, or trucks, and all the associated stuff. We will assist you with our self-tested opinions, reviews, new pieces of information about cars and vehicles, the maintenance procedure of the vehicles, and many other aspects correlated to vehicles. 

We understand the lack of knowledge about your favorite vehicle can ruin your purchase. In emergencies, if you do not get the perfect solution to your needs, we realize how hard it can be. We have visualized all the problems people face regularly in need of a good solution for their vehicle-related sufferings. 

Who are we? 

Talking about us, we are four best friends. Each of us has wide knowledge about vehicles, especially motorcycles, cars, jeeps, and trucks. We have solutions for every type of vehicle and model. From our college days, we have had this craving for vehicles. So we gathered all our bits of knowledge and created this space to serve you. 

Therefore our interest helped us to open a garage which is serving people. So, the only reason we claim to be experts because we are handling a repairing service center for the past 15 years in our locality. And we strongly believe that there are no vehicle-related issues that we cannot solve.  We are proud to say that with our several years of knowledge, all of us are experts in every type of vehicle. Hence, we have stepped forward to help you virtually as well. 

I am JAMES DIAZ, and the other three of our circle who will help you the entire time are Jacob, Noah, and Charlie. We have dealt with numerous vehicle issues throughout our entire teenage and afterward when we started our garage. So we can promise a convincing solution for almost all your problems. 

I am an expert on different types of motorcycles. For instance, on-road, off-road motorcycles are different. I can help you figure out which motorcycle will be perfect for you to buy. I have been dealing with different motorcycles from my adulthood and I have owned many as well.

Jacob is a skillful person about the jeeps. You can get to know about all the parts and components of jeeps and get unique solutions from him. From modern jeeps to on-road/off-road essentials, everything will feel like a piece of cake if you hear from him.

Also, Noah is a professional in handling cars. You can bring any car issues and he will solve them in a minute. He has built many custom cars for our garage customers as well. This magical person is a car freak and you can expect him to help you with every car detail and information. 

And lastly, one of your saviors, Charlie handles everything about the trucks. So if you are a truck lover, do not lag, our charlie genius is here to save you! From his riding experience or owning his own couple of trucks, the knowledge will make you wonder. 

What We Do Here?

For your convenience, each of us is an expert in our sector that you are handling. We have made everything very swift and clear for you. Also, we deal with your problems and new problems that we find every day precisely from our expert view. Later on, we discuss the problems and find out the right solution for you. That’s why we can guarantee the perfect solution for each of your problems. 

So in the first place, you will receive our self-tested, well-compared, and categorized reviews and all the information about vehicles that you need to know. Secondly, in the case of different vehicles or vehicle accessories, we will share a brief with features and overall customer reviews along with our tested results. Thirdly, we will give a priority to let you know about the maintenance procedure. 

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

We go through a procedure before we suggest a product. Here are what we do: 

  • Among thousands of the available items, we filter out the top choices depending on features with our research. 
  • We get the products and self-test those thoroughly. 
  • We test and study the essential features, find out the best service of each of the products and highlight the pros and cons.
  • Finally, we share every piece of information in an article with a comparison chart, pros, and cons, the most important key features, with our thought, self-test reviews, and at last our testimonials. 

So keep surfing, you will get every solution for your vehicle-related issues. Whether you are a new vehicle enthusiast or an older one, you will always find something interesting to know from us. We have the option open to contact us as well. So you can contact us if you want to ask us something other than what we share as well.

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