Best SUVs in 2024 (Compared)

James Diaz

By James Diaz

| Updated 3 Days Ago

Best SUVs in 2024 (Compared)

We know that for some things only a full-size pickup truck will do. But there are other times when a strong SUV is all you need. These SUVs will get most jobs done with ease, and many are beautiful to live with.

Be aware, though, that not every SUV will tow the advertised weight in base spec. Additional upgrades may be required, such as an optional engine selection or a towing package. We’ve signaled which options you’ll need to be able to tow those 7500 pounds or more. Also, most capacities listed here are braked towing capacities, which refers to the maximum weight that a vehicle will be able to tow when the trailer being towed is equipped with its own braking system. Be aware of this when talking to dealers.

2024 BMW X7

Towing Capacity: 7,500 lbs.

If you need to tow but want style and luxury, take a look at the X7, which is definitely a flagship luxury SUV. It boasts premium luxe materials on every surface, and has great tech. We feel that the X7 combines luxury and performance in a way that befits the brand, while also offering decent value.

All three models of the X7 are capable of towing 7,500 pounds, though you will need to tack on a factory trailer hitch for $600, as well as the Parking Assistance package for $900. To assist you, the X7 has hill descent control, dynamic stability control, brake fade compensation, dynamic traction control, and dynamic brake control. It’s a good set-up.