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James diaz

Would You Rather Choose The Chevy 350 vs. 305 Engine?

Chevy 350 vs. 305

There’s much talk about Chevy 350 vs. 305 engines, and it can be tough to figure out which one is the right choice for you. Both have their pros and cons, but how exactly do they differ? The main difference between Chevy 350 and 305 engines is their displacement. The 350 engine has a displacement … Read more

6 Distinct Differences Between Spread Bore Vs. Square Bore Carburetors!

Spread Bore vs. Square Bore

There are two main types of carburetors – spread bore and square bore. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to learn how they differ. The main difference between spread bore and square bore carburetors is how the air and fuel mixture is delivered to the engine. Spread bore carburetors have a … Read more

Learn How To Erase Key Fob Memory? [ Explained & Solved]

How To Erase Key Fob Memory

If you’ve ever had to give a key fob to someone else, you know the feeling of dread that comes with hoping they won’t be able to access your car. But what if you’ve shared your key fob with too many people, and now you can’t remember who has access?  Is there anything to do … Read more

Detroit Locker Vs. Truetrac: Which Is Better On The Road?

Are you looking for a performance upgrade for your vehicle but not sure which differential to choose? The Detroit locker and the Truetrac are both popular types of locking differentials. But which one should you choose between Detroit locker vs. truetrac? If you’ll be doing much off-roading and have a powerful vehicle, the Detroit Locker … Read more

8 Common RAM eTorque Problems You Often Face!

RAM eTorque Problems

Ram Trucks offers an electric torque converter, eTorque. It’s available on some EcoDiesel and V8 models. This system helps to smooth out the power delivery, making your truck feel more refined and responsive.  However, not all trucks are perfect, and you may face ram eTorque problems. The most common of them are: A/C And Ventilated … Read more