What Does Park Assist Blocked Mean?

What Does Park Assist Blocked Mean

Many recent cars have been equipped with safety features to protect drivers, passengers, and road users and avoid collisions. And one of these safety features is the park assist.  The park assist typically helps drivers park in tight spaces. So if your car has the park assist feature, chances are you’ve seen this message: “park … Read more

Learn Why Chevy Lane Departure Warning Not Working?

Chevy Lane Departure Warning Not Working

While some features prevent users from harm in case of a collision, others help prevent a collision. One of those features is the Chevy lane departure warning. Chevy Lane departure warning alerts chevy drivers when drifting from their drive lane. However, many users across different platforms have complained that this feature stopped working in their … Read more

Balance Beads Vs. Weights: Which Does Your Vehicle Need? 

A balanced tire gives drivers a smooth ride. If you’re feeling vibrations and wobbles, your vehicle tires might be out of balance. If you desire a smooth ride, tire balancing is essential. Tire wheel balancing extends tire life and prevents uneven tire wear. Mechanics use two popular methods to achieve proper car wheel balancing. So … Read more

How to pass emissions with a deleted diesel?

Every car’s emission system helps reduce the amount of toxic gases released into the atmosphere. While not initially designed in cars, they became necessary because emission was noticeably toxic to humans and the environment. So whether you drive a gasoline or diesel car, your vehicle should have emission devices. However, many car owners with diesel … Read more

Learn Everything About Preconditioning Battery For Fast Charging

Who does not want to increase their car’s battery efficiency! Preconditioning your battery is such a step. If you are a Tesla owner, you may often think of your battery’s health. As tesla vehicles are marching to electrify America, their electric car keeps the tesla owners thinking about battery charging.  Supercharging or fast charging is … Read more

Scaling Penetrating Oil VS WD40 Oil’s Rust & Corrosion Strength

To protect your metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, you need to be careful with harmful elements. It’s even tough to select better oil to prevent metal rust. Here we try to make a discussion on Penetrating Oil VS WD40 to get clear views. The main difference between Penetrating and WD-40 oil is their viscosity … Read more

Top 5 Adhesive Remover For Cars Without Damaging The Paint 

As a car owner, you must deal with many unpleasant messes. Sticky residue is the worst of them.  Glue, decals, stain, duct tape, bumper sticker, attachment tape, vinyl decals, and many more can leave a sticky or oily residue on the car’s surface.  If you find any, you will be desperate to remove adhesive residue … Read more

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