Differential Fluid Vs Transmission Fluid [Complete Guide]

The Differential Fluid and transmission fluid are oils that play a significant part in your car’s performance.  The lubricant is meant to give smooth gear functions and prevents corrosion.  Although both of these oils play the same role, there is a viable difference between them. The main difference between the Differential Fluid and transmission fluid … Read more

Top 5 Throttle Body Cleaner Alternative. Get Two Jobs Done By One!

The throttle body is one of the essential parts of a car engine. The throttle body of your car needs regular cleaning. Otherwise, your engine will serve rough idle.  There are many options for a throttle body cleaner available. But, a professional and good throttle body cleaner is too pricey. Is there any alternative to … Read more

Should I Disable AFM– Complete Guide

The Active Fuel Management System is the latest GM technology that aims to give better fuel economy.  The AFM works by converting the V8 cylinders of your engine to V4 cylinders. It saves fuel by deactivating nearly half of your vehicle’s cylinder.  If the AFM system saves fuel, why should I disable AFM?  When you … Read more

Abyss Grey VS Leadfoot; Which Shade Is More Preferable 

Choosing the perfect shade for your car is critical. Whether you buy a car or paint a car, color always matters. It is not only for looks but also for other long-term facts. Have you decided to buy a Ford F 150? Then you must be confused between their two famous shades, Abyss grey, and … Read more

Is The Ford X Plan Worth It? Get The Best Price Than The Market

Nowadays, buying luxury and branded cars could be a great deal for many people. Although, through the internet, people can avail many more options in their choices and fair prices of the Ford vehicle. However, this process could be immensely confusing sometimes.  Luckily, for workers of preferred associates of Ford Motor Company, buying the car … Read more

Which Is Better: Performance Ignition Coils VS. Stock Ignition Coils?

The Ignition Coil, also known as the Spark Coil, is an essential component in the vehicle’s ignition system.  The significant role of the ignition coil is to transfer the voltage from the battery and increase the intensity of the spark.  However, when it comes to the best ignition coil between Performance Ignition Coils vs. Stock … Read more

Exhaust Fluid System Fault; What It Means & What To Do?

You are here because you received a faulty exhaust fluid system warning. Vehicles with the selective catalytic reduction system often face this warning. Are you wondering what it means and what you can do about it? Your engine computer shows exhaust fluid system fault warnings when the power control module finds fault in the DEF … Read more