2024 Tesla CyberTruck Review

Damon Minks

By Damon Minks

| Updated 3 Days Ago

MotoPickers is here to review what’s likely the most controversial truck of the last decade. Tesla’s 2024 Cybertruck hit the streets in November 2023 following years of production delays—and public reception is mixed.

Auto enthusiast and celebrity comedian Jay Leno praised the Cybertruck, currently in its debut Foundation Series, describing it as “incredible” and adding that it feels “faster than a Tesla Plaid” when spotted driving his friend’s model in Los Angeles. This version Leno drove was the fifth-ever Cybertruck to leave its manufacturer’s production line.

On the other hand, the first official compilation of Cybertruck dashcam footage produced by the popular YouTube channel Wham Baam Tesla Cam showed multiple instances of what appears to be unprovoked drivers attempting to vandalize the electric vehicle. The truck’s unique design, which we’ll explore in more detail below, seems enough to spark anger among some.

Purpose of the Review

Despite the polarizing public opinions surrounding this vehicle, customer reservations remain extensive, motivating MotoPickers to take a closer, unbiased look at whether this vehicle is its salt.

The Cybertruck’s current Foundation Series, which starts at around $102,000 and tops out at $120,000 fully-loaded, is nearing its production’s end, and our review highlights upcoming, less-expensive Cybertruck variants in addition to its current iteration to keep you ahead of the curve. Learn more about your potential driving options below.

What Is The Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla’s Cybertruck is an electric vehicle that aims to redefine the truck market with its fully electric powertrain, ultra-durable stainless steel exterior, and high-performance capabilities supporting utility tasks on and off the clock.

Exterior Design

After spotting my first Tesla Cybertruck in public while walking near Times Square in New York City, a Foundation Series with black-colored film, I did what essentially everyone does: I stopped, stared, and took a picture. After sending the Cybertruck image to an electric vehicle enthusiast, he responded: “There’s no missing that!”

Ultra-Hard Stainless Steel

Love or hate the Cybertruck, there’s no denying its exterior makes a strong first impression. Its stainless steel exoskeleton offers more resistance to pesky damage, like dings and dents. Tesla has also supplied this model’s stainless steel with a matte finish, minimizing glare to prevent light from blasting other drivers’ eyes (we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber, and your former 2012 chrome Fisker Karma).

Comparisons With Prior Automotive Design Trends

Tesla’s Cybertruck flips conventional automotive truck design on its head, which may be good, depending on your perspective. Some argue that pickup trucks haven’t had a significant redesign in the past 100-plus years, with Ford moving away from its famed Model TT as the last truly substantial transition. If you’re seeking fresh design air balancing form and function, the Cybertruck may be right for you. 

Futuristic Aesthetics

The futuristic traits of the Cybertruck primarily revolve around its angular exterior. Despite difficulties in accommodating this frame’s manufacturing, there’s a method behind this radical material choice. 

In November 2019, Elon Musk posted on his social media platform X, formerly Twitter: “Reason Cybertruck is so planar is that you can’t stamp ultra-hard 30X steel, because it breaks the stamping press. Even bending it requires a deep score on [the] inside of [the] bend, which is how the prototype was made.”

Potential Build Quality Issues

While there’s no doubt the Cybertruck’s exterior can take a beating, some question its build quality. One account on the Tesla Cybertruck Owner’s Forum reported the tonneau cover getting stuck during operation. Others shared stories of their Cybertruck breaking down days after delivery and body panel gaps. 

Despite these complaints, it’s worth noting that Tesla’s Cybertruck is in its first version, and it has improved its window glass’ strength following an embarrassing 2019 demo where Elon Musk shattered a window with a baseball. According to Musk, a previous test had compromised the glass’ strength. Still, the truck costs over $100,000 new, so a driver dishing out six figures for a vehicle may not want to potentially deal with these issues, even if they’re repairable and somewhat minor.


Tesla’s Cybertruck is also highly aerodynamic thanks to its planar design exclusively containing straight lines. For example, the roof’s sharp angle generates little to no airflow separation, enhancing aerodynamic performance. Other factors optimizing this area include a curved front bumper reducing pressure accumulation and a center rear-end diffuser reducing wake. These design choices translate to a drag coefficient of 0.384, which is exceptional for a truck of this size.

By comparison, one of the market’s most aerodynamic trucks, the 2024 Ram 1500 REV, has a drag coefficient of .357—slightly more than the Cybertruck despite weighing significantly less.


The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck offers performance that can thrill and fulfill demanding tasks like towing, all while retaining efficiency via its fully electric powertrain.

Acceleration and Speed

Tesla’s 2024 Cybertruck sprints from 0-60 MPH in as little as 2.6 seconds. Comparatively, the automaker’s fastest car, its Model S Plaid, jumps from 0-60 MPH in 1.99 seconds. The Cybertruck’s peak horsepower rating is a monstrous 845, while the top speed registers at 130 MPH.

Off-Road Capabilities

The Cybertruck’s off-road capability is enhanced by standard all-wheel drive (AWD) on its Cyberbeast and standard trims. Tesla won’t be releasing a rear-wheel drive (RWD) model until 2025. 

Complementary off-road enhancing features include adaptive damping that maximizes traction and comfort, adjustable air springs that unlock several ride heights, steer-by-wire technology for more responsive and adaptive steering, and 10,296 lb-ft of peak torque on tap. Expect agility and comfort despite the Cybertruck’s significant size and a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. 

Interior Design

Cabin Layout and Comfort

Shatter-resistant and acoustic glass partially housing the Cybertruck’s cabin can deflect harsh outdoor elements like class 4 hail while maintaining internal serenity with minimal noise feedback. The model’s all-glass roof also allows passengers to access expansive outdoor views. Its seating capacity accommodates five passengers.

Interior Materials

Tesla reflects its sustainability ethos inside the Cybertruck with environmentally-friendly materials like recycled plastics and vegan leather. Upgrading to a Cyberbeast variant delivers an Alcantara dashboard of suede-like material for additional luxury, while comfort remains standard via offerings like well-padded, ventilated front seats. Additional materials include plastic speaker grilles and rubber inserts.

Technology and Infotainment

Like other Teslas, the Cybertruck contains a central display where drivers control most of the vehicle’s features. The screen’s size spans 18.5” inches for easier accessibility than many rivals’ versions, which often are around 12.3” in diameter. Rear seat passengers receive a 9.4” display. Standard infotainment amenities include SiriusXM Satellite Radio and a WiFi hotspot. However, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not present. 

Storage and Cargo Space

One of the more practical sides of Tesla’s Cybertruck is its innovative storage and cargo space solutions. The EV’s (electric vehicle’s) bed offers a quality amount of space, measuring 56.2 cubic feet (cu ft). 

Interior storage options include:

  • Front and rear center consoles
  • Underneath the liftable rear seats
  • Glovebox
  • Seat pockets 
  • Door handles 
  • Retractable coat hangers

Now, let’s dive into this high-performance truck’s safety features. 


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Tesla’s Cybertruck offers three advanced active safety features as standard: Lane Assist, Collision Avoidance Assist, and Speed Assist. The model’s standard dashcam and sentry mode enhance passenger security by letting drivers record possible instances like road rage and suspicious activity when they’re away from their vehicles.

Crash Test Ratings and Real-World Safety

While the Cybertruck doesn’t have an official IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) crash rating, its stainless steel exterior naturally offers more passenger accident protection than more traditional truck designs primarily relying on components like aluminum.

Battery and Range

Tesla reports that its Cybertruck’s standard range maxes out at 340 miles per charge, enough to eliminate range anxiety for many. Drivers seeking additional peace of mind during extended trips can opt for the Cybertruck’s available range extender, which offers up to 470 miles per charge.

Cybertruck owners powering up at one of Tesla’s public Superchargers can add up to 128 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes. The battery and drive unit’s warranty lasts eight years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Real World Range Consideration 

While Tesla’s Cybertruck advertises plenty of range, it’s vital to remember that, like any other electric vehicle, extremely warm or cold temperatures can drain the battery faster.

Charging Infrastructure

Tesla is dominating the electric car market with the fast-charging capabilities of its Superchargers. Still, it’s worth noting that this division of Tesla has been experiencing recent adversity. Some Tesla drivers in New York City’s Queens and Brooklyn boroughs complain that there are insufficient charging stations to accommodate rideshare workers and customers not using one of the brand’s EV for work.

It’s also essential to remember that Elon Musk dissolved Tesla’s entire Supercharger team on April 29 amid global company layoffs, which may leave some apprehensive regarding a positive outlook on the charging network’s infrastructure growth. 

Since April 29, Musk has begun re-hiring some members of the Supercharger team and posted on X April 30: “Tesla still plans to grow the Supercharger network, just at a slower pace for new locations and more focus on 100% uptime and expansion of existing locations.”

Pricing and Value 

Price Points and Variants

Elon Musk initially promised a Cybertruck with a starting price of under $40,000 in 2019. Fast-forward to the EV’s 2023 release, and its debut Foundation Series’ starting price is $102,235 or $120,000 fully-loaded. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Cybertruck fans who don’t want to spend over six figures on this vehicle. If you click ‘Order Now’ on Tesla’s official Cybertruck page, you’ll find three less expensive options, which will be available for delivery in 2025. These alternatives are the new RWD version starting at $57,390, a standard AWD variant priced from $76,390, and the peak Cyberbeast trim starting at $96,390.

Long-Term Value and Resale 

Tesla currently has a resale policy on its Cybertruck that may not please some prospective buyers. The model’s sales contract states that purchasers can’t sell the vehicle during their first year of ownership without permission from Tesla. Buyers who break this rule can face a $50,000 penalty and lose their right to order a Cybertruck.

Owner Feedback

Where Can I Find Customer Reviews?

The best place to read customer reviews regarding this EV is on the official Tesla Cybertruck Forum. Visitors to this forum can filter search result topics based on what’s new and trending for the latest information. 

Common Issues and Reliability

Some reports on the Tesla Cybertruck Forum contain owners describing their vehicles breaking down weeks or even days after delivery, possibly signaling less efficiency in the debut Foundation Series. Others noticed that the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior contained what appeared to be rust spots upon delivery, but these defects were carbon deposits.  

Lead Cybertruck engineer Wes Morril posted on X: “Stainless is reactive and free iron that sits on it will rust. It’s surface contamination only and can be cleaned off easily. Bar Keeper’s Friend used here works well, citrisurf77 [account username] can also loosen the deposit and simply wipe it off. If anything stubborn use a blue non-scratch Scotch Brite pad as it won’t leave any marks on the metal.”

Tesla’s Customer Service

Tesla exclusively sells and services its vehicles, which may present service challenges. Due to its unique and ultra-modern design, some independent mechanics might need to learn how to complete particular repair or maintenance tasks within the Cybertruck while members of Tesla’s team get up to speed. 

Final Verdict

MotoPickers recognizes the adversity that Tesla experienced during its Cybertruck’s rollout but weighs these reports against the difficulty in manufacturing such a vehicle. Mike Ramsey, VP Team Manager for Automotive and Transportation at Gartner, said: “Stainless steel…when you cut it, all the mistakes basically show up; when you have a flat plane like that, it’s really hard to hide mistakes.”

Musk echoed in a company email: “Due to the nature of Cybertruck, which is made of bright metal with mostly straight edges, any dimensional variation shows up like a sore thumb.” 

Despite this challenge, Tesla produced the Cybertruck with exceptional precision in its stainless steel’s angular design, a testament to the model’s innovation. Its performance is also powerful for its size, and passengers receive additional protection with the EV’s exoskeleton. MotoPickers confidently gives Tesla’s Cybertruck an 8.6/10 overall rating, but recommends watching for future variants for the most savings on purchases.