Duramax Allison Transmission Fluid Type-Complete Guide

The Duramax engines are one of the leading engines across the world. The Duramax engine always comes with the Allison transmission which makes it more functional and high-performing. However, the most important question is what is the best Duramax Allison Transmission Fluid Type? Well, with the advancement in technology there is a wide variety of … Read more

How To Start A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key?

The advanced technology in the automotive industry has made life much easier. Most of the newly launched car’s fantastic features have surprised the buyers.  One of such features is the keyless car driving in the vehicles such as Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Jeep, Wrangler Jeeps, and others. Therefore, how to start a jeep Cherokee without … Read more

[Easy Fix] Duramax Reduced Engine Power Reset

If you notice the Duramax Reduced Engine Power on your chevy truck, it is most likely the problem with the fuel or air flowing to the engine.  It is better to have your vehicle inspected by an expert mechanic.  The Duramax reduced engine power reset is possible after diagnosing the engine problem and fixing or … Read more

Differential Fluid Vs Transmission Fluid [Complete Guide]

The Differential Fluid and transmission fluid both are oils that play a significant part in your car’s performance.  The lubricant is meant to give smooth gear functions and prevents corrosion.  Although both of these oils play the same role, there is also a viable difference between them. The main difference between the Differential Fluid and … Read more

Top 5 Throttle Body Cleaner Alternative. Get Two Jobs Done By One!

The throttle body is one of the essential parts of a car engine. The throttle body of your car needs regular cleaning. Otherwise, your engine will serve rough idle.  There are many options for a throttle body cleaner available. But, a professional and good throttle body cleaner is too pricey. Is there any alternative to … Read more

Should I Disable AFM– Complete Guide

The Active Fuel Management System is the latest GM technology that aims to give better fuel economy.  The AFM works by converting the V8 cylinders of your engine to V4 cylinders. It saves fuel by deactivating nearly half of your vehicle’s cylinder.  If the AFM system saves fuel why should I disable AFM?  When you … Read more

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