How Much Boost With 10.5 Compression? Learn Everything Here!

How Much Boost With The 10.5 Compression?

If you’re like most engine builders, you’re always looking for ways to get more power out of your engine. One way to do that is to use a compression ratio calculator to find the right compression ratio for your engine.  But what amount of boost can you expect with 10.5:1 compression? In this blog post, … Read more

Z23 vs. Z36 PowerStop: Which Will Be Your Next Brake Pad?

Z23 vs. Z36 PowerStop

When it comes time for your next car brake service, you might be wondering if you should go with the Z23 or Z36 PowerStops. Both are quality products, but they do have some key differences.  This post will look at those differences and help you decide which option is best for your needs. So, which … Read more

Akebono VS. Powerstop Brake Pads: Which One To Buy & When?

Akebono VS. Powerstop

Like most drivers, you know that your car’s brakes are essential for safe driving. It’s important to keep your brakes in good condition by regularly inspecting and replacing the brake pads as needed. Several brands of brake pads are available on the market, so it takes time to decide which ones to buy. In this … Read more

Stoptech VS. Powerstop Brake Pads: Choose Your Trusted One!

Stoptech VS. Powerstop

What brake pad is the best for your car? Do you need a high-performance brake pad for track days, or is an OEM replacement good enough for you? Stoptech and Powerstop are two of the most trusted brands when you’re looking to upgrade your braking system. So which one should you choose? Here’s a comparison … Read more

All The Secret Behind Powerstop Brakes!

Powerstop Brakes

When most drivers think about stopping their car, the first thing that comes to mind is the brake pedal. But what many people don’t realize is that your brakes are just one part of a system that helps you come to a stop. In this post, I’ll look at all the components that make up … Read more